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Test Roces Metropolis 2013

Test Roces Metropolis 2013

The Roces Metropolis is intended to practice freeskate and slalom. This model appeared in Roces lines 2011. We have put the 2013 version on to give you our impressions ...


Test of the slalom/freeride skate from Roces


Roces MetropolisRoces offers us a classic design that does not change from previous years. We stay in tune with the times with a fairly comparable look to that offered by other brands on the market. One note the shell is quite large. Although the slalom and freeride are somewhat related, the Metropolis is mainly dedicated to freeskate. The decorations make the skates a little more lively and less sober.We also note the presence of a lateral plastic pad to protect the shell from falls and slips.

Support and fastening


At first glance, the boot gives us a good impression of support. Indeed, although it supports the foot quite well. The spoiler is high enough but not too much. The straight cut of the spoiler might, in some cases, cause overheating on the side of the tibia, especially if you have thin ankles.
The closure system is completed by an additional loop for the lace, intregrated in the liner. This loop is also inserted in the boot thanks to a specific slot. So the liner takes the shape of the boot well, the combination liner/boot is more precise. In short, even if you foot is thin, it does not move in the boot. Well done!
The micrometric buckle on the kicking is made of plastic... beware of missed shuffles! However, it fulfills its role.
The cuff has closure system common to almost all skates of Roces lines: a micrometric memory buckle. You can adjust the length of the tongue, then the buckle locks / unlocks the whole stuff. So, you can always tighten your skates in the same manner. The use of that system is fine if you always use the same fastening level... but if you wish to change the pressure of the closure system while skating, it becomes more complicated. One thing is certain, this buckle is strong! 


This skate and its liner are really comfortable, the mesh is nice and soft... However, it is not too breathable. It's hard to get all these qualities at the same time. The fit seems pretty faithful to the standards: our size 41 corresponded to the size of the boot. A thin foot will slightly float in the boot but a larger foot will have enough space. We can say the Roces Metropolis will fit most of feet.
Another asset: a shock absorbing insole to improve comfort in gaps.


As expected according to its design, flexibility is not the best asset of the Metropolis... but it does not matter, that kind of skate needs support to cross the streets and pavements of the cities, places where Metropolis feels like home.


With approximately 1656 grams in size 41, frames and wheels included, the Roces Metropolis is about average of freeride skates on the market.


At first glance, the frame seems a bit cheap with decorations "toy" ... but it is not. Neither too stiff nor too flexible, this extruded frame is rather well studied. The distribution of decks and different thicknesses provide a good strength without sacrificing flexibility. It endured many jumps and gaps.

A very good point for Roces: adding wedges under the boot! It further strengthens the connection between the frame and the boot: even with brutal jumps or pests shuffles, it does not move. The frame does not sink into the boot! The old days where you have added a piece of Dural aluminum to strengthen the shell are over: this feature is already integrated and effective. 

Les cales des Roces Metropolis


Roue Roces MetropolisThe wheels have a 80mm diameter and a 84A hardness. The oncore is white. The core looks like the famous Hyper Concrete. That was a good start... but the quality is not the same. Rolling is correct to average, no more. The first braking and shuffles showed us that the polyurethan of the wheel is crumbling. Sliding is very average and random. In slalom, the grip is correct but not very comfortable. We have to confess we were disappointed by these Roces wheels. Save money to change it rapidly! 


Roces proposes good ABEC 7 bearings. They are non serviceable but they resists well to the dust...

Scews and axles

Most of parts are riveted except the frame and wheel axles. The latter are standard with a 8mm diameter. They are strong. Nothing to worry about. The wrench included in the box has also a good quality and is easy to handle.


The finishing is good. Nothing is hanging over the edges. The seams are well done. Small flat for the slider lateral protection: it design is nice but if you fall, the plastic erodes and then when you grab it the little holes become abrasive and you can hurt your fingers. A full slider would have been welcome. 


Roces offers us a skate that can boast of competing with the few models available on the market. The Roces Metropolis will suit someone who wants to leave the world of fitness skating and move towards a more responsive skate. But it is also a skate that will satisfy a more demanding freeride skater. Try it!

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort
+ Good support
+ The wedges between the boot and the frame


- The low quality of wheels
- The solidity of certain parts

Data sheet

Brand: Roces
Name: Metropolis
Year : 2013
Shell: Coque rigide plastique
Liner: Ultrafit ventilated, Slo-memory Padding, Easy Entry System fitting, footbed anatomical
Upper: semi-soft - High Quality Polypropylene - ventilated
Closure system: Aluminium Tubular design, memory buckle, ankle micrometric buckle, loops lacing System
Sizes: 36-49 EU
Sizes of frames and wheels 
36-41 EU | 249 mm | 4x76mm
42-49 EU | 243 mm | 4x80mm
Frame: Aluminum extruded Litedesign - zero clearance axles
Wheels: Roces 80 mm 84A
Bearings: non servicable ABEC 7 (608ZZ)
Price: € 229

Photo gallery



Complete datasheet - Roces Metropolis 2013

By Romain
Translation: Alfathor
Photos: Roces and Rollerenligne.com
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