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Quick review of Powerslide lines 2014

Quick review of Powerslide lines 2014

The early summer is often the moment chosen by big skating brands to unveil their new collections for the upcoming season. This year, Powerslide invited the European shops at its headquarters in Bindlach, not far from Bayreuth...


2014 lines at a glance

Présentation des gammes Powerslide 2014Sorry, we will not show you any image of the Powerslide products for 2014. About respect for confidentiality clauses signed with PS. But we can talk about it!

We headed towards Bindlach, a small town near Bayreuth in eastern Germany. The German brand has recently moved from a few meters to take possession of new warehouses. Powerslide has installed its headquarters in a new building of about 7000 square meters, almost 3 times the old surface! 

Freeskate lines

The flagship models like the Hardcore Evo or S4 are logically renewed.
We note the arrival of dual density Defcon wheels among the 2014 models. They will equip most of freeride lines. This wheel is more comfortable but has also more rolling.
Clearly, Powerslide bets on its bestseller for 2014: the Imperial. The Imperial will be available in three versions. From now on, the two high-end skates of the freeride line will be equipped with a fully heatmoldable liner (by simply using a hair dryer). The concept is called "MyFit". It should be available in most of practices.
The PS slalom cones are available in 3 colors. They are perforated to reduce wind resistance and most importantly, they are flexible to avoid getting hurt when you fall over. Your hips should appreciate! 

Aggressive skating lines

Présentation des gammes Powerslide 2014A Powerblading skate should be available for children with a strong and versatile boot: the front of the boot is elastic to fit the size, hence it does not fold and is more comfortable to use.

It seems that cooperation with the French rider Mathieu Ledoux is difficult, collaboration with PS might stop soon. However, Franky Morales will get his second carbon pro model with a nice finishing.
We also heard about a "cowboy" boot that should be released in the Xsjado line.

The Conference has worked to improve its aggressive skating wheels: the Undercover line will now be available with a double density polyurethan. The inner part of the wheel will be more flexible for extra comfort, the outer part will be harder to increase rolling. The result is a wheel street with lots of bounce. We feel the influence of speed-skating technologies on the aggressive products of Powerslide!


The presentation has begun with the flagship of Powerslide line, the high-end skate of the brand: the Powerslide Vi Pro Carbon II, manufactured by Sergio McCargo in Argentina. The latter is also manufacturing all custom boots for pros skaters of Powerslide's team. He also works to improve the patterns on which all Powerslide/Core speed-skating boot are built.
It connects with the Vi RS should make a comeback in 2014 with several fixes and improvements in terms of comfort.
A child version of the Vi SL will be released with 90 wheels and a scratch fastening: No lace, handy for younger skaters.
New skate in the range: the X, based on the old C6 boot. It will be available with three sizes of frames and Infinity wheels. The boot is composed with basalt, lighter and stiffer than fiberglass. Price: €299.
The Infinity, R2 and R4 are the best sellers of the brand. They will be renewed in 2014.
The frames line is extended. A new model is expected. It would be compatible 3x110/1x100 and 4x110 mm at the same time.
The G13 wheels are very successful, according Powerslide that would explain why they are often out of stock... especially when you know they are handmade in the USA.
On the other hand, the Matter Image wheel will be available in 84 and 90 mm diameters. The brand is continuing to work on a new rain wheel but has not yet found the right product to compete the MPC Storm Surge. 

Présentation des gammes Powerslide 2014

Powerskating: a new Powerslide line

Présentation des gammes Powerslide 2014Powerslide will launch a new concept of long distance skates. PS introduce a new line composed with 4 "speedness" skates (halfway between speed-skating skates and fitness skates).
A new web site talking about nutrition, preparation and training should be created in parallel. Free clinics will also be offered by Powerslide in collaboration with the national federations in France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, USA, Austria, Switzerland. They will be supervised by Bart Swings, Kalon Dobbin, Felix Rijhnen and other skaters sponsored by Powerslide.
Media events: Le Mans, the Berlin Marathon Cologne Marathon Dijon and Northshore Duluth (USA).

The first one is called "Endurance", a Phuzion boot that looks like a fitness skate with 12'8 frame and 100mm wheels. Public price: € 249.
The next one is a black and blue Vi model with a nice design: the "Vi Ultra". It uses a new heatmoldable liner. A small removable piece with scratch called "heel-lock" can be positioned on the Achilles tendon to improve comfort and accuracy.
For more efficient thermoforming, Powerslide will deliver a sock to compress the liner once heated and placed on the foot. Then, you will have to wait for 5 minutes before removing it. The prototype of the Endurance is mounted 110 mm wheels but the final model might be equipped with 100 mm wheels.

The next model is the "Marathon", available at €399. It looks like the Hardcore Evo but more adapted to speed skating. It has a composite shell and Matter Image wheels. A product that should interest fans of long distance skating!

The last born is the "Grand Prix", a model with three 125mm wheels! It is equipped with a new carbon composite shell base freshly developed by Powerslide. Powerslide might release it with 110 mm wheels. The aluminum frame is 13 inches long. Rolling would be similar to a 4x110 mm model. In terms of height, the central wheel is positioned in the hollow of the foot. So, a very few extra height in comparison with 110 mm.

Présentation des gammes Powerslide 2014

After "Legalize 110mm", it would not be surprising to see Powerslide launch a "Legalize 125mm" campaign! Discussions are already underway with the International Federation of Roller Sports. The 3x125 mm frame could be sold separately in 2014. It seems that these diameters are suitable for indoor track in the United States and in South Korea. 

Fitness : the Vi line is getting stronger

The Vi range now has heatmoldable liners that can be heated up to 500 times (according to Powerslide). The brand is intendind to rely on the pro shops to do this operation for customers. Skates equipped with "My fit" concept will be only available in specialized shops.
The Vi 100 Pro is still in the 2014 line. It might integrate the Powerskate collection in 2014.

The latest addition to the 2014 Vi line is lightweight skate, the Vi Flyte: only 1076 grams! It is equipped with a special foam, a magnesium frame with asymmetrical faces, wheels with a large nucleus and less polyurethan to gain weight. The Flyte is also equipped with micro-bearings to gain a few more grams.

The Vi Soft is a compromise between sofboot and a rigid boot. It has a strong foam. The tightening is assured by a system of strap. Powerslide had difficulty entering the U.S. market because of patent and has released this model to do so.
The embossed frame is made of aluminum. No need for a plastic piece in the middle. This product should be copied by many brands. Price: € 149. 

Doop skates

The Doop line gains some new models. Powerslide has decided to simplify some boots by replacing the micrometric buckles with straps. The idea is to respond to a women's request looking for a more convenient and simple fastening. 

Roller derby

Powerslide is extending its collaboration with Sure Grip. We will therefore find the models of the American brand on the French market with lower prices in 2014. Powerslide is importing Sure Grip products in larger quantities to propose more aggressive prices.
In parallel, Powerslide will launch its own brand for women: "Chaya". We had the opportunity to have a prototype of plate in hands: a nice piece of engineering combining lightness thanks to aluminimum and titanium. They are still in the prototype stage but setting options are very interesting!


Powerslide will propose a large choice of skates in every practices in 2014, probably the largest one among the skating brands. The German firm is trying to meet the demand of sixty countries where its products are distributed! Powerslide has its own factory; it can therefore produce smaller series without taking too many risks. The French, Dutch and German markets are very different. We feel that Powerslide was created by fans of skating, they do not hesitate to experiment and diversify their products to the maximum, it's a real breath of fresh air in a market where most of brands renounced to innovate. 

Présentation des gammes Powerslide 2014


Powerslide is supporting the national federations of skating

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