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2012 European inline speed-skating championships: elimination races

2012 European inline speed-skating championships: elimination races

The fourth day of the 2012 European inline speed-skating championships in Szeged (Hungary) was devoted to elimination races for juniors and seniors. Overview category by category ...


Elimination races

Arrivée de la course à élimination des seniors dames


10km elimination race - Junior B ladies

30 skaters are aligned at the start of the 10 km elimination race in the Junior B ladies category. As in other categories, the Slovak and crotates skaters are the first ones to be eliminated. It is likely that in a few years, with a little more experience, these skaters will come and fight wit the "old" European nations. The eliminations goes on for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Denmark...

Belgium leads the pack with Sandrine Tas (Kwinten Tas sister perhaps?). The Italian team composed with Giulia Lollobrigida, Francesca Condina and Laura Brandolini, is positioned behind Sandrine Taz.

The German Jenny Peissker and Josie Hofmann try to go to the front but Italy locks the entrance. The French Anaïs Lawrence avoid elimination several times. Each time, she manages to sneak into the middle of the pack in extremis.

Germany, Belgium and Italy share the lead. Anais Laurent is eliminated and finishes seventh, a few laps before the final sprint.The Belgian Sandrine Tas sprints for the win. She is closely followed by Giulia Lollobrigida (Italy), but the Portuguese Dina Rodriguez made a big comeback to pick up the second place before both Francesca Condina (3rd) and Giulia Lollobrigida (4th)..  

Results of the 10km elimination race - Junior A ladies

15km elimination race - Junior B men

31 skaters on the start line. As for the women, Italy takes the lead with 3 skaters: Alberto Putignano, Stefano Mareschi and Alessio Paciolla. Germany and the Netherlands try to enter in the pack among the italian skaters. A Swiss skater takes the lead but Italy systematically comes back to the front. Eliminations begin, the Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Poland and Austria are paying the price.The Schipper brothers (Netherlands) and France skaters are placed behind the Italian train. Among the French skaters: Quentin Giraudeau, Raphael Planelles and Benjamin Soulet. They have some difficulties to stay together in the pack...

German minor fall. Italy is always ahead of the field, followed by the Netherlands and France. Positions change little... except on the back where it creams off: Portugal, Spain, Poland, Netherlands ... 32 laps before the finish: the French skaters always struggle to stay together. About a dozen skaters remains on the track. Italy and the Netherlands do not move from the head while Benjamin Soulet (France) struggle with the remaining skaters on the back for not being eliminated. He finally finishes 10th.

21 laps to go, the pack is ticking fast enough. Next elimination on lap 16. There remain nine skaters. The Austrian, last skater of the pack, fall. Next elimination in the 12th round. A Portuguese skater, Carlos Rocha, will be the next to exit the race. He finished eighth. The bell rings for the next elimination. The pack accelerates.Seven skaters on the track. 2 must still be eliminated before the final sprint. There is still 9 laps to go. Next elimination in two laps: France has more life insurance. Quentin Giraudeau pays the price.

One more skater to be eliminated before the end of the race. 5 laps to go. Italy leads the pack. Raphael Planelles (France) tickles the Italians skaters and takes the lead. But Italy comes back again such as The Netherlands. So the race is set between the Italian and Dutch. The three Italian skaters rush on the line and take the podium easily.

The winning trio: Alberto Putignano, Stefano Mareschi and Alessio Paciolla. Schipper brothers, Rick and Kay, are respectively the fourth and fifth for the Netherlands. The French Raphael Planelles finishes at the 6th place. 

Results of the 15km elimination race - Junior A men

10km elimination race junior A ladies

19 skaters participate in the final of the Junior A ladies category. Quickly, the Netherlands and Italy take the race in hand. The French are in the middle of pack. Eliminations start. Tgefirst skaters to be eliminated are Spanish and Serbian. The French Ysia Clausses will quickly pay the price too, she finishes 16th.Halfway, a skater from the Netherlands falls due to a Spanish skater who is immediately disqualified, Nuno Nerea. The Netherlands stays a long moment on the ground in the grass while help arrives. She will be able to recover with the help of doctors. Her suit is in pieces.

Germany taks the lead with two skaters: Alisa Guthermuth and Katharina Rumpus. They are followed by three Italian Arianna Piazza and the D'Annibale's sisters (Sofia and Maria). The French Deborah Marchand and Anne-Lyse Planchenault are just behind. They are back in the lead, followed by the Netherlands ... but Italy comes back in force without too much difficulties. The italian skaters are really talented, confident of their technical skills, one feel the experience of the track!

At the rear, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal reposition constantly to avoid elimination. 20 laps remains, the Dutch Annemarie Boer goes to the front followed by a German skater. Italy is right behind with the French skaters.
The bell rings for the next elimination, Italy took over the reins. The French Lyse-Anne Planchenault is out. She finishes ninth. Deborah Marchand, is firmly seated in the pack peloton. Next elimination in the fifth lap. The French took the lead a few laps remaining before the finish line. She pushes to avoid elimination. The Italian Sofia D'Annibale is (finally) out.

The French still lead to a good pace but the Germany Katharina Rumpus and the Italian Arianna Piazza overtake her. For now, Deborah Marchand is in the top 3. The Italian Arianna Piazza flew to victory followed by Germany's Katharina Rumpus. The French Deborah Marchand gets the bronze medal.

Result of the 10km elimination race - Junior B ladies

15km elimination race - juniors A men

Czechs and Slovaks are the first to get knocked out, but also some German, English, Belgian and Spanish skaters. Two French are well placed in the pack behind three Italians. Aurélien Roumagnac is disqualified, he finishes 20th. Three Germans are at the back of the pack. At 35 laps, the Swiss leads the dance.

