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Testing the Youth Airliner frames

Testing the Youth Airliner frames

« Youth, we are the frameworks co. » This is how Chris Farmer, Chris Haffey and Jon Julio introduced their new brand of frame. Knowing the three skaters, we could expect a mix of all that is currently done, but better. Let’s discover together what the Youth Airliner frames are worth…



Platine Youth Airliner


The frames have quite a basic looks and do not look anything special. They are both thin and carefully produced. A few lines are drawn, the skater’s name on one side and the brand on the other. All in all, nothing revolutionary here.

The H-Block seems wide and the groove well cut.

The frame is available in three colors: black, white and red… which should satisfy most skaters.


Platine Youth AirlinerThe frame weighs around 240 grams, it is lighter than a Kizer Fluid and a bit heavier than a Ground Control Featherlite. These figures are for your information only, in order for you to get a rough idea, because in the end, it all depends on the setting you choose: wheels or anti-rockers.

Youth chose good old 8 mm axles which remind a bit of those of Ground Control. It is a shame that they rust quickly with water. The spacers (the part between the frame and the bearing) are directly inserted into the frame, so that the set-up is easy.


The frame is not easy to fix on the boots. The holes provided for a UFS set-up are not well made. You have kind of a hard time to set up the frame. But once it is done, it does not move at all. You can put 59 mm wheels max, which is already a good diameter for aggressive skating. On the advised set-up,  it is suggested to put anti-rockers, but here again… it takes all sorts to make a world. We chose M1 anti-rockers with bearings. It may be a bit heavier but it does not make noise and there is no jamming in the frame.

You can totally put on plastic anti-rockers, like the Kizers or the Ground Controls.


This is where things really change. The frame has a very fast sliding. It goes well with skates such as the Valos. The sliding is good on all surfaces, even if it lacks smoothness on concrete curbs. But on rails or copings, it is perfect. The groove has a great shape, you easily find it when you grind and you do not move. Given that, royals and full torques are a piece of cake. The height of the frame is quite good, you have enough space to easily stall on the top side. Sliding on the top side is pleasant and you do not lose speed.


It is probably one of the strong points of the model. The Youth Airliner frame is solid enough for aggressive skating. The groove does not get damaged drastically and remains in good condition. The protective parts of the screws file down slowly. All the conditions meet to ensure a good life expectancy. It does not bend either. It does not break. It remains in its place, rigid enough to follow the sliding movements as they should.


Youth presents a good frame. Yet, it is not to be put in the hands of everybody: its fast sliding may not be suitable for beginners. The Airliner is one of the best frames that we have ever tested. We loved how easy to handle it is and its way of gliding on every spot.

Here is a model full of aces coming on the market. It is going to seriously compete with the other brands. Have a try if you want to, provided that the price does not dissuade you: 59€ is a bit expensive. Even if it seems an honest price with regard to the quality of the Youth Airliner frames…

Chris en AO Top Soul

Strong points and points to be improved



+ easy to handle
+ the sliding
+ the solidity

Les moins

- the axles which rust easily
- the UFS holes poorly made

Technical facts

Brand: Youth
Model: Airliner
Year: 2012
Material: composite cast in one piece
Conception: flat frame
Axles: 8 mm
Fixing points: 2
Sizes: S (38-42) and L (43-47)
Price: 59€
Recommended use: Aggressive, ramp and bowl skating
Level: Amateur, advanced.

Photo gallery

Chris en Kind Grind

Platine Youth Airliner

Chris en Fishbrain

Chris en Top Soul


The Youth Co. a new brand

Airliner frames on Clic-n-Roll

By Bobor
Translation: Chloé Seyres
Rider : Chris
Photos : Bobor
Thanks to Clic-n-Roll

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