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Test Valo V13

Test Valo V13

For its tenth anniversary, Valo has decided to release a new edition of the mythical Roces Majestic 12. For the occasion, Valo has made ​​some changes to this bestseller and introduced the Valo V13. OLS has tested this version for you. Here are our feedbacks ...


Test: Valo V13

Test Valo V13


Test Valo V13The Valo V13 remains faithful to its original design. The spoiler has been cut lower as for the current Valo skates. The boot remains the same at first glance. The Roces logo is replaced by Valo. The V13 is equipped with a UFS frame mounted with Valo JJ Light wheels and Valo antirockers. Henceforth, the V13 is more a Valo skate than a Roces. The gray is still the dominant color with touches of red. We regret that Valo has opted for a fixing of main parts with rivets. It shows that this skate is positioned as a true entry level.


Knowing the previous models, the strength of the V13 was our concern for this test, we were pleasantly surprised. Even if the plastic shell is more flexible than the previous editions, it suffers less from the shocks. The metal buckle provides a better guarantee in case of a fall. It will be difficult to break! The soulplate is stiff, it endures abrasive spots quite well. Anyway, Overall, this skate is sturdy and will not cause you any surprises after a few sessions.

About the hardware: Valo has chosen thick 8 mm axles which ensure a longer life. The Valo V13 comes with a set of 3 different keys to make various adjustements and take care of the hardware. 


The V13 has inherited the new Valo liner that is available on every skates of the valo line in 2013. The liner has a high cut. It keeps the retro style of the Valo skate. It is however not a problem. On the contrary, the ankle is well maintained. The liner is thin but the foam is rather dense. Thus, it holds in the shell very well and the foot is not too tightened. We noticed a bead at the bottom of the tongue, an outgrowth of foam that makes a little sore toes. The sole has an extra cushion of foam to increase comfort when landing after a gap. 

Tightening system

The tightening system is the most basic: laces, simple and effective. The laces tighten the boot quite well all around the foot. Valo has completed the closure system with a metal memory buckle. Fastening is more precise, it does not move but it takes the time to set it well. Once the adjustments are done, the ankle is held and it prevents the foot from moving in the boot. 

Test Valo V13


As explained above, the Valo V13 is a soft skate, very flexible from the beginning in the early sessions. Thus, it is easier to handle. Tops and grinds tricks are simplified. Valo has found a good balance between the flexibility of the shell and the support of a high cut liner.

Test Valo V13


Test Valo V13

The soulplate consists of one piece. We thought that the transition from Roces to Valo would have improved the glide of material ... but no. The slides lack a bit of speed and uniformity but is still good.
The soulplate is not very wide, skating requires you to learn precision and efficiency. However, finding the backside plate is a little scary because the skate is very narrow. 


The frame has not much changed for 10 years. It hosts two wheels up to 58mm and two anti-rockers.

It fits very well to Valo V13. However, the frame remains a little too large for such a skate. This frame would rather be well to learn aggressive skating. Once your level will be higher, think about replacing it.


The wheels are Valo JJ Light 56mm 88A. The brand has understood that the antirockers are useful to settle on the walls.
The wheels are equipped with ABEC 5 set bearings. They offer a good rolling and good resistance to the dirt. The antirockers are equipped with ABEC 1 set bearings. An effecient undercarriage ... 


The Valo V13 is not a revolution in the Valo line but it answers to the needs of a beginners public.
More than a retro skate, this model is rather good for small budgets and beginners. Although sliding is not the fastest, it allows to learn how to be precise. The Valo V13 is still a good surprise, it confers to Valo an entry level skate that was missing in its line so far ...

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Flexibility
+ Comfortable liner
+ Metal memory buckle


- riveted spoiler and soulplate
- lack of glide of the soulplate
- the tong of the liner

Fact sheet

Brand: Valo
Model: V13
Year: 2013
Liner: Valo
Spoiler: Articulated
Closure system: metal memory buckle and laces
Pointures: 39 to 49 EU
Frame: Valo
Wheels: Valo JJ Light 56mm 88A and Valo Grindwheels
Max diameter: 58 mm
Bearings: ABEC 5
Price: €150
Weight: 1747 grams (640 grams for the frame mounted with wheels and bearings)
Use: for beginners

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By Thomas Bordier aka Bobor
Translation: Alfathor
Photos: Alfathor 
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