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13th edition of the Transroller (France)

13th edition of the Transroller (France)

From Pontarlier to Mouthe on your skates or your rollerski. Have you ever crossed the amazing landscapes of Doubs in France? That's part of the program scheduled for leisure skaters and competitor. Be ready for 14 and 15th September 2013...


A golden 13th edition!

La montée du Larmont

The Trans’roller 2013, FIS Rollerski World Cup event and Roller Marathon French Cup

On the upcoming 14th and 15th September, the inhabitants and volunteers of Franche-Comté and Haut-Doubs await every enthusiasts and champions of rollerskating and roller skiing.
From leisure to competition, alone or with a team, every one will find his Trans’roller in the 2013 programme.
Once again the public will be present and gathered along the course from Pontarlier, capital city of absinthe and Mouthe, the little French Siberia, to encourage every participant.

An extraordinary edition!

La Trans’roller has the privilege to welcome 2 huge events: the next to last stage of the FIS Rollerski World Cup and the 4th stage of
the Roller Marathon French Cup… A nice occasion to meet the national and international champions, to discover their technique and watch
them take the challenge to be the 1st to cross the finish line!
NEW: On Sunday, roller skiers and rollerbladers will take the same course between Pontarlier – Mouthe!
Where elite participants wants to take the title back home, most of the racers only wish to cross the finish line and have fun with family and friends.
Registrations are open, so have a look at www.transroller.com!

Entertainments for everyone

In Pontarlier city centre, Place d’Arçon on Saturday: initiation to roller in line, initiation to shooting with laser riffle, quiz, free style exhibitions…

Le relief de la Transroller


Affiche de la Transroller 2013FIS Rollerski World Cup races are also proposed for amateurs, who can take part in any of the offered races by registering individually on

Saturday September, 14th

Rollerski races

From 1.00 pm > Pontarlier, Place d'Arçon > Start number pick-up for « Montée du Larmont »

2.00 pm > Pontarlier, Place d'Arçon > Start Montée du Larmont FIS Rollerski World Cup Prologue

4.30 pm > Pontarlier, Place d'Arçon > >Prize giving ceremony Roller in line races

From 3.00 pm > Pontarlier, Place d'Arçon > Start number pick-up, Partners village and entertainments.

Sunday September, 15th

Rollerski races

9.00 am > Pontarlier, Place d'Arçon > Start 30km FIS Rollerski World Cup > Men Poursuit

10.15 am > Malbuisson> Start 17km - FIS Rollerski World Cup > Ladies & Junior Poursuit

1.30 pm > Mouthe > Prize giving ceremony Roller in line races

10.00 am > Pontarlier, Place d'Arçon > Start 34km

11.15 am > Malbuisson> Start 17km & Roller Fitness

2.30 pm > Mouthe > Prize giving ceremony



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