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2012 European Inline Speed-skating championships: points/eliminations races

2012 European Inline Speed-skating championships: points/eliminations races

The fifth day of the 2012 European Inline Speed-skating championships was devoted to points/eliminations races on the track of Szeged (Hungary)...


points/eliminations races

Start of points/eliminations races in Szeged (Hungary)

Points/eliminations races are not so common in major international events. This championship is an opportunity for numerous skaters to test the interesting race format. Unlike elimination races, all categories will skate on 10 km.

Juniors B ladies

Croats, Slovaks, Czechs and Hungarians are the first to be eliminated. On the Front, the Italians are going well, especially Francesca Condina and Giulia Lollobrigida (a family affair!). Only the Portuguese Dina Rodriguez seems to even be able to compete ...

Roller Course aux championnats d'Europe 2012

Indeed, Francesca Condina will collect 30 points against 13 for the Portuguese. We have to wait for the final sprint to see Dina Rodriguez taking second place with only one tenth ahead of the third skater, the Italian Giulia Lollobrigida (12 points).
Kelly Schouten (sister of Irene?) takes the fourth place for the Netherlands With a single point.

Download the complete results of the 10km points/eliminationd race Junior B ladies here

Juniors B men

31 skaters take the start. Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Damenark, the Czech Republic are the first to suffer the law of eliminations.

The Italians are three skaters to lock the head of the race: Stefano Mareschi, Alberto Putignano and Alessio Paciolla. The three buddies are raking points, leaving the crumbs to other nations. Only the French Quentin Giraudeau manages to interfere in the leading group to participate in the harvest.

The sprint determines the 2nd and 3rd place on the podium. The Italian Stefano Mareschi takes 33 points, twice his pursuers! Only Quentin Giraudeau (second with 15 points) manages to stay behind the Italian in the sprint. He is ahead of Alberto Putignano (third with 15 points) and Alessio Paciolla (fourth with 14 points).

Download the complete results of the 10 km points/eliminations race Junior B Men here

Juniors A Ladies

16 skaters took the start. The French Deborah Marchand The French stand head and shoulders above her rivals. She took almost two laps to the pack! She became European champion with as many as 42 points! Suffice to say that it only remains 8 points to share between other competitors.
The second place goes to Italian Sofia D'Annibale (6 points). She managed to follow Deborah Marchand for a few laps. The third place is for the other Italian, Arianna Piazza (2 points)..

Download the complete results of the 10 km points/eliminations race junior A ladies

Juniors A Men

And two for France! The French boys also get a continental title in the Junior A category. However, Pierre-Yves Péridy (28 points) has struggled a bit more than Deborah Marchand to win. He beat the Swiss skater Livio Wenger (26 points) for only two small points. The third place went to another French skater, Tomy Lepine (9 points), ahead of Italy's Matteo Melis (8 points).

Download the complete results of the 10 km points/eliminations junior A men

Seniors Ladies

The race is launched for 10km. Eliminations start. Slovaks, Ukrainians and Portuguese are the first to pay the price.
The harvest has also started for Italy at the head of the pack with Roberta Casu and Francesca Lollobrigida.
frontThe French skaters are also well positioned behind Italy for part of the race, saving their energy.
However, Nathalie Audoire Barbotin will also had to to lead the race to get some points, the Italian in her wheel. She marks precious points.

At the bottom of the pack, skaters are eliminated one by one... and famous ones! such as Tina Struever (Germany), Sheila Posada (Spain), Nele Armee (Belgium) or Sabine Berg (Germany).
Italy sprints to grab the ultimate points. Final ranking: Francesca Lollobrigida (Italy) first with 24 points, Nathalie Barbotin (France) second with 19 points, ahead of the other Italian Roberta Casu (17 points). Germany's Mareike Thum will also get 6 points, but not enough to worry the top three.

Download the complete results of the 10 km points/eliminations senior ladies

Seniors Men

Roller Course aux championnats d'Europe 2012

They are 32 to start with a big level!
Eliminations thinned the ranks of the Slovaks, Serbs, Spaniards, Czechs, Hungarians, Dutch and German ...

A fall happens at the third of the race taking some leaders like Ewen Fernandez (France) and Bart Swings (Belgium).

Meanwhile, Italy collects points. The French come back gradually to the front.

Some stars suffer the law of falls and eliminations: Bart Swings (Belgium), Martin Dias (Portugal), Ferre Spruyt (Belgium), Felix Rijhnen (Germany), Ariens Crispijns (Netherlands) ...

In the end, Fabio Francolini (Italy) easily wins the race with 35 points ahead Ewen Fernandez (France) with 17 points and the other Italian Lorenzo Cassioli (10 points). The French Alexis Contin comes fourth with 6 points.

Download the complete results of the 10 km points/eliminations senior men

Ewen Fernandez tells us about the French Strategy...

" We prepared a strategy for this race with the coach. I was leading with my teammates willing to help if needed at any time. The race start went well. I gathered points for the win. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when I overtook Fabio Francolini and I fell, which has disorganized us!
Alexis waited for me to come back in the pack and I keep my energy. Nolan came to support and protect us. Meanwhile, Fabio Francolini took maximum points!
As soon as I recovered, I went back ahead of the field with a big support of my teammates ... In the end I finished second but I am disappointed, I could certainly play to win! The race is the race, I have to come back stronger for the next World Championships in Italy.
I want to thank my two teammates Alexis Contin and Nolan Beddiaf! Without them, it probably would not have been possible to took silver. France showed great things. Physically and collectively in all categories. If we continue like this, we are capable of great things for the future, short and long term! Congratulations to all medalists! ""

French supporters at European Inline Speed Skating Championships 2012

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