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The new tightening systems of big skate brands

The new tightening systems of big skate brands

These last years, the tightening systems of the big skate brands have evolved, inspired by concepts already tested for skiing. Overview of the concepts available on the market...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

The forces involved

 Système ATOP II Powerslide

Each manufacturer then patented numerous by-systems out of these concepts. Let's cite for example the BOA system for K2 or the ATOP II for Powerslide, which are knob systems swallowing laces. Salomon used to have the Quicklace system, which you can still find today on some shoe models of the brand.

The ATOP II system by Powerslide

The A-TOP system was created by Yu Chen Ent. Ltd in 2007. That company makes plastic buckles and straps. The concept was adopted by Powerslide for skates ,but is also available on many other products, such as ski or running shoes. The firm established a factory in Shen Zhen (China) in 1996.

The ATOP II system by Powerslide is found on all the models of the Vi line. It is not just a tightening cable. Indeed, the complete structure of the skate boot is designed for the boot to fit closely the foot when the cable tightens.

The cable goes from the front of the foot then snakes around the foot before being swallowed by a knob. A simple clockwise rotation and everything loosens instantly. Powerslide has two patents on the Vi skates closing system and these evolve around the way PS makes the lacing wrap completely around the foot (360° lacing) and around the unique way the flap and shell close around the foot. 

Note: That ATOP tightening system is also available on several models by Roces but the unique fastening system of the Vi Line is only used by Powerslide.

Le système de serrage ATOP II vu de côté

The Boa system by K2

All through the years, K2 has experimented a new fast tightening system to improve the users' comfort: the Boa.

The Boa system offers an even tightening on the whole foot. You will not feel any pressure point. You can adjust the tightening of the skate while skating, no matter what speed you are at. Moreover, you gain a lot of time tightening and untightening. The Boa loosens in a few seconds in pulling the knob.

Note: Quite a similar system, the Q-Fit, is available on certain models by Fila, such as the Eve Pro.

Fila Q-Fit

The Speed Lacing

The K2 Speed Lacing works with a small handful enabling to pull the whole laces at once. The lacing is homogeneous, the laces lock automatically as you pull. Handy fact: K2 inserted a small pocket in the upper part of the tongue to keep the handle. Thus it does not bother you when you skate!

Quite a similar concept can be found at Rollerblade's, especially on the Activa model.

Speed lace Rollerblade et K2 Boa

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