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Test: Rio Jive quad skates

Test: Rio Jive quad skates

We tested a first pair of Rio quad skates in 2012. The British brand sent us a new model called "Jive". It has some improvements over its predecessors...


Rio Jive: benchmark

Test du Rio JivePresentation of the Rio Jive

The Jive is the last born of the British brand Rio . This firm is well known in Great-Britain for its disco and feminine designs. Like its predecessors, the Jive has a look rather "Eighties", with a combination of colors reminding the British/American flags. The upper combines blue, white and red. The aestetic is pretty nice. These gentlemen can go their way, the little hearts on the upper and the wheels are there to remind you that this skate is dedicated to women!
The wheels are also two-tone, like the inside of the shoe. Another positive detail: a weight saving of fifty grams per skate compared to the 2012 model. 

The shoe of the Rio Jive has a better support

The upper has benefited from some significant changes compared to the model that we had previously tested. It is closer to the foot and a bit stiffer. This provides better support. The fit is quite large, so do not hesitate to tighten a little harder the laces to gain precision and prevent the foot from moving to the toe. The shoe is well suited for the practice of street skating.

The shoe has a more ergonomic and anatomical sole than the SFR Rio. It has also a better shape, even if it is a little stiff. We noticed a small cushioning under the heel.

Test des Rio Jive


Rio opted for a classic lace fastening. The lacing goes up well to the top of the shoe. It is more effective if you take the time to properly tighten from the bottom. A little stiffer structure would have really been perfect but it's already much better than the previous SFR Rio.

A better comfort

LThe comfort of Rio Jive has also been improved since the last SFR Rio: the liner is thicker, the sole is more comfortable and the foot is at ease in the shoe. However, the sole is still a little stiff... but it remains in position unlike the old version..

Fiberlite frame with aluminium trucks

Rio has renewed its confidence in the Fiberlite frames. The structure of the Fiberlite AFT-46 ADC12 aluminum combines a nylon base with aluminum trucks. This frame is suitable for leisure street skating. If you want to push harder on your skates and go faster, change it to a stiffer aluminum model.

Rio Jive : vue du châssis

Two-tone colour wheels

The wheels of Jive are quite similar to those of SFR Rio we tested last year. These are fairly small wheels (58 mm) and rather hard (82A) for outdoor use. However, they have a good grip on most surfaces, with a preference for very smooth surfaces.

Bearing: ABEC 7 Carbon

These are ABEC 7 set bearings (not serviceable), the same as last year. The need time to be more efficient, they offer a slight resistance the first kilometers and become more fluid over time. The bearings are made of a steel / carbon combination, rather used on entry level bearings (the most durable bearings use a chrome steel).

A nice finishing for a good value for money

The finishing has been improved, the gluing of parts is well done. The assembling of elements is clean, the seams are neat. A nice work for a shoe of this price. Rio also proposes a strap to carry your skates. This is a handy option if you do not have a bag! 


If the price of the flagship model of Rio has risen from 65 € to 80 €, the Jive also offer better characteristics: More support, more comfort, a better finishing. The Jive are mainly suitable for indoor use or for occasional street skating. They suits well for beginners but they will show their limits in a more intense sport use.

Rio propose aussi des sangles pour porter ses rollers

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Still a good value for money
+ A better support (even if it can be improved)
+ The look


- Support can be improved
- Fit too large

Technical sheet

Brand : Rio
Model : Jive
Year : 2012-2013
Shoe: semi-soft top shoe with a look Disco - Extra heel support - 
Upper: PVC leather construction
Sole: anatomically insole
Tightening: laces
Pointure :  2 - 8 UK / 24 - 42 EU
Châssis : AFT-46 Fiberlite ADC12 Alu (Nylon Hi-Impact with aluminum trucks)
Roues : 58 mm x 32 mm PU Cast 82A
Roulements : ABEC 7 carbon
Frein : PU Injected with easily replaceable bolts
Masse : 1285 grams (40.5 EU)
Recommended price: 80 Euros
Use: roller disco, street skating, for beginners

Photo gallery


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Test: SFR Rio quad skates

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Photos: ReL
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