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Yann Guyader: from Caracas (Venezuela) to Tulua (Colombia)

Yann Guyader: from Caracas (Venezuela) to Tulua (Colombia)

The "4ta valida nacional" was held in Tulua near Cali (Colombia) this weekend. New coach, Yann Guyader had his fresh new Venezuelan national team of 30 skaters in tow. ReL is also on site ...


Teleconference to South America

Hello Yann, how was the transition from Venezuela to Colombia?

Jose Alexander BastidasThe trip was rather "suave" as they say here. Caracas is not so far from Tulua. The journey lasted for a relatively short duration. The transition, as such, between the two countries went smoothly, given Colombia is a country I know very well, having spent most of my time between 2009 and 2012 there.  I've also seen a lot of people I had not seen for a long time, which is quite nice.

You finally met the Venezuelan skaters who you are going to coach. How are they?

Actually, we first met on Monday morning at the airport in Caracas (Venezuela). Although they all know of me, I only knew a few of them. We selected 26 skaters for this event, which will probably be reduced further for our European trip lasting for more than a month (March 26 - May 2)

What is the gender breakdown of the team?

Approximately half from each gender.

Which categories?

We selected juniors and seniors, bot male and female. The purpose of these trips is to build the core of the team for the next World Games and World Championships.

Can you give us names of some of the skaters you supervise? 

I will mention three who readers of REL.com should know. Gallantry insists I begin with the girls:

Sandra Buelvas: 23 years

  • World champion in the 500 m  in 2011 Yoesu(Korea)
  • Bronze medal at the world championships in the 500 m in 2010 Guarne(Columbia)

Solymar Vivas: 19 years

  • World champion 200M in 2010 Guarne(Columbia)
  • Bronze medal at the world championship in 2011 Yoesu(Korea)

Alexander Bastidas: 30 years

  • World champion in 2003 in Barquisimeto(Venezuela)
  • Bronze medal at the 2008 World Championships Gigon(Spain)

Having spent the last 10 years in Europe, marathon skaters know him well,. He returns after a year away from the track on account of a very serious accident which left him in deep coma for a while.

I guess you have a goal for Tulua?

The main objective is to identify a small and solid group of skaters who will be ready for the upcoming events. It would be nice if we could get a few medals.  This would bode well for the start of what is going to be a long process in the lead up to the first big event, the World Games, to be held in August in Cali (Columbia).

How do you find the track?

For the selected guys, pretty good ... for me, not as much (laughs)! No seriously, the track is not the most beautiful in the world, but it is actually a beautiful playground, as they are no longer made like this. It is a semi-curved track with paint coating which will present healthy competition for us in the final laps.

Solymar VivasSandra Buelvas

What is the level of competition in the event?

Yann Guyader, Tulua (Colombie)Unsurprisingly, the level of competition in Colombia is high. The competition will be demanding, but this is the best way to reach the same heights as the nations that dominate our sport.

What are the things you'll see?

Many things. For now I am aware of the work that has to be done at all levels - technical as well as physical. But in such a short period of time, I am not seeking to revolutionize but rather optimize the capability of this group. We will try to do our best. As skaters who are also warriors, not necessarily leading easy lives, i trust that they'll give it their all. Those who are very talented will need to work hard, rather than rest on their talent, to reach their peak.

What will happen? 

Immediately after Tulua, we will have a training camp for two weeks.  Most probably in Cucuta. There we start the real work. Many video sessions and technical work to help the athletes realize that this is a very important component of success in our sport. For my part, I will try to impart all the technical and tactical knowledge that has helped me get where I am. I also hope to give them that touch of craziness that often makes the difference in the race.

What are the resources available to you?

I do not now much about the available resources but from what I've seen so far, we may be subject to envy. I do not know many nations that are able to send 30 people around the world for more than a month.

Anything else to add?

Thanks to Fabian Arcila for giving me the opportunity to work with the Venezuelan team.



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