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2012 European inline speed-skating championships: third day

2012 European inline speed-skating championships: third day

After a second day disrupted by rain, the competitions have restarted on Wednesday, July 25. The program for this third day of the 2012 European inline speed-skating championships in Hungary: 500m, 1000m and 3000m points ...


3000m points finals

3000m points cadet ladies

3ème jour de compétition au championnat d'Europe 2012 de roller course à Szeged (Hongrie)

Three Italian skaters take the lead. They are followed by the French team. German skater Ronja Binus is sanctioned by a first warning. She escapes and goes back to the front to pick up points. Italy takes the lead again immediately, the German in the wheels.

The Polish Aleksandra Szymkiewicz receives a warning.Italy continues to harvest the points at the head of the pack. The German skater fights to take the lead but the italian armada locked the race.

Second warning to the German skater Ronja Binus.The Italian lock finally opens to the bell. Two italian skaters stay ahead with the Germans preparing an embush...

But finally, the three Italian skaters conquer the podium! Martina Zanini harvest 10 points, Linda Rossi for 9 points and 5 points for Giulia Bonechi.

3000m points cadet men

It's a bit the same scenario as in the girls race... Italy picks up the points with two skaters: Filippo Dacy and Leonardo Martina. Dutch Chris Huizinga also takes his piece of the cake. Italy tries to control the race but the Netherlands are positioned at the second place, they do not let any skater enter the head of the pack. Polish skater Lukasz Sidorowicz also manages to come back to the front. The Dutch skater and and Spaniard David Lopez go through, Italy is overwhelmed.

It is time for Fance to take the lead with two skaters supported by Doucelin Pédicone: Martin Ferrié will collect a few points while Lucas Raimondo temporizes with the pack.A Polish skater goes back at the top as a cannonball and escapes. The German Ricardo Kugler comes back too... then Italy takes the lead again. The race is open.
France launches another attack in the last lap with Lucas Raimondo who harvest the last points by crossing the line first... not enough! In the final standings, Italian Filippo Daci wins the race with eight points ahead of the Spaniard David Lopez (5 points). The French Lucas Raimondo is third with 3 points, tied with the Dutch Chris Huizinga (3 points) and the other French skater Martin Ferrié (3 points).

500m finals

500m Cadet men

3ème jour de compétition au championnat d'Europe 2012 de roller course à Szeged (Hongrie)

The Italian Marco De Flavis and German Tim Siegel heckling hard in the first meters of the race. The Swiss Lukas Lida also put his two cents.

Marco De Flavis escapes. Behind him, Tim Siegel takes second place ahead of Lukas Iida. A very lively and animated race.

500m Cadet ladies

Linda Rossi from Italy starts as a cannonball followed by German Ronja Binus and Italian Giorgia Bormida, it uses the elbows!

In the end, the two Italians manage to make a difference: Giorgia Bormida and Linda Rossi take the first and second places, Ronja Binus is third. The German Monique Wilke took the 4th place.

500m Junior A ladies

The Italian Carlotta Simbula takes the head followed by the two German: Katharina Rumpus and Alisa Gutermuth. Lisanne Buurman (Netherlands) is stucked at the rear.

The race will be settled by the two German skaters that make the difference in the last lap. Alisa Gutermuth finished ahead of her compatriot Katharina Rumpus and the Italian Carlotta Simbula.

500m Junior A men

3ème jour de compétition au championnat d'Europe 2012 de roller course à Szeged (Hongrie)On the starting line there is Darren De Souza (France) and three Italian skaters: Luca Perticaro, Stefano Gili, Mirco Mezzalira. 3 against 1!

Darren De Souza immediatly takes the lead. He starts at full speed to keep his advantage. This is the best strategy. He keeps the advantage throughout the race and grabs his second 2012 European title! A great race for him... he never looked back.

Ranking: Darren De Souza (1st), Luca Perticaro (2nd), Mirco Mezzalira (3rd).

500m Junior B ladies

The Belgian Sandrine Tas wins ahead of Italian Daria Tiberto and Austrian Vanessa Bittner.

500m Junior B men

Italy takes over the reins with both skaters who escape: Mattia Diamanti and Stefano Mareschi. They are closely followed by Dutch Remon Kwant. There is really no race as the italian skaters dominated this final.

The order remains the same in the finish: Mattia Diamanti (Italy), Stefano Mareschi  (Italy) and Remon Kwant (Netherlands).

500m seniors ladies

3ème jour de compétition au championnat d'Europe 2012 de roller course à Szeged (Hongrie)The Italians skaters are a little nervous ... False start!
New start. The German Laetishia Schimek takes the lead. The Italian Erika Zanetti is in her wheel, Clemence Halbout is wedged in the third position. She takes the lead at the bell but the Italian is faster and takes her over ... the German fell, leaving the field open to other competitors.

The Italian Erika Zanetti takes the first place followed by Clemence Halbout and Francesca Lollobrigida (Italy). The 4th place is for Laetishia Schimek.

500m senior men

On the starting line: Gwendal Lepivert (France), Bart Swings (Belgium), Michel Mulder (Netherlands), Andrea Angeletti (Italy).

After a false start, Holland takes the lead, it fights! Bart Swings holds the second place followed by Gwendal Lepivert.
Bart Swings flies ahead in the last bend and crosses the line, victorious. Behind him, the finish is impressive. The three other skaters are held in a pocket handkerchief. They all arrive on the line with an impressive hawk. Gwendal Lepivert finishes second followed by Michel Mulder..

3ème jour de compétition au championnat d'Europe 2012 de roller course à Szeged (Hongrie)

1000m finals

Junior A ladies

3ème jour de compétition au championnat d'Europe 2012 de roller course à Szeged (Hongrie)Good start for the German skaters who hold the first two places at the instigation of Katharina Rumpus and Alisa Gutermuth. The Italian Arianna Piazza and Dutch Lisanne Buurman are close. Italy takes the second position.

On the finish line, Katharina Rumpus wins for Germany followed by the Italian Arianna Piazza and Alisa Gutermuth. Despite a power play with three skaters, Italy has suffered during the race..

Junior A men

In the first lap, the Italian Luca Perticaro takes the bend at the first position ahead of the Swiss Livio Wenger and the Belgian Matthias Voste. The Swiss is overflowed, Italy continues to lead the way.
The Swiss Livio Wenger has some difficulties to enter in the pack and bumps with other skaters, he gets a warning. On the front, the Italian Luca Perticaro flies to victory, closely followed by the Belgium Matthias Voste. France pulls out of the woods with Aurélien Roumagnac and takes the bronze.

More results will be provided later...

3ème jour de compétition au championnat d'Europe 2012 de roller course à Szeged (Hongrie)

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