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Second stage of the Europa Cup in Geisingen (Germany)

Second stage of the Europa Cup in Geisingen (Germany)

The second stage of the 2013 Nachwuchs Cup and 2013 Europa Cup took place in Geisingen (Germany) on 20 and 21 April 2013 in the heart of the Arena, the indoor track of Geisingen. Back on a weekend in Germanic lands...


Results of the weekend

Geisingen - European Inline Cup 2013

Rules reminder

Geisingen - European Inline Cup 2013The skaters are ranked on a total of four races (two distance long distance races and two sprints):

  • 200m sprint
  • 500m sprint
  • 10K point race
  • 10K Women or 15K Men elimination race

The winner get one point, the second gets two points, the third three points, etc. The skater with the fewest points wins the overall.

Manon Kamminga: most versatile skater of the weekend

In the senior women category, the Dutch Manon Kamminga (Matter Powerslide Racing) got the best in the overall classification.

She showed a great regularity, finishing 3rd and 5th of sprint races, winning the point race and taking the 4th place of the elimination race. Always in top 5!

She beat her teammate Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter Racing) who finished second twice in a row in point and elimination races.

Despite her first place in the 200 m, the Italian World Champion Erika Zanetti got the 10th place of the overall ranking. Same scenario for Solymar Vivas (Venezuela) who finished first in the 500m and 12th overall.

Bart Swings: an almost perfect weekend

In the men's rankings, we can say that the Belgian dominated the competition! If Bart Swings (Powerslide Matter Racing) has not been very sharp in 2012, he seems to start the year 2013 in excellent conditions. The ice traingin during the winter season seems good!
Bart did an almost perfect weekend. He won the 10,000 m point race, the 500 m and 15 km eliminations. He "just" got a third place in the 200m. With only 6 points to his credit, he is far above the second skater, the French Alexis Contin (Bont Geisingen Arena Team) who was also on the ice this winter. The German Felix Rijhnen (Matter Powerslide Racing) is only one point behind Alexis Contin.

The third place was played to four points, for three skaters. The Italian World Champion Fabio Francolini (EO Skates World Team) got the worst place (4th) ahead of his teammate Giacomo Cuncu (EOSkates World Team).

Next stage of the European Inline Cup: from 26 to 28 April in Gross-Gerau. Stay tuned on OLS thanks to the live broadcast! 

Geisingen - European Inline Cup 2013

Main results

Senior Women - 10000m points

1)ManonKammingaNEDPowerslide Matter Racing15:55,624
2)KatharinaRumpusGERPowerslide Matter Racing15:56,977
3)BiancaRoosenboomNEDTeam Sprog15:55,516
4)MelisaBonnetARGArgentina National Team15:57,238
5)MareikeThumGERERSG Darmstadt16:02,377
7)ElmaDe VriesNEDTeam Sprog16:10,763
8)JuliettePouydebatFRAEOSkates World Team16:02,611
9)SabineBergGERPowerslide Matter Racing15:57,076
10)RocioBerbelt AltARGArgentina National Team16:04,962
11)LenaLabatFRAPibracroller skating15:57,999
13)NadjaWengerSUIGB Racing Team16:06,433
14)MartinaPaciollaITAAsd Pattinatori San Mauro16:07,240
15)LisanneBuurmanNEDsprog team16:11,706
16)YsiaClaussesFRAPibrac roller skating 
17)JanaGegnerGEREOSkates World Team 
18)JessicaGaudesaboosBELEOSkates World Team 
19)ErikaZanettiITAPowerslide Matter Racing 
20)LaethisiaSchimekGERPowerslide Matter Racing 

