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2012 European inline speed-skating championships: first day

2012 European inline speed-skating championships: first day

First day on the track of Szeged (Hungary). The 300m time trials open the competition for the Senior, Junior A, Junior B and Cadet categories...



Opening Ceremony at 2012 European Inline Championships

The track

According to the skaters, the track is really particular: narrow straight lines with short and slippery bends. Besides, some national teams decided to arrive earlier in Szeged to test it.

Medals ranking

Italy took a real advantage on the track with 11 medals in a day! The Italian skaters grabbed half of the eight gold medals. One may wonder if the large number of tracks in Italy is the reason of this success...
France and Germany have shared the four remaining gold medals.

300m TT Senior ladies

300m Time Trial at 2012 European Inline Championships

The Italian Erika Zanetti took the first place with a time of 27,3829. She beat two German skaters: Laethisia Schimek (27,8212) and Jana Gegner (28,1030). We mostly saw Jana Gegner on long distance races this year such as World Cup and other marathons.

300m TT Senior Men

The French skater Nicolas Pelloquin did a time of 25,6084... only two hundredths of margin! Nicolas Pelloquin has a good shape for the upcoming World Championships in Italy. He finished 3rd last year at the Worlds... He is followed by the Italian Andrea Angeletti (25,6227) and Michel Mulder (Netherlands - 25,7645).

300m TT Junior A Men

French skaters stroke again in the Junior A category. Darren de Souza took the first place (25,5849). The Italian Mirco Mezzalira (26,1852) managed to catch the second step of the podium. Benjamin Pierre-Jean (France - 26,3043) is third.

300m TT Junior A Women

Alisa Gutermuth (Germany - 28,1346) for only two hundredths in front of Carlotta Simbula (Italy - 28,1516). The third place belongs to Vera Iglesias (Spain - 28,7061).

300m TT Junior B Men


Simon Albrecht offered a gold medal to Germany (26,2101). He beat the Italian Mattia Diamanti (26,2910) and Raphael Planelles (France - 26,5787).

300m TT Junior B Women

Italy did it again with Daria Tiberto (27,7477). The Austrian Vanessa Bittner took the second place with a time of 28,1389 and Josie Hofmann (Germany - 28,5123) took the third place.

300m TT Cadet Men

Italy and Germany took the top 4 places overall. Marco de Flavis (Italy - 26,9328) is followed by his fellow countryman Alberto Petrin (27,0530) and the German Tim Siegel (27,2698). Another Italian, Leonardo Martina is fourth...

300m TT Cadet Women

Full marks for italy! The skaters of the Italian team have taken the 3 steps of the podium: Linda Rossi (28,3444), Georgia Bormida (28,4041) and Giulia Bonechi (28,8644). 

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By Alfathor
Photos: Gilbert Pouydebat
and Nathalie Planelles
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