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Construction of the IIDA, one year after ... interview with Alexandre Lebrun

Construction of the IIDA, one year after ... interview with Alexandre Lebrun

One year after his election to the head of the IIDA, Alexandre Lebrun reveals the various projects that have been launched in the international body in charge of the inline downhill ...



Hi Alexandre, one year after your election at the head of the IIDA, what are the main work that you had begin ?

Peyragudes par Dim ElsonA big reflexion has been launched on every strategic subjects. Let me focus on the main ones...

An update of our rulebook has begun and will be achieved in the following weeks. Latest version was from Summer 2008, the task was not easy!
I would like to be as much clear as possible by describing our internal organization.The IIDA is a French association regarding law. We also wish to describe our events and to improve them thanks to the feedback of last seasons. These updates aims to the athletes but also to organizers by describing the needs in terms of organization of a downhill event.

In terms of communication, we have modified our visual identity through two new logos.
The first one is based on a wheel and will be the official logo on any official and institutional documents.
The second one is based on a downhill racer with IIDA letters and website below. This one will be used for general communication of our association on banners, Facebook, Internet website etc.
These 2 logos will allow us to communicate with merchandising (stickers, banners) and also on official documents such as business cards. And all these things are related to our brand new website.

Talking about that, can you tell us more about the website ?

The first main change is its address. Till now, our website was www.IIDA.it. This italian domain name was not appropriated for an international organization. We were able to get the domain name www.InlineDownhill.com which gave us an international and clear image of the aim of our association.

Regarding the content, we have made a whole update of our design which is more up to date, including creation of specific part as Tutorials which deals with general articles on the discipline written by the IIDA and hosted on www.Onlineskating.Com

A lot of work remains on the background in order to change the administration of the website and move it to a Word Press platform. The aim is to be able to upload news quickly from wherever in the world ; the website being currently in Html and managed by our webmaster Grand Du Plessis.

A big advertisement is organized for this new website threw social networks, OnlineSkating, banners displayed on our events, Newsletters, e-mailing, etc.

What are the main tasks to be achieved in the future ?

Regarding our priorities and next deadlines, our new rulebook will be announced on March 1st and explaining the main changes especially on events.

We will also created an IIDA Membership by 15th March in order to help the association in its growth.

We have sponsorship discussions with Seba who will be official partner on 2013 and other contacts to be concluded on the following months.

Finally, we have to reinforce our relationship with organizers before the events for all the 2013 seasons in order to spread the informations as soon as possible to the athletes.

Did you get some help ? A team of volunteers ? Where are they from ?

Nouveau logo IIDAThe IIDA has always been based on "representatives" part of the IIDA Committee. That means people defined in every major inline downhill countries. These people had a right to vote on every subjects but without specific job description. I kept this committee but give them operational tasks as the promotion of the sport in their countries, being the single point of entry for national organizers and being part of its organisation.

IIDA Committee members is more like an advisory body in the decisions of the Association.

On the strategic tasks, I implemented a "Board of Directors" to take in charge strategic subjects. Base on committee members, their responsibilites are clearly defined and help me to get further on subjects like rulebook, website, sponsorship, FIRS Relationship, etc.

All these tasks are voluntory and we don't have enought money nowdays to cover travel expense of some of them. Anyway, this not a problem for working in good conditions and step further.

What are the latest news regarding the International Downhill Overall races ?

The kind and definitions of IIDA Cups has been updated and achieved.  By now, we only add 5 to 7 World Cup based on time trial only events. In 2013, IIDA World Cups will belongs as main IIDA events but will included time trial and inline cross (4-cross) that are now  both compulsory on an IIDA World Cup. Inline Cross is quite spectacular and completely differents from time keeping including strategy. On each IIDA World Cup, an IIDA Official will be dedicated to the organisation of the events and thus guarantee that it'll be runned in good conditions.

Bobtrack events will be officially sanctionned by the IIDA and part of the overall ranking because we realised that most of the bobtrack riders are downhill athletes. We also launched "National Cup" status which could be defined as a major event held in a country and open to international riders. This kind of event could host time keeping nor inline cross.

Finally and even if not applied in 2013, "Regional Cup" status will be also available for small local events hosting inline downhill riders.

