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Interview with Fabio Francolini (Italy)

Interview with Fabio Francolini (Italy)

In 2012, Fabio Francolini (Italy) has joined the EOSkates brand new team. This specialist of long distances race will compete in the upcoming Inline Speed-Skating Championships in his country...


Fact sheet

Fabio FrancoliniName: Francolini
First name: Fabio
Nickname: Frank
Date of birth: 12 August 1986
Height: 1,75 m
Weight: 65 kg
Born in: Cantù
Lives in: Cantù
Begins to skate in: 1991
Category: senior Elite
Strengths: He finds energy when he's dead
Points to improve: sprint in a marathon
Other sports: cycling,swimming,running.
The last film he saw: Madagascar 3
Favorite music: No preference ... All kinds of music.
Video games: FIFA 2012
Reading: He is not really someone who like to read
Likes: mamma's pizza
Dislikes: when someone wake him up
Qualities:good friend
Faults: bad loser
Club: Cardano Inline
Team: EO Skates / MPC World Team
Best memory: My last world title in Korea 2011
Worsth memory: The elimination race in Guarne (Colombia) 2010
Languages: Italian,English and a bit of Spanish
Alcohol or fruit juice? Fruit juice
Ice-skating or roller-skating? Roller Skating
Road or track? Track
Sprint or marathon? Marathon
Hard or soft wheels? Soft
Beach or montain? Beach
Morning or evening? Evening
Cheese or dessert? Dessert
Rap or techno? Rap
Soccer or rugby? Soccer
Simple or double push? Double push

Best titles

2012 Szeged European Championship (Hungary)

  • 3 Gold medals (10000m points/elim. track 15000m elim track. 3000m relay track)
  • 1 Silver medal 1000m track

2011 Yeosu World Championship (Korea)

  • 1 Gold medal 20000m elimination road

2011 Heerde European Championship (Netherlands)

  • 2 Silver medals (42 km marathon,15000m elimination track)
  • 1 Bronze medal 5000m relay road

2010 Guarne World Championship (Colombia)

  • 1 Silver medal 10000m points road

2010 San Benedetto del Tronto European Championship (Italy)

  • 1 Gold medal 15000m elimination track
  • 3 Bronze medals (20000m elimination road,3000m relay track,5000m relay road)

2009 Haining World Championship (China)

  • 1 Bronze medal 10000m points road

2009 Ostende European Championship (Belgium)

  • 2 Gold medals (15000m elim. track, 20000m elim. road)
  • 2 Silver medals (42km marathon,5000m relay road)
  • 1 Bronze medal 3000m relay track

2008 Gijon World Championship (Spain)

  • 1 Gold medal 3000m relay track
  • 1 Silver medal 15000m elim. track

2008 Gera European Championship (Germany)

  • 1 Gold medal (10000m points/elim. track)
  • 1 Silver medal (15000m elim. track)

2007 Cali World Championship (Colombia)

  • 1 Gold medal 10000m points/elim. track
  • 2 Silver medals (3000m relay track,5000m relay road)
  • 1 Bronze medal 20000m elim. road

2006 Anyang World Championship (Korea)

  • 1 Silver 5000m relay road

2006 Cassano d'Adda European Championship (Italy)

  • 3 Silver medals (15000m elim, track, 10000m points road, 20000m elim. road)

2005 Suzhou World Championship (China)

  • 2 Silver medals (1000m track,15000m elim. track)

2005 Juterborg European Championship (Germany)

  • 2 Bronze medals (10000m points road,5000 relay road)

2004 Groningen European Championship (Netherlands)

  • 1 Gold medal 10000m relay road


Fabio FrancoliniHello Fabio and thank you for that interview. I imagine you must be pretty busy with the preparation of World Championships...

First, when did you start skating?

When I was 5 years old. I followed my two older brothers in a training and I was enthusiastic because there was a big group of skaters (that it is now difficult to have).

Did you always practice speed-skating or did you try other practices?

I've always done inline speed-skating. Now I'm trying also ice skating.

With 3 titles at Worlds and 8 European titles from 2007 to 2011, you're one of the pilars of the Italian team. How do you feel?

I feel good because even though I'm getting older I'm still as you say one of the pilars and this gives me strength.

Which races will your participate in these World Championships?

I will do all the long distance, the 1000m on the track and both relays.

What is your favorite distance?

This year, I feel better especially in one race: the points/eliminations on the track... but I don't mind even the 2 elimination races.

 We noticed during the last European championships that your finish was really fast. What's your secret?

I have no secret... The only point that I 've changed from years ago is to make the races as much as possible in front, spending less energy than fighting in the peloton to hold the position.

About your future: what is your job or what would you do after your skating career?

At the moment I have no Job but I'm "working" in a project with a friend of mine looking for a help from our federation and/or our State.

What are the strenghs of the Italian team for these World Championships?

Fabio Francolini

For sure racing in our country give us more motivation and energy.The track is a bit different compared to the latest ... more Italian!

What are its weaknesses?

Here I could write a romance but I just say that we are not competitive anymore because we don't see a future in speed-skating and we don't train like pros.

About inline speed-skating in Italy: it seems to be a popular sport, even if football is always at the top?

Football will be always at the top and I don't know who told you this but in Italy we will never be a popular sport.

It seems there are a lot of tracks in Italy (around 100): how do you explain that?

I don't know how to explain that. Sometimes I'm shocked when I heard that new tracks are built. There are more tracks in Italy than worldwide.

Free expression...


This year I have new sponsors: MPC and EO are supporting me throughout the year and I'm sure that I got my results also thanks to these good materials.



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A pre Worlds Interview with Italien Super Star Fabio Francolini

By Alfathor
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