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ReL/OLS: a first plan showcase for skating brands

ReL/OLS: a first plan showcase for skating brands

Do you know another site as versatile as ReL/OLS? which includes many skaters in all disciplines? This is just one of many reasons that rollerenligne.com is an indispensable support for a brand of roller ...


OLS/ReL: A first plan showcase

Kato de Remz et Lamine FathiReL/OLS offers a rich and extremely varied contentin all disciplines of skating:

  • learning
  • equipment
  • news
  • Health and prevention
  • ... all subjects are reviewed!

ReL/OLS ins a unique point of contact with potential clients for a skating brand thanks to its French, English, Spanish versions (and German soon!).

ReL/OLS provide a wide variery of supports to promote your products...

More than a simple advertising, we can build a real communication campaign with you, combining various supports:

  • Products' database
  • Infomercials
  • Banners

Step 1: your complete skates in our database

Over the years, ReL has built a skates' database of nearly 2500 products released on the market since 2003.

Initially available in French, this database is now available in English, Spanish (and German soon). This is one of the most popular sections of our Web site. Skaters are always looking for the latest models, improvements, innovations... They also search the technical features of older skates.

ReL/OLS can add your complete lines of roller or inline skates in this section. Benefit from thousands of clicks and a large exposure of your models! 

Adding your products in our database (price per product)
Drapeau FrançaisFRENCHDrapeau USA+ ENGLISH Drapeau espagnol+ SPANISHDrapeau allemand+ GERMAN
5 €+ 5 €+ 5 €+ 5 €

La rubrique catalogue de rollerenligne.com

Step 2: promote your products or your brand through advertorials

Portrait de Davide MarianiInfomercials/advertorials are brief or long articles providing useful information highlight your products, a new collection, an event or your actions (with a promotional purpose).

The advertorial provides real and useful information to the reader. This form of advertising is commonly used in the press. This is a non intrusive way to get in touch with skaters.

Infomercials: a non-intrusive advertising

These promotional articles appear in the main slider of your web sites. This is the most visible part of the home page and the most read.

mention "infomercial" appears at the top right of the article to explain that is not a standard article. It avoids confusion.

Note: these articles remain on our web sites indefinitely. Even if they no longer appear on the home page, they are stored in the archives. Thus, it generates traffic and advertising for a long time. This is what is called "the trail effect."
This is an added value for you in terms of SEO on a highly qualified Web site..

Furthermore, you can add as many photos as you wish in the articles!

The content of the article and visuals are provided by the client. They are subject to approval before publication on our web sites.
Modifications may intervene to respect the editorial line of the site. We can also write your infomercial (on quote)..

Rate per article
Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 150
Drapeau USAUSA€ 75
Drapeau espagnolESP€ 30
Drapeau allemandGERsoon
  • Location: Home page and articles' archives
  • Size: full page
  • Duration: permanent

Promotional news: fast and efficent!

They appear in the news section (top right of the home page). This kind of advertorials is more concise, the news can be used to communicate with the skaters.
For example, they can be used when a new product are released on the market, for exclusivities, for flash sales, etc.

It's easy, fast and efficient!

Rate per news
Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 70
Drapeau USAUSA€ 35
Drapeau espagnolESP€ 20
Drapeau allemandGERsoon
  • Location : Home page and news archives
  • Size: full page
  • Duration: permanent

Examples of possible advertorials

Step 3 : highlighting your brand with banner

Monthly rate
Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 300
Drapeau USAUSA€ 200
Drapeau espagnolESP€ 100
Drapeau allemandGERsoon

Main banner

Bannière MPC EOSKates

If you want maximum visibility on our web sites, this offer is for you!

The main banner is displayed on almost all pages of our web sites (except forums).

NB : You can change the banner as often as you wish. The more you change and the more the banner will be clicked!
We provide a statistic tool to follow your campaign efficiency hour/hour. A summary is automatically sent every week.

  • Location: top right of pages (except forum)
  • Size: 450x85 pixels 
    (other sizes: email us)
  • Max weight: up to 150 Ko
  • Banner format: gif, jpg, png or flash

Lateral banners

Bannière Seba

"Skyscraper" monthly rate
Drapeau FrançaisFRA€ 230
Drapeau USAUSA€ 120
Drapeau espagnolESP€ 60
Drapeau allemandGERsoon

This type of banner is recommended for promotional operations over time.
We propose two formats of banners depending on your budget.

You get an excellent exposition on the home pages of our website.

It is primarily intended for shops that wish to boost their sales. It is possible to change the visual regularly during the campaign to improve the results.

Advantages: These banners will ensure a constant number of display. We provide a tool to help you track the number of click hour by hour!

"Skyscraper" banner

  • Location: all pages
  • Size: 120x180 pixels
  • Max size: up to 100 Ko
  • Banner format: gif, jpg, png or flash
"Square" monthly rate
Drapeau FrançaisFRA150 €
Drapeau USAUSA75 €
Drapeau espagnolESP40 €
Drapeau allemandGERsoon

"Square" banner

  • Location: all pages
  • Size: 120x120
  • Max size: up to 100 Ko
  • Banner format: gif, jpg, png or flash

Step 4: the newsletter

Lateral banner of the newsletter

The newsletter is sent every 15 days or every month depending on the period. It summarizes key information  of the previous month. More than 500 French skating clubs subscribed to our newsletter.

It summarizes the key information of the previous month and announce upcoming events. It is possible to insert one or two banners. The visual is provided by the client or by ourselves (on request and quote).

Rate per newsletter : 150 €
  • Location: right side of the newsletter
  • Size: 150x400 pixels
  • Max. weight: jusqu'à 300 Ko
  • Registered skaters: more that 5000

Contact us!

If you need more information or quote, feel free to contact us: webmaster@rollerenligne.com

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