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Test: Aggressive Skating USD Carbon 4 Boot

Test: Aggressive Skating USD Carbon 4 Boot

USD loves its concept of carbon skate: it is available in several versions and it is renewed constantly. Proof here with this new version of the Carbon 4 which unveils lots of changes compared to the previous models with the arrival of a new liner…


On the test bench

Boot USD Carbon IV

The presence of a liner clearly announces a change in comfort. As for the rest, let's have a closer look…


Boot USD Carbon IVThe skate is black, sober and discreet. It is roughly the same lines as the old models but a bit wider.

It looks a lot like a CH1 with a cuff. But beyond the likeness, the skate is very different from its elder sibling. The cuff is removable and goes lower for a better support.

A novelty has been added: you can take off the upper part of the cuff, so that it becomes a V-cut, but unfortunately it is directly onto the liner…

The strap is removable too. So that you can change it or just take it off if you like it tight.

The soulplate is the same but it already proved its worth, so why modifying it?

Last but not least, protective patches have been added on the sides of the skate, which reinforces the skate without denoting from the lines of the boot.


With the liner, you really gain in comfort. The latter breaks in very quickly, and sessions are all the more pleasant.

The liner is fitted with small laces in order to settle the foot perfectly in it. No problem of twisting tongue of lifting heel.

The shock absorber is in the liner too, not very thick but rather efficient.

With the V-cut set-up you do not feel really supported at the back of the foot. You are only supported by the liner, which is a curious feeling, but it is a question of taste.


The skate is close to the foot. Even if USD is renowned to have somewhat strange sizings, for once the skate breaks in, which is quite comfortable. With the laces of the skate, those of the liner, the buckle and the strap, you cannot say that you are not supported. However, let's note a little damper as for the buckle, which does not tightens the ankle as well as could have been expected.


Test USD Carbon 4The skate is low and thus quite flexible as soon as the first sessions. The cuff supports the ankle well, but also enables wide movements of the ankle in order to find your balance.

Once more, skaters looking for very flexible skates can have a go at the V-cut set-up, even if according to me, it is too soft. You can easily find the topside. The skate is reactive to every move of the foot.


Excellent from every point of view! The soulplate slides pretty well on all surfaces and it is very pleasant whatever the frame.

The groove of the backside plate is easy to find, which enables to do big royales directly after having put your skates on.

The inside of the soulplate gets hollow quite quickly in order to have a good notch after a few sessions on wall. A reliable sliding with a good study on the notches. A very nice soulplate to skate with.


Indeed the boot is very expensive, but quality is there. A very light skate with a comfortable liner and a good sliding… Carbon-lovers will not be disappointed. As for the rest, the V-cut is not very pleasant, the buckle is a bit too rigid and the soulplate lacks a small inside notch… these are a couple of points to be improved on the skate. USD tries to renew carbon skates and it is quite a good surprise amongst the novelties of the summer…

Bobor en topsoul

Strong points and points to be improved

Les points forts


+ The soulplate
+ The liner
Les points à améliorer


- The bucle
- The V-cut

Technical facts

Brand: USD
Model: Carbon 4
Year: 2012
Boot: Carbon
Liner: USD thermoformable
Cuff: Removable and V-cut
Tightening: Laces, strap, buckle
Sizes: 39 to 46
Price: 309€
Use: Street, bowl, park

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"the Conference"

By Thomas Bordier aka Bobor
Translation: Chloé Seyres
Photos : Obi & The Conference"

Thanks to hawaii surf and David for the test

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