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Lugdunum Contest 2012: Every cloud has a stormy lining!

Lugdunum Contest 2012: Every cloud has a stormy lining!

If 2011 is remembered for its torrential rain, 2012 showed some uniqueness with a howling gale! Report on the races of the Lugdunum Contest, at the heart of the land of the Gaul…


Report on the main races of the day

Le peloton de tête au Lugdunum Contest 2012The day starts with a cloudy sky, fog and a damp ground. It rained on the previous day but the forecasts say that it should be sunny. After the downpour of the previous year, the organization and the skaters hope for a race under better auspices. The sky clears up as soon as the early morning hours, so that everybody can enjoy the various activities available.

The wind becomes stronger in the early afternoon, and even rips off the canvas of the time tent. More fear than harm and the volunteers solve the problem in taking off the canvas for good.

In the morning there were the kids' races and the scooter race. The latter gathered more than 60 competitors of all ages. Meanwhile, there was a freestyle slalom skating competition which was going to attract spectators all through the day. Here again, the kids enjoy slaloming between the cones a lot, the situation is a bit anarchic but everybody is having fun!

The route

The route has not changed since the previous years. However, several hundreds of meters have been recovered with very smooth asphalt, two bends from the finish line. The route is getting better year after year. Yet, wind crashed the party and made a good number of guard barriers fall in narrow portions. Fortunately, the organization was reactive enough to take off the banners and ensure the skaters' security.


In the early afternoon, the big route is open to the leisure skaters during the skating hour. Then it is time to make room for the semi-marathon which gathers the skaters willing to have a go at competition, as well as the kid categories which are not yet allowed to be in line for the marathon.

The victory of the semi-marathon goes to the kid girls category! 48 skater girls take the start. Margaux Willaume (Bischeim Speed-Skating) wins in front of Joséphine Alliaud (Roller Reillannais) and Cécile Souterene (LOU Roller) with an average speed of 31.6 kph. Only 1.3 kph less than the Elites!

As for the boys, they are 117 at the start. Just as expected, the boys do it again in seizing the three places of the podium. Olivier Blanc (CPB Belleville) wins with a lead of 15 sec ahead of Doucelin Pédicone (AM Sports) and Valentin Thiébauld (CPB Belleville).

Women's Marathon: a lively race

There are 54 skaters on the starting line. The favorites are delighted, it has been a long time since the women's category had such a crowded pack. The number must have motivated the leading pack. With an average speed of 33 kph, the women have skated at a good pace.

Less than 10 of them manage to break away after a few kilometers and can aspire to the victory. Marie Poidevin (RAC Saint-Brieuc), back from the World Championships with the Halbouts sisters (2APN Avon), launches several attacks without really managing to widen the gap. Jessica Gaudesaboos (EOSkates) also shows a couple of nice accelerations.

The skaters lack endurance to extend the attempts and each time the pack catches back up. The victory of the race is going to hang on the final sprint.

In the end, the Halbout sisters take hold of the two first places, Justine in front of Clémence. Marie Poidevin ends up 3rd. Juliette Pouydebat is at the foot of the podium, just like Jessica Gaudesaboos (EOSkates) and local Anne-Sophie Petitprez (Générations Roller).

Men's Marathon: New-Zealand at the sprint

Dur cette petite côte au Lugdunum Contest 2012169 registered skaters are on the starting line. With Peter Michael (X-Tech) representing New-Zealand, the skaters in the running know that the victory is going to be tough. The race starts at a good pace. From the outset, the double-world champion of the elimination 15km and of the 1.000m launches an attack in order to get the measure of the opposing forces. The RPM Poli horde catches up behind him with Nolan Beddiaf in peak form. He bringsElton De Souza and Joris Garderes in his slipstream. A small group with the pretenders to the win has already formed. RPM Poli is going to try to drop the New-Zealander without success. As for the latter, he is also going to test his opponents from time to time. The group is creaming off from behind.

During the final sprint, the New-Zealander reveals his top speed at the ultimate bend. He ends up in front of Nolan Beddiaf, Elton de Souza and Guillaume De Mallevoue who knew how to find the best slipstreams during the race.

Note: The huge catching up of Raphaël Planelles (WIM) and Vincent Esnault (F2P Compex) who found themselves left behind quite early in the race. Vincent first skated alone for almost 6 laps before being joined by Raphaël Planelles. The two skaters united their forces to catch up the lead of the race in the last lap. Both of them end up with Joris Garderes (RPM Poli).

Changes in the General Ranking of the French Cup

In the Men's category, Elton De Souza (RPM Poli) takes the lead in front of Yann Guyader (EOSkates), absent in Lyon. However, the general ranking of the French Cup of the Skating Marathons takes into account the best six competitions, and Yann guyader remains the favorite in the ranking.

Vincent Esnault (F2P Compex) keeps his third place in front of Antoine Lesavre (PUC Roller) who is only one point ahead of Stéphane Pineau (F2P Compex).

As for the Women's, with the absence of Laetitia Lebihan, Justine Haboult (2APN Avon) gets the lead back in front of Jessica Gaudesaboos (EOSkates). Laetitia Lebihan (RPM Poli) moves back to the 3rd place while Anne-Sophie Petitprez keeps her 4th place. Charlotte Laurent is back in the Top-5.

The ultimate stage of the French Cup of the Skating Marathons will take place at the Herbiers on the 7th of October…

Peter Michael (NZL) - Winner of the Roller Marathon French Cup in Lyon (France)

Main results

Women's Senior: Scratch Ranking



1)Justine HalboutFRA2APN77 Avon01:16:41.3
2)Clémence HalboutFRA2APN77 Avon01:16:41.5
3)Marie PoidevinFRARAC Saint-Brieuc01:16:42.0
4)Juliette PouydebatFRAEOSkates01:16:42.2
5)Jessica GaudesaboosBELEO Skates01:16:45.8
6)Anne-Sophie PetitprezFRAGénérations Roller01:16:45.9
7)Charlotte LaurentFRABoissey RS01:16:47.0
8)Marion KayFRAPibrac Roller Skating01:16:47.1
9)Livia BeggNZLInline Club Mitteland01:17:33.8
10)Flavie BalandrasFRALOU Roller01:17:33.9

Men's Senior: Scratch Ranking



1)Peter MichaelNZLX-Tech01:07:42.8
2)Nolan BeddiafFRARPM Poli01:07:42.9
3)Elton De SouzaFRARPM Poli01:07:43.2
4)Guillaume de MallevouéFRA2APN Avon 7701:07:43.9
5)Joris GarderesFRARPM Poli01:07:44.7
6)Raphaël PlanellesFRAWIM01:07:49.8
7)Vincent EsnaultFRAF2P Compex01:07:55.7
8)Mickael BeddiafFRARIL Grand Lamballe01:08:55.4
9)Jules BonnetFRADRAC 2S01:08:56.4
10)Stéphane PineauFRAF2P Compex01:08:56.5

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Translation: Chloé Seyres
Photos : Nathalie Planelles, Julien Boulet
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