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Testing the Xsjado 2.0

Testing the Xsjado 2.0

We will have been waiting for them for more than two years… Hoped for their launching in February 2012, then in September, but here they are at last, the new Xsjados! A feedback by the Online-Skating team on that new opus…


Test bench

Xsjado 2.0

Bobor - Back backslideThe Xsjado 2.0 is an improved version of the famous Xsjado, launched a dozen years ago by Salomon. You can still put on your own shoe in the boot, but you can list lots of differences: the articulated cuff, the wider and higher-cut boot, and above all the new soulplate. It is time we saw how better that skate is, compared to the former model…

The design

The Xsjado keeps the sober lines of its elder. Although it is made in one piece, the new soulplate keeps most of the lines of the former three-part version. However, the groove has been redesigned. The looks of the skate did not change much in depth.

The cuff reminds of that of the USD Carbon, but a bit higher and with the same indented cut for more smoothness.

The front strap is longer, thinner and has lost its toe-clip.

On the part on top of the foot, a small circle of material has replaced the large oval of the previous model, for it not to be too soft with the articulated cuff.

The screws of the cuff get a nice design. Warning: check that the cuff is well tightened when first taken out of the box, ours were not. Xsjado played the card of sobriety with a classic black color, classic is a safe bet.

Le système de serrage du coup de piedThe great novelty of the new generation Xsjado skate is mainly the arrival of two supplementary soulplate sizes.

Thus you have:

  • XS from 36 2/3 to 40
  • S from 40 2/3 to 42 2/3
  • M from 43 1/3 to 45 1/3
  • L from 46 to 48

More choice but, above all, skates that are better adjusted to your foot size.


The liner is even thicker than on the previous pro-models, which should delight those who worry about losing in support quality!

The ankle is very well supported as soon as the first sessions.

The liner is a bit too rigid at first, but it breaks in and adapts to the skater's ankle with time.

The foam padding keeps its shape better, which is very enjoyable.

The large strap at the toes matches very well the new Mid Top Xsjado shoes. However, if you put on an old pair, the strap is a big long. No problem though, it can adjust easily with a velcro strap system.

The shoes are also very comfortable and make the skate quite responsive. We would strongly advise to try the skates with the shoes on before buying them (if possible, of course) as the shoes are quite wide.

With the articulated cuff, you obviously gain in flexibility too. It is compensated with a thicker foam padding at the cuff and with more rigidity on top of the foot. If you are used to the Xsjados, a couple of minutes will be enough to get used to the new ones. You quickly find your marks. A huge difference with the former version: the articulated cuff considerably eases jump impulses and landings.


The adjustments of the Xsjados are a real brainteaser for neophytes. You have to find the good position for the strap to be centered on the skate. The ankle straps should also be centered. It is quite complicated given the rigidity of the ankle padding. Once done, the foot does not move a jot.

Let's remind that the Xsjado shoes have a little wedge at the heel for it not to lift from the skate, quite handy! Once more, the combination of the tightening of the skate and that of the boot make that you really feel like in a close skate… with more flexibility and lightness as a bonus!

We have also noticed that the spare parts had changed a bit, the time when you had to tighten a big screw with your fingers on the top of the foot is over. Once filed by the falls, it would become unusable.

Instead, a small screw which takes less shocks and which is more discrete and easier to adjust. Here again, improvements in the conception of the Xsjados 2.0.


What to say about the new soulplate? The sliding is just great. We may sound like retarded teenagers, but compared to the old model you gain in sliding speed and smoothness. It is quite impressive!

The sliding is really faster than before on curbs. But the most amazing remains the groove: rounder and smaller than that of its elder, it is easier to find. And above all, you do not move once you are stalled.

Grinds are thus easier to perform. With the cuff, you find and keep your balance more easily.

As for top slides, here again no problem: the cuff offers enough flexibility for you to stall and hold easily. The articulated cuff also enables you to lean more on your slides and thus master your trick better. All the innovations brought to that skate keep their promises and are successfully put to the test with sliding. Once the Xsjado 2.0 handled, the latter adapts to each skater's style. It is quite solid. With time, you do not lose in sliding speed. Once filed, the soulplate keeps its smoothness both on walls and copings. The sliding is not far from being the fastest on the market.


The Xsjado 2.0 is a well-thought and successful skate. No big surprises but rather good improvements. The wider choice of soulplate sizes to adapt better to the skaters' feet is very positive. The soulplate keeps all its promises with a new groove, more enjoyable and a faster sliding. Last but not least, the cuff also offers a better comfort and a more homogeneous flexibility.

Bobor - Sunnyday

Strong points and points to be improved


+ The sliding
+ The choice of sizes
+ The articulated cuff


- The cuff screws
- The shortening of the front strap
- The shoe is a big wide

Technical facts

Brand: Xsjado
Model: 2.0
Year: 2013
Liner: Mid Top Xsjado shoe
Cuff: articulated and adjustable
Size: from 36 2/3 to 48, choice of sizes for the soulplates
Price: 259.90€ with the shoe or 199€ without the shoe
Use: Intensive practice of aggressive skating

Photo gallery

Sno - Top AcidNouvelle visserieSoulplate Xsjado 2.0backside plate et groove Xsjado 2.0Chaussure Xsjado 2.0 Midtop

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By Bobor
Translation: Chloé Seyres
Photos: Bobor and Powerslide
Thanks to Powerslide, Sno and Obi
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