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Interview with Felix Rijhnen, Germany (Powerslide Matter World Team)

Interview with Felix Rijhnen, Germany (Powerslide Matter World Team)

He is a veteran of Powerslide Matter World Team, he will represent Germany at the next World Championships in Italy in September 2012. Interview with Felix Rijhnen ...


Technical sheet

Felix Rihjnen portraitName: Rijhnen
First name: Felix
Nickname: Big Feli
Date of birth: 09.07.1990
Height: 186cm
Weight: 82 kg
Born in: Darmstadt
Lives in: Darmstadt
Begins to skate in: 1996
Category: senior Elite
Job/studies: Police
Strengths: Packsprints
Points to improve: tough points races
Other sports: ice-skating , biking, weight lifting and running
The last film he saw: Intouchables
Favorite music: lots of different stuff
Video games: everything for iPhone/iPad
Reading: The Godfather, Mario Puzo
Like: Winning
Dislike: When it's raining and he can't skate
Qualities: team player
Faults: angry when he is hungry and tired
Club: ERSG Darmstadt
Team: Powerslide Matter World Team
Best memory: Marathon Worlds '09
Worst memory: Can't remember
Languages: German, English and a bit of French
Alcohol or fruit juice? Juice
Ice-skating or roller-skating? Roller-skating!
Road or track? Road
Sprint or marathon? Marathon
Hard or soft wheels? Soft, better grip than roll!
Beach or mountain? Beach
Morning or evening? Evening
Cheese or dessert? Both ;)
Rap or techno? Rap
Soccer or rugby? Soccer
Simple or double push? Double Push


  • Silver medal at 2009 European Championships in Oostende (Belgium) - 1000m
  • Bronze medal at 2009 World Championships in Haining (China) - Marathon


Hello Felix, how did you start roller-skating?

A friend of mine from kindergarten invited me to practice with his club. I found it a challenging and exciting sport and didn't want to stop anymore. I'm still skating for that same club.

Is speed-skating your first sport / roller practice?

Yes, it's the first sport where I really started to practice with a club and I couldn't stop anymore. It's great to travel around the world with my teammates and meet all kinds of different people. The thrill of racing and the awesome feeling when you succeed is something I don't want to ever lose!

Did you try other sports?

I started ice skating in the winter 2008/2009 inspired by big names like Chad Hedrick, Alexis Contin, Shane Dobbin and Pascal Briand. For training I also ride my road bike, do weight lifting and go running.

You are one of the veteran of Powerslide Matter World Team. How did it start with Powerslide?

Felix Rijhnen - 24H of Le Mans 2010My old coach Roland Klöß used to be the manager of the first German Powerslide team. Thats why sometimes I was allowed to take part in their practice because it started right after my normal kids training. That used to be a great thing for me and it was my biggest goal to be part of that team one day. From 2005 on I was part of the Powerslide family and this is my third year in the world team.

Will you be in the German National Team at the 2012 Italian World Championships?

Yes I qualified for the World Championship in Italy. Those will be my 7th worlds. I'm really looking forward to it!

You must be pretty famous in Germany. Is roller-skating a popular sport in your country ?

Thanks ;) Unfortunately Speedskating doesn't really get lots of attention in Germany. We are not an Olympic sport which makes it hard to get into the media. Hopefully that's going to change soon!

What are your goals for the upcoming World Championships in Italy?

The main goal for me is to qualify for the World Games in Cali next year. I hope for a Top 5 placement in the points race on the road and the marathon.

Which races will you participate in?

Probably all the long distance races, the 1000m, the marathon and the relays.

About your future: do you have a job next to roller-skating?

Felix Rijhnen - 24H of Le MansI'm studying with the police for the last 2 years. I'm part of the sports department were I get the opportunity to train twice a day, take part at races and attend training camps.

What is your professional goal?

I want to finish my studies in 2 years and start working for the police. At the same it is possible to keep skating professionally if I'm still doing well enough and show progress in my performance. This would be perfect for me as I love skating but at the same time want to do a "proper" job.

Do you practice on ice? Do you have ice goals?

I'm usually on the ice 4 times per week on the 400m outdoor oval in Frankfurt. My next goal is to qualify for the German World Cup Team and hopefully be at the Olympics one day!

How is it to be part of the Powerslide Matter World Team?

It's a great feeling! I love to spent time with the guys and girls of the team. We have a really good relationship all together. We have some of the strongest and most experienced skaters in the world with us and everyone is helping the others to improve. The good mood in the team is probably the secret for our success this year..

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Photos : Felix Rijhnen, Kevin Lesueur
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