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Testing the 2012 Powerslide Hardcore Evo

Testing the 2012 Powerslide Hardcore Evo

Last year, we tested the 2011 Powerslide Hardcore Evo, which already had quite a good potential for slalom skating. Here is the test of the 2012 version, which shows a few improvements, by Kenshin83 who had already skated with those skates in 2010...


Test by Kenshin83…

Test Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2012


There is a big design change compared to the 2011 model, the skate is now 90% black. It is highlighted with white and blue graffiti, and mounted with a black frame, which conveys a very successful looks.


The skate surprises right away. Used to the 2010 model (I hardly tried the 2011, which is a shame for the testing) the foam padding is very thick and does not move a bit, the cuff is also very efficient. The skate is very rigid. After quite a puzzling first try that made me lose my bearings, the second try proved to be far better, no need to force, everything went smoothly.


Most of the time, the more rigid your skate, the less comfy it is. And yet, the skate is doing pretty well… especially if you heat mold it. At first I had a couple of sore points, at the malleolus and at the shin, but all the pressure points were gone after a quick stay in the oven.


Just like the previous versions, the skate does not have much flexibility, which is quite normal for that kind of skates and does not prevent from doing sitting tricks or wheelings.


Just like the 2010 and 2011 versions, the 2012 model has a double-lacing, an Icon micrometric buckle at the instep and a velcro strap at the toes. On the other hand for the cuff, the micrometric buckle does not have the same system as that of the foot anymore, but a more classic speed-type system (Icon buckle).

I am not really into the double-lacing, I would rather replace it with a simple lacing (especially with the Powerslide flat laces).

The buckles look far more solid than those of the previous models. However, in order to get a better tightening, you will probably have to cut the ones at the cuff.


Kenshin83 au DesaxéThe skate is very light: 1.11 kg without the wheels, which is a significant detail, especially for long training sessions.


The Alpha model has the same processing as the previous version: a relatively thin frame with several decks in order to ensure the solidity of the whole... Yet with an important difference, since the frame is now made of magnesium.

After 2 months of use, the frame has not moved. The precision on wheelings is the same. And big novelty, the 231 mm frames (4x76) are already pre-rockered, as well as the 219mm (4x72) -which were already so in the previous version. You will certainly have to wait until 2013 to have a 243 mm mass-produced pre-rockered frame on sizes over 41.

There is still that same X-slot system which enables to adjust your frame at the front and at the rear as well as to the sides. By default, the frame is slightly at the back and I re-centered it. There are some marks on the frame to make the adjustments easier, but just like on the previous models, there are no marks on the boot. Which remains problematical in order to get a very precise set-up.


Just like last year, Powerslide skates are now equipped with Powerslide wheels, no Matter wheels anymore. This is the major weak point of the skates, because you will have to invest very quickly into a new set of wheels, given the quality of the original ones. Indeed, they wear off very quickly and do not provide the same comfort as Hyper Concrete or Matter Juice wheels.


Powerslide did not change its habit: ILQ9 Pro bearings. Very good bearings, however I think that they quickly start making noise, but without losing their fluidity.


The cuffs, frames and axles have torque heads (torx). As for the buckles, they are fixed with small cross-head screws. the screws are of good quality, except for the axles which I find very light. I think that despite the torx head, you may still strip out the axle!

I also have a little problem as for the insertion of one of the micrometric buckles at the instep: One of them runs idle after the dis-mounting/re-mounting for heat molding session. It is all the more annoying as I would like to heat mold it again…

Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2012 by Powerslide


The finishing is clean and the skate conveys the general feeling of a product of good quality (seems so to me in the mid-term).

Note: I have added a removable abrasive pad on the external sides of the skates.

Some skaters criticize the absence of protective device at the toes, but the leather is very rigid and solid, and you would have a hard time trying to make a hole.


That skate satisfies me a lot more than the 2010 model. I have gained in execution speed, in wheeling precision, and have generally improved on all tricks. A few problems of screws still remain to be fixed, and better original wheels would be welcome!

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Very light skates
+ An exceptional support
+ A classy looks
+ Reactivity/precision


- A few screws problems
- The poor quality of the wheels
- No pre-rockering on the 243mm frame

Technical facts

Brand: Powerslide
Name: Hardcore Evo
Year: 2012
Boot: Rigid, Carbon and glass fiber - microfiber and synthetic Nano leather tongue, cuff reinforced with 30% glassfiber
Liner: 3D anatomical foam padding made of neoprene and WDS microfiber
Tongue: Nanoleather, canvas
Cuff: X-Tech (30% glassfiber)
Tightening: micrometric buckles and Universal Flap velcro straps, new Icon buckle, powerstrap
Included: Pitch&Stride Control
Available sizes: 36 to 46
Frame and wheel sizes:
36-39 EU | 219 mm | 4x72 mm
40-41 EU | 231 mm | 4x76mm
42-46 EU | 243 mm | 4x80mm wheels
Frame: Alfa magnesium FSK Powerslide frame - double void from 219 to 243 according to the boot size
Axles: 8mm T25 speed-type with torque head
Wheels: Super High Rebound FSK Powerslide wheels
Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 Slalom
Price: 399€

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Comparative test of the Alfa and Hardcore Frames by Skali

Written by Alfathor
Photos: Alfathor
Translated by Close Yr E's
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