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Comparative test: Powerslide Vi SUV Vs. Rollerblade Coyote

Comparative test: Powerslide Vi SUV Vs. Rollerblade Coyote

After 15 years of a relative sleep, the market of all-terrain skating experiences a second youth in 2012, with the arrival of new models. Here is a comparison between the newborn Powerslide Vi SUV and its ancestor, the famous Rollerblade Coyote.


All-terrain comparison 

Coyote Rollerblade (1997)Powerslide Vi SUV (2012)

Let's start with a bit of history

The Coyote had been the key-model for communication at Rollerblade's for a very long time. Born in 1997, it turned the vision of skating upside down, in showing that you could skate off the beaten track. Faustino Luccetta (Rollerblade) even promoted it on TV in 1998 in a show broadcasted by the French channel M6. (Only) 200 pairs would have been sold in France at that time.

Since then, other brands have had a go, like "Spin" with the "Cross". Several firms have adopted a design closer than that of a ski on wheels. Especially Roces with the Big Cat SAS, or more recently the Trailskate… But no product with a design as inspired as that of the Coyote.

In 2012, it is Powerslide's turn with its famous Vi SUV, a skate with characteristics similar to those of the Coyote, but benefiting from lots of technological improvements.

Comparaison des coques de Coyote et Vi SUV

The boot: two different conceptions

the boot of the Rollerblade Coyote is based on the aggressive skate Rollerblade Daytona / Ci5. It is topped with a cut,f which has been considerably increased in order to support the ankle and compensate the important height due to the 150 mm wheels.

The boot of the Powerslide Vi SUV is broadly based on fitness skates of the Vi range. Then, it is lower of 6 cm. The cuff has not been modified but offers a great support thanks to the rigid material it is made of.

Thus, the weight difference between the two models is huge: 360 grams less per foot for the Powerslide SUV!

The tightening system

The 15 years of difference between the two models is being felt: the Coyote uses laces on the lower part of the boot, which does not prove to be much efficient. Even if you tighten to the max, the foot is supported but it is still a bit loose. The top of the foot is settled by a strap, which is a little bonus. Quite a basic micrometric buckle carries out the support of the shin. It is a bit stiff but it does the job. Last but not least, a velcro trap on top of the shin completes the tightening. 4 different systems!

On the other hand, the Vi SUV is equipped with the brand-new ATOP II knob tightening system: easy to use and efficient. The hold at the toes is better, the foot does not move, in fact maybe not enough: we have taken off the inner sole to gain in comfort. The tightening system is completed by a micrometric buckle above the ankle, and the foot does not move either. The lacing of the liner is not very useful.


The Coyote is not uncomfortable, contrary to what it may convey at first sight. The liner is padded from the ankle to the calf. The design is obviously not as anatomical as on the Powerslide Vi SUV, but it does quite well despite its great age. The youngster beats the elder more especially on precision and engineering: anatomically better designed, closer to the foot and thus more precise.


Rollerblade compensated the important height of the wheels and frame by extending the cuff. The support is then good, but at the expense of the freedom of movement.

With the Powerslide Vi SUV, the lower boot leaves more movement possibilities. One may think that the ankles will work more, but the support is so good that you really feel secure.

Comparatif des platines Rollerblade Coyote et Powerslide Vi SUV

The frame: David vs. Goliath?

Although both models have quite the same conception, time has passed since 1997! The magnesium frame of the Powerslide Vi SUV is more compact as it is set-up with smaller wheels. You gain no less than 48 mm (length) and 2 to 3 cm (height)! The least to say is that the SUV is far easier to handle and stable, because its center of gravity is lower.

On the other hand, if the length of the frames of the Coyotes makes them less easy to handle, it also makes them more stable and enables them to develop more power, as long as you have the legs to push those tank-skates. You 'crash' a bit less on loose grounds with the Coyotes thanks to their superior diameter and length, but it is a close shave. The handiness you gain with the SUVs easily compensates for it.

There is a considerable difference of weight between the two models:

Comparaison des roues de Coyote et de Vi SUVWhereas the frame of the Powerslide Vi SUV, made of magnesium, only weighs 218 grams (like a speed skating frame), that of the Rollerblade Coyote reaches 546 grams, i.e. more than twice the weight of the SUV!

Is it the price for solidity?

The wheels: 2.5 cm to make the difference?

While Rollerblade banked on 15 cm pneumatic wheels, Powerslide chose a smaller diameter (12.5 cm), probably in order to gain in handiness and stability.

The width of the tires is almost the same (2 mm of difference only). The inflation pressures are also very close.

In the field, the Coyote rolls a bit better on uneven grounds thanks to its bigger diameter and height, but the Vi SUV has nothing to be ashamed of. It can handle most of the obstacles the same way. Moreover, as previously said, it is so much easier to handle that you forget about the diameter difference.


They are probably the parts that have evolved the less in 15 years. Rollerblade used a model with elastomer rings and thick grease for the sealing. Powerslide opted for an anti-rust model with metal ring.

It is hard to tell the difference between these two types of bearings after only a few sessions, it should be studied on the long term.

The braking system

Comparatif Powerslide Vi SUV / Rollerblade CoyoteThe advantage goes to the Coyote despite its age! The ABT-Xtrem braking system presses on the two back wheels, enabling to slow down whatever the situation and the ground. On the other hand, Powerslide opted for a classic rubber brake: not only could it hamper your pushes or bump into uneven ground, but it would also be ineffective on loose grounds.

With use in the field

In the field, you can immediately feel that the Coyote has grown older. It is longer to launch, heavier, less easy to handle. The Powerslide SUV is leading the race with 1 kg less per foot. You have fun just like with fitness skates, you can even do cross-overs without thinking much, thanks to its compact shape. The Coyote keeps its advantage with braking, but it is probably the only thing it has left.


You will have understood, we have been seduced by the new Powerslide SUV. If you have a Coyote pair at home, keep them, they are collector's items. You can try to set-up the frame and wheels on an aggressive skate boot or a free skating boot to get closer to the sensations of the Powerslide Vi SUV. It would seem that Powerslide will put an all-terrain UFS frame on the market in 2013, which should make a couple of skaters happy!



  Rollerblade Coyote Powerslide SUV Gap
Birthdate1997201215 years
Price399 €399 €0 €
MaterialPolyurethaneCFK CompositeN.A.
Weight1210 g850 g360 g
Height255 mm195 mm60 mm
TighteningMicrometric buckle
classic lacing
velcro strap
ATOP II (knob) system
micrometric buckle
MaterialExtruded aluminium
Length342 mm294 mm48 mm
Mounting180 to 220 mm195 mmN.A.
Masse546 g218 g328 g
Height of the back bridge95 mm67 mm28 mm
Height of the front bridge78 mm56 mm22 mm
Pneumatic wheels
ModelTalusRoad WarriorN.A.
Diameter150 mm125 mm25 mm
Width27 mm25 mm2 mm
Weight254 g210 g44 g
Pressure80 PSI85 PSI / 5,9 bar 
Type608 BRS608 SCRSN.A.
NormABEC 5SUS RustproofN.A.
Length5 cm4,5 cm0,5 cm
Weight12 g4 g8 g
TypeABT XtremClassic rubber brakeN.A.
Total weight (size 41 EU)2720 g1790 g930 g


By Alfathor
Translation: Chloé Seyres
Thanks to www.idealo.fr

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