200m Dobbin Sprint - Senior Women

1)ErikaZanettiITAPowerslide Matter Racing15,441
2)SolymarVivasVENTeam Venezuela15,456
3)ManonKammingaNEDPowerslide Matter Racing15,493
4)RocioBerbelt AltARGARG National Team15,541
5)JanaGegnerGEREOSkates World Team15,669
6)LaethisiaSchimekGERPowerslide Matter Racing15,756(V)
7)MareikeThumGERERSG Darmstadt15,918(V)
8)KatharinaRumpusGERPowerslide Matter Racing16,033(V)
9)SabineBergGERPowerslide Matter Racing16,336(V)
10)MelisaBonnetARGArgentina National Team16,339(V)
11)BiancaRoosenboomNEDTeam Sprog16,398(V)
12)HanneWoutersBELRSC Heverlee16,438(V)
13)JuliettePouydebatFRAEOSkates World Team16,492(V)
14)AnkeVosBELReko Roller Club Zemst16,526(V)
15)MandyGrootNEDvan Lingen skeelers16,601(V)
16)ChiaraVioITAADHP Gruppo Cosmo Noale16,718(V)
17)YsiaClaussesFRAPibrac roller skating16,728(V)
18)LisanneBuurmanNEDsprog team16,751(V)
19)MartinaPaciollaITAAsd Pattinatori San Mauro16,826(V)
20)PaulineCombesFRAPibrac Roller Skating16,950(V)

500m - Senior Women

1)SolymarVivasVENTeam Venezuela44,164
2)ErikaZanettiITAPowerslide Matter Racing44,372
3)JanaGegnerGEREOSkates World Team44,580
4)LaethisiaSchimekGERPowerslide Matter Racing44,598
5)ManonKammingaNEDPowerslide Matter Racing43,208(H)
6)KatharinaRumpusGERPowerslide Matter Racing43,995(H)
7)RocioBerbelt AltARGArgentina National Team43,471(H)
8)MareikeThumGERERSG Darmstadt44,099(H)
9)MelissaBonnetARGArgentina National Team43,725(Z)
10)SabineBergGERPowerslide Matter Racing44,752(Z)
11)BiancaRoosenboomNEDTeam Sprog44,860(Z)
12)JuliettePouydebatFRAEOSkates World Team44,951(Z)
14)MartinaPaciollaITAAsd Pattinatori San Mauro44,988(Z)
15)MandyGrootNEDvan Lingen skeelers45,043(Z)
16)YsiaClaussesFRAPibrac roller skating48,071(Z)
17)AnkeVosBELReko Roller Club Zemst44,995(V)
18)JessicaGaudesaboosBELEOSkates World Team45,563(V)
19)LisanneBuurmanNEDsprog team45,843(V)

10000m elimination - Senior Women

1)BergSabineGERPowerslide Matter Racing15:37,238
2)RumpusKatharinaGERPowerslide Matter Racing15:37,241
3)BonnetMelisaARGArgentina National Team15:37,439
4)KammingaManonNEDPowerslide Matter Racing15:37,489
5)ThumMareikeGERERSG Darmstadt15:50,497
7)RoosenboomBiancaNEDTeam Sprog 
8)De VriesElmaNEDTeam Sprog 
9)LabatLenaFRAPibracroller skating 
10)PouydebatJulietteFRAEOSkates World Team 
11)WengerNadjaSUIGB Racing Team 
12)ClaussesYsiaFRAPibrac roller skating 
14)GrootMandyNEDvan Lingen skeelers 
15)HeimFlurinaSUIGB Racingteam 
16)PaciollaMartinaITAAsd Pattinatori San Mauro 
17)BuurmanLisanneNEDsprog team 
18)GaudesaboosJessicaBELEOSkates World Team 
19)WestenbroekRiaNEDSV Utrecht SkateDump 
20)CombesPaulineFRAPibrac Roller Skating 

10000 m points - Senior men

1)BartSwingsBELPowerslide Matter Racing14:09,059
2)FabioFrancoliniITAEOSkates World Team14:09,272
3)MaartenSwingsBELPowerslide Matter Racing14:12,526
4)EwenFernandezFRAPowerslide Matter Racing14:24,427
5)AlexisContinFRABont arena geisingen team14:24,716
6)AlexanderBastidasVENTeam Venezuela14:25,517
7)FelixRijhnenGERPowerslide Matter Racing14:25,881
8)GiacomoCuncuGEREOSkates World Team14:25,938
9)NolanBeddiafFRAEOSkates World Team14:26,557
11)JoreVan Den BergheBELPowerslide Matter Racing14:28,313
12)FerreSpruytBELPowerslide Matter Racing14:28,371
13)WouterMeuldersBELChauvin Arnoux14:28,373
14)VictorWilkingGEREOSkates World Team14:29,819
15)LivioWengerSUIPowerslide Matter Racing14:32,127
16)YannGuyaderFRAEOSkates World Team14:32,442
17)CamiloAcostaCOLbont arena geisingen team14:37,821
18)ElioCuncuITAEOSkates World Team 
19)JorisGarderesFRARPM POLI 

