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Interview with Michael Cheek (Powerslide/Matter USA)

Interview with Michael Cheek (Powerslide/Matter USA)

Most of you probably already heard about Michael Cheek (Powerslide/Matter USA). You certainly saw a few pictures of Michael skating in the NSC. Interview with one of the most talented skaters in the USA...


Fast facts

Michael CheekName: Cheek
First name: Michael
Nickname: Cheex
Date of birth: October 1980, 18th
Height:  200cm
Weight: 87kg
Born in: Greensboro, North Carolina
Lives in: Greensboro, NC
Country: USA
Started skating in: 1989 (9 years old)
Category: Senior
Job: Skating
Strengths: Indoor, long distance
Points to improve: Acceleration
Other sports: Basketball
The last film he saw: 21 jump street
Favorite music: I listen to everything
Video games: Call of Duty and FIFA... XBOX!
Readings:  any book that is good
Likes: being right
Dislikes: Not being right
Qualities: He tries to be his best at everything he does
Faults: Too many to name
Club: High Point, NC
Team: Powerslide Matter USA
Best memory: being born
Worst memory: Hurting my back and not being able to do anything for 2 months
Languages: English and he pretends like I speak Spanish
Alcohol or fruit juice? Alcohol!
Ice-skating or roller-skating? ROLLER-SKATING!
Road or track? Is indoor an option?  if not then track
Sprint or marathon? Marathon
Hard or soft wheels? Hard wheels
Beach or montain? Beach
Morning or evening? Evening
Cheese or dessert? Dessert
Rap or techno? Rap
Soccer or rugby? Ummm.. what?  Haha... Soccer
Simple or double push? Double push

Prize list

  • 2 time NSC champion
  • 3 time Gold medalist world champion Relay
  • 9 time Member of team USA national team


Hello Michael. Why did you start roller-skating?

Michael CheekI started roller skating because a friend of mine did it. He told me there is one practice a week... Didn't know it would end up like this!

What do you like in speed-skating?

There is nothing in the world like it.  When everything is clicking it's the best feeling in the world.

Did you try other practices than speed-skating?

I've never done any other types of skating (aggressive, figure, slalom, freeride skating). I've always played basketball and recently I started riding the bike and running a lot. 

What are your favorite types of races now ?

I like the longer races, because now I'm old and can't move very fast.

What's your job? Do you earn your life with skating?

Right now all I do is roller skate, best job in the world. I have the best job in the world. I get to travel around the World, help develop and promote skating products for the largest skating company in the World, with the best team in the World.

How many workouts per day and per week?

During the season I usually have 2 work outs on my skates a day.  Also I do some gym, and now some biking.

Do you have training partners?A good team to skate with you?

I'm lucky  to get to skate with one of the best indoor clubs in the US. And through all of my skating years, I've had a great group of people to train with.

How did you get your sponsorship with Powerslide?

I've always had a good relationship with the Powerslide guys, and they gave me a call at the right time.. and here I am.

What are your hobbies ?

I like playing basketball, video games... I like eating a lot, and i'm very good at sleeping.

Could you explain us how inline speed-skating is structured in the USA? (indoor, outdoor, circuits...)

The biggest events in the USA are all indoor races.  There are some small circuit races, and several marathons.  But indoor is the biggest thing in the USA.

What are the main competitions for you?

NSC races have become very important in the US. Also our indoor and outdoor national championships, as well as the world Champs in years past.

What are your goals for 2013?

2012 Inline Speed Skating World Championships in ItalyMy biggest goal in 2013 is to help everyone in the USA see how big Powerslide is. Powerslide is the biggest and the best company in the World, but in the USA they aren't known as well.  I hope by the end of 2013 the USA can learn what the rest of the world already knows.

Can you tell us a few words about roller-skating in the USA? 15 years ago, there were around 30 millions skaters. It seriously decreased...

I wish I knew what happened. Skating rinks used to be packed all over the country, and now people would rather play on the Internet.  I think the numbers have come up over the last 2 years, and hope it continues.

Is roller-skating well tolerated in the USA? (by cars, cyclists...)

People in cars usually just look at speed skaters really weird.  Cyclists are usually very nice, especially after they see how fast we can go

Something you would like to add to conclude?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and everyone keep skating.


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By Alfathor
Photos: Powerslide, David Browne, All rights reserved
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