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German Inline Cup: Report on the Mittelrhein Marathon of Coblence

German Inline Cup: Report on the Mittelrhein Marathon of Coblence

On May 26th was held the third stage of the German Inline Cup in Coblence, Germany. Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter) and Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team) win under a heavy pouring rain.


Harsh weather conditions for the 2013 edition of the Coblence Marathon

Arrivée au sprint entre Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team) et Julien Levrard (EO Skates)The 9th edition of the Hochwald Mittelrhein Marathon unfolded under harsh conditions: a continuous rain, with a strong head wind and temperatures below 10°C. And yet, several hundreds of motivated skaters took the start and defied the weather conditions.

The circuit

The new circuit consists in two laps, the first round-trip from Bad Salzig to Hirzenach and then along the Rhine to Koblenz.

Men's race: A Swiss victory

The world-level athletes of the Swiss Skate team led the race, imposing their pace in the Men's Elite race. Their repeated attacks hardened the race and thinned the pack. Halfway through the race, the pack was reduced by half.

A group made of Severin Widmer, Nicolas Iten (both of Swiss Skate, SUI), Julien Levrard (EOSkates, FRA), Toni Deubner (Powerslide Sebamed Team, GER), and Jakob Ulreich (ÖISC-B, AUT) then manage to breakaway from the pack, but only the two Swiss and the French manage to hold the pace.

Finally, Severin Widmer wins the sprint, one wheel in front of Julien Levrard, in 1:08:12.

The Women's race

The Powerslide Matter World women, Katharina Rumpus, Sabine Berg (both German) and Manon Kamminga (Netherlands) dominated the Women's Elite race and made life a misery for Jana Gegner (EOSkates, GER), the current leader of the GIC ranking, during the race.

The victory was played during the final sprint between the 8 leading women. The world champion Katharina Rumpus wins in 1:19:26 in front of jana Gegner, the double winner of the Mittelrhein, and her Dutch team mate Manon Kamminga.

Taking stock in the Elite category

The new and former leaders of the provisory ranking of the GERMAN INLINE CUP 2013 are Jana Gegner and Julien Levrard in the Elite category.

The leisure skaters

For the leisure category, the start was 30 min later than that of the Elites, with for the first time, a race vehicle at the front.

In the women's, against all expectations Caroline Hildebrand (Köln Speed Team) wins with a good lead in 1:33:49, in front of Gudrun Bast (Kastellaun) and Claudia Tietze (Berlin).

Same situation for the men's with Swiss Daniele Giogetta who passes the finish line in 1:20:54 far ahead of his followers.

Taking stock in the Leisure category

With their victories, Caroline Hildebrand and Daniele Giogetta take the lead of the provisory leisure ranking of the GIC.

The brave spectators of the villages along the road were patiently waiting in the rain to support the skaters whatever their levels! They deserve congratulations too!

Main results

Elite Women

  1. Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter World) 1:19:26
  2. Jana Gegner (EOSkates) 1:19:26 h
  3. Manon Kamminga (Powerslide Matter World) 1:19:26

Elite Men

  1. Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate) 1:08:12
  2. Julien Levrard (EOSkates) 1:08:12
  3. Nicolas Iten (Swiss Skate) 1:08:16

Fitness Women

  1. Carolin Hildebrand (Cologne Speed) 1:33:49
  2. Gudrun Bast (X-Sport Kastellaun) 1:38:14
  3. Claudia Tietze (SCC Skating Berlin) 1:38:23

Fitness men

  1. Daniele Giorgetta - 1:20:54
  2. Roman Schmidlin (Speed Inliner Basilisk) 1:22:10
  3. Jean-Vincent Faehres (Skate for Fun) 1:23:13


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Télécharger les résultats du marathon élites hommes

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