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Testing the 2013 Roces Gymnasiums

Testing the 2013 Roces Gymnasiums

Here is a new skate test in the range of fitness skates. We chose the Roces Gymnasiums: It is a model suitable for beginners or occasional skaters who practise on short or medium distance. Let's dissect it together...



 Roces Gymnasium 2013


roces gymnasium 2013 serrage atopRoces delivers a skate with a successful looks combining the silver of the upper and of the frame with the black of the boot. The whole is enhanced by touches of light blue recalling that it is a female model. The only damper would be the glittery side of the frame. With 1469 grams on the scale, the Gymnasium is a light skate.


The Gymnasium offers a good support to your foot, which is appreciable when you start skating! It prevents your knees from rolling to the inside at least a bit, a phenomenon that sometimes happens with badly designed low-end models. The skate is quite high cut but not too much. We tested a 41 size which corresponds exactly to our usual shoe size.


The Gymnasiums get by ok with comfort. The liner is of good quality but it is not removable (for washing). The airing is average in the range of low-end skates.


The Roces Gymnasium is tightened with a quick fastening system (Atop). You don't need laces, (and nothing will get caught in your wheels!) That system is quite efficient even if it would deserve to cover the foot a bit more.

roces gymnasium 2013 serrage spoiler

As for the ankle part of the skate (the cuff), it is equipped with a memory buckle: you adjust the tightening once in sliding the strap and the buckle locks it all. The next times, you just need to unlock/lock the buckle to get your tightnening adjustment back.

It is quite clever but with use, it is not the most handy system, you have to get the hang of it.

The frame

The 279 mm magnesium frame is a good surprise. For a fitness skate, it proves to be of good quality. It is rigid enough to suitably relay the energy of the stride during skating. There is only little loss of power. Lock the tiredness away and kilometers, here you are! It is equipped with spacers and is suitable with 6 or 7 mm axles.

Another strong point: the frame is screwed, not riveted, so that you can change it if needed...

Roces Gymnasium 2013


Roces Gymnasium 2013The Gymnasiums are equipped with 90 mm wheels with a 82 A hardness. That diameter offers a good inertia for regular short or medium distance skates. Those wheels will do for a start but they wear out quite quickly.

The bearings

The Gymnasiums have good quality ABEC 9 classic bearings. They are fastened, which means that you can't strip them down. Thus they are less easy to look after but on the other hand, they gather less dust. They should last long.


The screwing is classic. Roces opted for two-part axles for the wheels. They are thin but still suitable for fitness skating. The standard skates are delivered with the brake on but you can take it off and the replacement screw for the axle is supplied.

On the other hand, the keys provided in the package are a bit small and they are not very handy for removing parts. The axles are standard so that you may buy a new key over time.


The finishing is good and appeals to you. There is a right balance between fabric and plastic, which is comforting.


It is an interesting model for beginners. The price may seem high but you will invest in a real pair of skates that will make you like it and that will last a long time. A safe bet.

The strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort
+ Rolling thanks to the quality of the frame
+ Good finishing


- Tightening finishing
- Average quality wheels


Technical facts

Brand: Roces
Name: Gymnasium
Year: 2013
Liner: Mesh – EES Easy Entry System, PAP: Progressive Anatomical Padding, “Cool Breathe” Mesh
Tightening: Micrometric buckles and laces – concept: quick fastening and memory buckle
Avalable sizes: 36 to 46
Frame: 279 mm magnesium frame
Wheels: 90 mm 82 A Roces Wheels
Bearings: Metal cap ABEC 9 bearings
Price: 199 Euros

Photo gallery

Roces Gymnasium 2013



Men's model datasheet

Women's model datasheet

By Romain
Translation: Chloé Seyres
Photos: Roces and Rollerenligne 
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