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Back to the ESA 2013 (Montpellier, France)

Back to the ESA 2013 (Montpellier, France)

This year, the ESA, the underground aggressive contest of Montpellier, takes place after the FISE, on Sunday 12th May. The organizors announce a brand-new spot for that potluck contest.


3 spots at the heart of the city of Hérault


Anthony PottierThe first spot is Place des Grands Hommes, next to the Odysseum shopping center. The place looks like a big arena in the open air. Just like in a rollerdisco, the skaters train all around the spot. Known since last year, that spot is a delight for all levels of skating. The best skaters are quickly noticed: Nick Lomax goes for a soul on the second wall to top soul on the wall further down. The Clic-n-roll team is in top form when Nicolas Auroux does a wonderful alley oop sunnyday. Lots of people and only little time as we already have to go to the next spot, the surprise of the edition.

The Verdançon

After a little tramway tour, we find ourselves along the docks of the Verdançon, a stream that was used as a sewage disposal, back in the days (its historical name: the Merdançon! – i.e. The Shitançon...) The organization of the ESA has set up a rail high up with a quarter pipe, a dangerous spot just the way we like them!

The JFC Family has carefully put wooden plates on the rail... but as soon as the first slides, the plates fly away one after the other. The skaters don't let themselves be intimidated and keep on skating. Thomas Lieurey delivers a top soul and other skaters follow while Anthony Pottier does a fishbrain grab.

Nick Lomax is not far and rocks the spot with a 450 top soul, completed with a true sunnyday. Guillaume Le Gentil is not left behind with an alley oop top soul. The winner of 2012, Nicolas Auroux, does a 270 back full tork to soul then an alley oop sweastance. A great show!

Unfortunately, a bad fall gets the better of Nicolas Auroux, who comes out of it with a strain. Let's wish him a quick recovery. Then follows the third spot, known as one of the first spots of the ESA.

A wonderful weather, a great show, what more should we ask for that edition organized with great care? Only a few skaters launch themselves into the third and last spot of the competition: the kink wall of the Corum.

The first skaters to stand out are Guillaume Le Gentil and Anthony Pottier. Guillaume shows a stream of tricks, each more stylish than the last, such as a fishbrain grab then an amazing backslide and an alley oops amongst other tricks, which enable him to reach the second place. As for Anthony, he does a fishbrain of which only him holds the secret, enabling him to get the third place. Nick Lomax will have mastered all the spots of the contest. He launches a soul to top acid, or a back savannah which propels him to the first place of this edition. Thomas Riffaud causes the sensation with a back royal to top soul ending with a 180. But let's not forget Rémi Meister who, after a few attemps, wins the best trick hands down with a huge back royal to shuffle back royal.

What a show! Spots as varied as dangerous, the ESA is getting better each year. We sign up for the next years with pleasure, with a radiant sun if possible, it would be the cherry on top.

Nick Lomax - Soul to Top Soul

Final Ranking

  1. Nick Lomax
  2. Guillaume Le Gentil
  3. Anthony Pottier
  4. Nicolas Auroux

Best trick: Rémi Meister


By Lapichu
Photos: Alfathor, Bobor 
Translation: Chloé Seyres 
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