What your relationship with FIRS ?

By now, these relationship were limited to the acknowledgement and agreement of our FIRS World Championship held once a year and sanctionned by a FIRS judge.I get in touch with Dr Roberto Marotta and had the occasion to have a talk with him on FIRS Congress in Roma on 23th February ;  we  spoke about the future of inline downhill and improvement of IIDA / FIRS relationship. I have some hope to have better news on the following months.

What are the main countries where Inline Downhill is developped ?

 After a short web survey including 150 answers, we were able to list the biggest country in inline downhill with Top 5 including France (for sure), Brazil (high raise), Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

These results don’t represent a proper cartography as she has been runned only throw Internet. Thus, only on Spanish riders filled in our form whereas several riders are seen on every events in this country. Approximately 70% of answers are based on 5 countries. 


Number of forms filled in











Nouveau logo IIDAThese five countries are still the main ones regarding inline downhill, let’s have a focus on each of them.

France is the bigger country including French Cups, French championship and a lot of freeride events.

Brazil appeared as second most active country including a lot of forecasted events in 2013. The sport is still young in this country and events are officially confirmed only few month before for bureaucratic reasons. We will be hosting our first IIDA World Cup in this country in Teutonia by the end of the year on one of the faster track of the world including speed over 100km/h for inliners. An Inline Downhill association is being created to promote the sport (Federação Brasileira de Inline Downhill) and then being officially recognized by National federation.

Behind, Switzerland is well known for hosting a lot of inline downhill riders especially in Lausanne, mecca of inline downhill in the world as you are able to practice inline downhill in the town thanks to public transport as you do it on ski resort thanks to tolerance of local authorities. Mainly focused on freeride, there are not a lot of swiss athletes on our events.

Germany is increasing  sharply thanks to young atheletes coming from Inline Alpine. We are expecting much from this convergence with Alpin Slalom taking into account that “Giant Slalom” is the closer roller sports from Inline downhill and gives already much feeling to the athletes. Thus, we will have events gathering both disciplines in the futures and already by 2013.

Last but not least, Italy Is historically quite active in this discipline by organizing world cup events every year. Taking part regulary to the IIDA events, development of an Italian Championship is part of my priorities.

Is very any other sanctionning bodies of downhill in the world?

In the world, two bodies are sanctioning longboard, street lugdu and buttboard downhill which are the IGSA (International Gravity Sport Association) and the IDF (International Downhill Federation). The IDF has been launch few months ago in late 2012 and now represent an alternative to the IGSA who was by then the only sanctioning body in Longboarding.

Regarding Inline Downhill, we are the only association sanctioning inline downhill in the world. In every country, official bodies are present such in France threw the National Commission of Skateboard, UK threw the IDUK (International Downhill United Kingdom) or Italy. These countries have all officially recognized inline downhill disciplines part of their respective Federations.

A lot of work remains for the other countries.

What are your relationship with these other sanctionning bodies ?

In the world, we have relations with these two associations and especially the IDF thanks to his president (Cyrille Harnay), French and working for years for the promotion of downhill sports in France. We have events in commun in which we will work together in terms of organization and that will be an axe of optimization in the future in order to improve the organization standards and sharing our human and material forces.

Regarding national federations, we work threw national representatives in each countrywho are the first contact of their national federation : e.g. Grant Du Plessis in UK and Valentina Liguori in Italy.

We are also working on the creation of an Italian Championship recognized bu the Italian Federation as we will have 3 events in this country in 2013.

My aim is to create a network (French Championship, Italian Championship) allowing us to think local and act global and thus promote the discipline in terms of number of athletes, organizers and acknowledge from the national federations.

Any projects?

I have already presented a lot of them. A lot of work has already been achieved but a lot still remains. I’m still confident in the wellness of our 2013 season that will show great improvement in athletes number in our events and thus get back in the main scene after few difficult years. The top of our season will be the world championship held in Lyon in late September during the Lugdunum Roller Contest that will be the best image for our discipline for this WC held in the center of one of the major town in France.

Alexandre Lebrun sur le stand rollerenligne en 2010


Interview with Alexandre Lebrun, new president of the IIDA

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