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Interview with Rich Parker, professional ramp-rider (United-Kingdom)

Interview with Rich Parker, professional ramp-rider (United-Kingdom)

Rich Parker is a professional ramp rider. He lives in Birmingham (Great-Britain) and earns his life with roller skating. Interview ...



We met Rich Parker at the 30th edition of Rennes sur Roulettes (France), a major roller-skating event with speed-skating, half-pipe demos, slalom, freeride, etc. 

Rich Parker was born in Birmingham (Great-Britain). He started skating with his brother Rob. Then, Rich worked hard and improved his level, year after year, training after training. Now, he belongs to the close circle of professional ramp riders with other skaters such as Yasutoko brothers (Japan) or Otto Bolanos (Brazil). He travels throught Europe, Asia and America to make demos...


Vidéo : ramp duet with Rob and Rich Parker

Rennes sur Roulettes 2012 in video by Rich Parker

Mary-Jess Leaverland, the girl friend of R$ich Parker, singing in Wembley Stadium

By Alfathor
Vidéo : Diablo et Alfathor
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