200m Dobbin Sprint - Senior Men

1)AndreaAngelettiITADugeco team14,217
3)BartSwingsBELPowerslide Matter Racing14,308
4)GwendalLe PivertFRABont arena geisingen team14,325
5)LivioWengerSUIPowerslide Matter Racing14,371
6)CamiloAcostaCOLbont arena geisingen team14,429
7)MatthiasSchwierzGERbont arena geisingen team14,433
8)Juan CruzAraldiARGArgentina National Team14,447
9)NicolasPelloquinFRAEOSkates World Team14,469
10)EtienneRamaliGERPowerslide Matter Racing14,562
11)JoreVan Den BergheBELPowerslide Matter Racing14,532(V)
12)NielsProvoostBELZwaantjes Roller Club14,606(V)
13)MichelMulderNEDPowerslide Matter Racing14,624(V)
14)AlexisContinFRABont arena geisingen team14,636(V)
15)GiacomoCuncuGEREOSkates World Team14,691(V)
16)MichaelCheekUSAPowerslide Matter USA14,827(V)
17)FabioFrancoliniITAEOSkates World Team14,890(V)
18)FelixRijhnenGERPowerslide Matter Racing14,906(V)
19)FerreSpruytBELPowerslide Matter Racing14,929(V)
20)NolanBeddiafFRAEOSkates World Team14,930(V)

500m Sprint - Senior Men

1)BartSwingsBELPowerslide Matter Racing39,646
2)AndreaAngelettiITADugeco team39,788
3)MichelMulderNEDPowerslide Matter Racing39,816
5)CamiloAcostaCOLbont arena geisingen team39,617(H)
6)GwendalLe PivertFRABont arena geisingen team40:00,559(H)
7)NielsProvoostBELZwaantjes Roller Club39,967(H)
8)FelixRijhnenGERPowerslide Matter Racing43:00,929(H)
9)GiacomoCuncuGEREOSkates World Team40:00,104(Z)
10)NicolasPelloquinFRAEOSkates World Team40:00,151(Z)
11)Juan CruzAraldiARGARG National Team40:00,657(Z)
12)MaartenSwingsBELPowerslide Matter Racing41:00,876(Z)
13)AlexisContinFRABont arena geisingen team40:00,113(Z)
14)MatthiasSchwierzGERbont arena geisingen team40:00,318(Z)
15)FerreSpruytBELPowerslide Matter Racing40:00,739(Z)
16)JorisGarderesFRARPM POLI42:00,222(Z)
17)EtienneRamaliGERPowerslide Matter Racing40:00,520(V)
18)JoreVan Den BergheBELPowerslide Matter Racing40:00,969(V)
19)FabioFrancoliniITAEOSkates World Team41:00,164(V)

15000m elimination - Senior Men

1)BartSwingsBELPowerslide Matter Racing21:17,036
2)FabioFrancoliniITAEOSkates World Team21:17,178
3)AlexisContinFRABont arena geisingen team21:17,669
4)FelixRijhnenGERPowerslide Matter Racing21:17,939
5)YannGuyaderFRAEOSkates World Team21:28,122
6)AlexanderBastidasVENTeam Venezuela 
7)FerreSpruytBELPowerslide Matter Racing 
8)GiacomoCuncuGEREOSkates World Team 
10)LivioWengerSUIPowerslide Matter Racing 
11)MichaelCheekUSAPowerslide Matter USA 
12)EwenFernandezFRAPowerslide Matter Racing 
13)NolanBeddiafFRAEOSkates World Team 
14)VictorWilkingGEREOSkates World Team 
15)WouterMeuldersBELChauvin Arnoux 
16)MaartenSwingsBELPowerslide Matter Racing 
17)JoreVan Den BergheBELPowerslide Matter Racing 
18)CamiloAcostaCOLbont arena geisingen team 
19)SantiagoRoumecARGARG National Team 
20)EtienneRamaliGERPowerslide Matter Racing 


Complete results and the list of registered skaters here

Photos of the first day of competition (VRCV)

Photos of the second day of competition (VRCV)

Video of 15km elimination race senior men

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