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Event organizers: what better media than OLS and ReL to communicate?

Event organizers: what better media than OLS and ReL to communicate?

ReL/OLS' team highlights many skating events all around the World for many years. Do you need a hand to promote your race or your contest? Here are the supports we can provide to improve your communication ...


Web: an indispensable support for the promotion of your skating events

Lugdunum ContestInternet has become an mandatory tool to reach a maximum of skaters. The population is relatively young. Skating fan are addicted to new technologies and social media.

Are you organizing a skating event?

Nothing like the website reference in the field to optimize your communication!

With a traffic up to 5000 visits a day, our websites have no equal on the Web. More than a simple banner, we can propose you a complete communication campaign.

Step 1: The inclusion of your event in our calendar is free!

ReL and OLS belongs to rollerenligne.com, a French non profit association. The purpose of the association is to promote roller skating in all its forms.
Thus, the insertion of your first event in our calendar is free.
However, beyond one event a year, inserting your event in our calendar wiill cost € 20.

Want to reach a wider audience?

We can release information about your event in French, English, Spanish and German (soon)!
For greater impact, we can even share it on our facebook and Twitter pages.

Insertion rates to ReL's calendar

ReL / OLS& social media
Drapeau FrançaisFRENCHDrapeau USA+ ENGLISH Drapeau espagnol+ SPANISHDrapeau allemand+ GERMANLogo facebook+ facebookLogo Twitter+ Twitter
The first insertion is
+ 30+ 30+ 30+ 20+ 10

*The free inclusion of your event in our calendar includes an image and a link to your website. While adding an additional image or attachment will be charged at € 15.

Step 2: Infomercials/advertorials

Rennes sur Roulettes

Infomercials/advertorials are brief or long articles providing useful information about your event (but with a promotional purpose).

This form of advertising is commonly used in the press. This is a non intrusive way to get in touch with skaters.

In the case of a competition, it can be:

    • A presentation of your event
    • The announcement of preferential registration rates to a given date
    • An interview with the organization
    • A contest to win free registration
    • Highlighting your partners
    • Looking for volunteers to strengthen your team
    • Program changes
    • The announcement of a live broadcasting
    • etc.

    We offer packages depending on the number of advertorials that you want to release. Contact us for more information!

      Substantive articles*

      Rate per article

      Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 150
      Drapeau USAUSA€ 75
      Drapeau espagnolESP€ 30
      Drapeau allemandGERsoon

      They appear in the main slider of our website(s).

      Advantage: the articles remain online on our Web site indefinitely, even if they no longer appear on the home page. Thus, it generates traffic and advertising for a long time. This is what is called "the trail effect." This is an added value for you in terms of SEO.

      The content of the article and visuals are provided by the client. They are subject to approval before publication on our web sites.
      A reformulation may intervene to respect the editorial line of the site. We can also write your infomercial (on quote).

      • Location: Home page and articles' archives
      • Size: full page
      • Duration: permanent

      Promotional news*

      Rate per news

      Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 70
      Drapeau USAUSA€ 35
      Drapeau espagnolESP€ 20
      Drapeau allemandGERsoon

      The promotional news appear in the "news" section. In the same idea as the infomercials but more concise, the news can be used to communicate frequently with skaters. Each news is generally released with a photo. It's simple, fast and efficient!

      • Location : Home page and news archives
      • Size: full page
      • Duration: permanent

      Step 3: newsletters

      Newsletter Rennes sur RoulettesThe newsletter is sent every 15 days or every month depending on the period. It summarizes key information  of the previous month. More than 500 French skating clubs subscribed to our newsletter.

      Lateral banner in the newsletter

      It is possible to insert lateral banners in our newsletter.
      The banner is provided by the client or by ourselves (on request, a quote will be proposed).

      Rate per newsletter: € 150
      • Location: right side of the newsletter
      • Size: 150x400 pixels
      • Max. weight: jusqu'à 300 Ko
      • Registered skaters: more that 5000

      Dedicated newsletter

      This is a newsletter specifically designed to highlight your event. It is completely dedicated to your event.
      It is developed in partnership with ReL/OLS, texts and visuals must be provided by the advertiser.

      Rate per newsletter: 200 €
      • Size: Variable
      • Frequency: monthly
      • Registered skaters: more that 5000
      • Banner format: jpg, gif or png

      NB : All newsletters are sent with the "message-business" tool that provide accurate statistics (opening and reading rate, number of clicks, validity of email addresses...)

      3 types of banners

      Monthly rate
      Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 400
      Drapeau USAUSA€ 200
      Drapeau espagnolESP€ 100
      Drapeau allemandGERsoon

      Main banner

      24H Rollers

      If you want maximum visibility on our web sites, this offer is for you!

      The main banner is displayed on almost all pages of our web sites.

      • Location: top right of pages
      • Size: 450x85 pixels
        (other sizes: email us)
      • Max weight: up to 150 Ko
      • Banner format: gif, jpg, png or flash

      NB : You can change the banner as often as you wish.
      We provide a statistic tool to follow your campaign efficiency hour/hour. A summary is automatically sent every week.

      Monthly rate
      Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 230
      Drapeau USAUSA€ 120
      Drapeau espagnolESP€ 60
      Drapeau allemandGERsoon

      Marathon de Cologne

      Lateral banners

      This type of banner is recommended for promotional operations over time.
      We propose two formats of banners depending on your budget.

      You get an excellent exposition on the home pages of our website.


      • Location: all pages
      • Size: 120x180 pixels
      • Max size: up to 100 Ko
      • Banner format: gif, jpg, png or flash


      Monthly rate
      Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 150
      Drapeau USAUSA€ 75
      Drapeau espagnolESP€ 40
      Drapeau allemandGERsoon

      Pub Hawaii Surf

      • Location: all pages
      • Size: 120x120
      • Max size: up to 100 Ko
      • Banner format: gif, jpg, png or flash

      NB :
      Your can change your banner regularly during the campaign to boost your communication. We provide a statistic tool that allows you to follow the number of display, the number of clicks. A summary is automatically sent to you each week.

      The background of ReL/OLS to your colors!

      Weekly rate
      Drapeau FrançaisFRA200 €
      Drapeau USAUSA100 €
      Drapeau espagnolESP75 €
      Drapeau allemandGERsoon

      Last but not least, we can also redraw the home page to your colors!
      This option is only available for short periods of a week to 15 days to avoid confusions of identity.
      It remains the most impactful solution to promote your event.

      This custom background is clickable and links back according to your choice.


      Join us if you need more information or quote resquest: webmaster@rollerenligne.com

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