Speed increases, the pack stretches. Tim Gegner (Germany) is out. They are only 11 skaters on the track. The Belgian Voste Matthias takes the reins followed by three Italians: Matteo Melis, Luca Perticaro and Mirco Mezzalira. The two French skaters, Tomy Lépine and Pierre-Yves Péridy are in ambush. The German Thimo Kiesslich is out.25 laps to and 3 laps to next elimination. The Dutch skater Gerco Van Beek shows signs of fatigue at the back of the pack. Italy attacks before the bell, the Belgian Matthias Voste controls. Gerco is out.

20 laps: France takes the lead with two skaters. It's dark on the track. Matthias Voste wait for the elimination and take the lead in this dance. Next elimination in the 12th lap before the finish line. France leads to regular speed and always looks back. Tristan Ulreich is out for Germany. Only seven skaters remain on the track. Next elimination in the seventh round before the finish line.The Italian skaters attack from the rear. The French are in the middle of the pack. An Italian behind. Then he rolled up pretty well now, the Belgian Matthias Voste showing signs of fatigue and is out ... Perhaps to be too much lead?

It is the turn of Wenger Swiss Livio be out. The three Italians are always ahead. Last elimination! The French push with the Italians. The Swiss Livio Wenger is out. Matteo Melis (Italy ) flies to victory, the French Pierre-Yves Péridy and Tomy Lépine finish 2nd and 3rd, stealing the podium to the Italian Luca Perticaro (fourth) and Micro Mezzalira (5th).

Results of the 15km elimination race Junior B men

10 km elimination race seniors ladies

Races go on! It is now time for senior ladies to come on the track for a 10km elimination race.France takes the reins at the start with Nathalie Audoire Barbotin, followed by Justine and Clemence Halbout. The Danish Sara Bak Briand is the second skater to be eliminated after the Slovak Barbara Bakosova. It is then the turn of Ukrainian, Portuguese and Belgian to exit the race.There are some famous skaters in the lot such as Renata Karabova (Slovakia), Flurina Heim (Switzerland), Elma de Vries (Netherlands), Sheila Posada (Spain). The level is high!

The Netherlands lead the pack with Manon Kamminga. Italy is very present in the forefront with Francesca Lollobrigida, Roberta Casu and Federica Di Natale. The French Clemence Halbout is eliminated (13th). She is followed by the German Tina Struever (12th), Bianca Roosenboom (Netherlands) and Nathalie Barbotin (10th). Justine Halbout is alone to defend French colors, she is well placed in the pack.
Some major figures continue to suffer the law of eliminations: the German Mareike Thum (8th), the Belgian Army Nele (7th), Sabine Berg (6th).

The sprint is launched: Italy takes off ahead of the Netherlands and France. Final ranking: 1st Francesca Lollobrigida (Italy), 2nd Manon Kaminga (Netherlands), third Justine Halbout (France), fourth Roberta Casu (Italy) and fifth Federica Di Natale (Italy) .... 

Results of the 10km elimination race seniors women

10 km elimination race seniors men

Remise des récompenses à roulettes

32 skaters at the start. Slovaks, Serbs, Ukrainians, Czechs and Hungarians suffer the law of elimination. Like Stephen Ramali for Germany.
The Netherlands are ahead of the game, followed by Belgium and France.60 laps to go. Tim Simbiet (Belgium) is out. The Netherlands are still leading the pack with Crispijn Arians. The Belgian Ferre Spruyt is out (15th).

The French gather their forces behind the Netherlands. Mattej Krupka is out for the Czech Republic. 45 laps remaining. The positions do not change ...Mark Horsten (Netherlands) is eliminated (13th). France takes over the reins 38 laps before the finish: Nolan Beddiaf falls! He is disqualified. We do not know why. Alexis Contin and Ewen Fernandez are still in the race. The Italian Fabio Francolini, Lorenzo Cassioli and Giacomo Cuncu lead the race followed by the famous Bart Swings (Belgium) always well placed.

Attacks are launched from the front, the two remaining French skaters accelerate to avoid clashes. Next elimination: 17th laps before the finish. Bart Swings takes the lead, followed by the two French. The Italians take the lead back with a Dutch skater.

21 laps remaining. The rear guard is occupied by Spain, Austria and Portugal. The Spaniard Jose Peula is out (9th).

Next elimination in the 12th lap before the finish. Austria is worth while the Netherlands and Italy lead the train. Alexis Contin comes back in the first places followed by Ewen Fernandez. An Italian skater almost falls but manages to keep his balance at full speed! Looks like it horseplays inside the peloton. Alexis Contin leads, followed by Arians Crispijn (Netherlands). Ewen Fernandez (7th).The Italy took the lead and prepares the final sprint. Alexis Contin is well placed in second position with five laps remaining. Next elimination in the second round... The Belgian Bart Swings takes the lead, the italians follows.

Martin Dias (Portugal) is out (6th). The sprint is on! Fabio Francolini escapes like a missile toward the finish line, it goes really fast! He beat his compatriot Lorenzo Cassioli (2nd) and Belgium's Bart Swings (3rd). Dutch Arians Crispijn comes fourth and fifth French Alexis Contin..

Results of the 15km elimination race senior men

Our impressions

We noticed that some nations have a real science of track skating. There is not a race where the Italians and the Dutch were not at the forefront. The Netherlands has, however, more difficulties to get the medals. The Germans are also well represented, but as the French, they are still slightly behind. The Belgian show very good results but seem to lack a few skaters to come tickle Italy. They rely mainly on a few personalities.

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