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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey World Championships: 3rd day of competition

2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey World Championships: 3rd day of competition

Third day of competition at the 2013 junior world championship of inline-hockey in Anaheim (USA). Over the days, the final phases are taking shape more precisely with the rise of Canada and the USA. But beware of the South American ambitions ...


France collapses and Czech Republic takes off

Championnat du Monde de roller-hockey junior - 3ème journée

France has completely missed this decisive day, losing twice against Canada 6-3 then 6-5 against Switzerland. destroying any chance of qualifying for the rest of the competition. In the second shock of the day, the Czech Republic is a bulldozer, crushing Canada 7-3. 

Canada is taking an option

The French players knew what to expect on the field of Huntington Beach. Roughed up by very physical Canadians, they start the match badly and are quickly overflown: 2-0. Their answer is fast: France equalized before the half-time. But too many penalties in the second period will be costly for French who give up in the last minutes, letting the Canadian go. Final score: 6-3.

In the second match against Switzerland, France is no longer into her boots. Taken aback by the previous game, the offensive efficiency is not there... unlike Switzerland who takes advantage of a power play to take off up to 6-3.
France comes back in the last three minutes but it is too late. France can feel some regrets. There is still another pool match against the Czech Republic. A victory would allow to get the fifth place... 

Championnat du Monde de roller-hockey junior - 3ème journée

The USA take it all

The USA won their match against Brazil 15-0. The Brazilians were worn out by their 2-0 victory against Mexico a few hours earlier. Americans left nothing on the field of play. They continue their journey to the final.
To qualify, Switzerland will need to turn in an improved performance against the Czechs. Barring surprises, Canadians should finish second, thanks to their victory against France.
In the other group, the distant combat between Colombia and Great Britain continues for second place behind the USA.
If Colombia seems more feverish than last year, yet the vice world-champions have all the cards in hand to qualify. Their goal is to take fewer goals than the English. 

Colombian ladies close to an exploit

Colombia was not far from creating the surprise in the women's junior World Championship. They pushed the Canadian over the edge, even removing their goalkeeper from the field to come back in the game. Colombians lose 1-0 but confirm the general progression of Colombia and more generally the rise of South American countries. Across all categories there is a clear progression from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. Europe is struggling in breaking down North American ogres due to a too stereotypical way of playing. South America has found a good compromise between the strength of European team spirit and the individual talents of North America. 

What's next ?

Two crucial encounters will be held during this last day of pool matches. The U.S.A. will face Colombia, while the Czech Republic will play against Switzerland. In junior women's category, Colombia will face the U.S.A. while Canada will play against New Zealand, and Australia will meet Mexico. 

Championnat du Monde de roller-hockey junior - 3ème journée

Results of the third day of competition

Group A

  • Hong-Kong vs Germany: 5 - 5
  • Canada vs France: 6 - 3
  • Czech Republic vs Canada : 7 – 3
  • France vs Switerland: 5 – 6
  • Hong-Kong vs Australia: 0 – 8

Group B

  • China vs Mexico: 0 - 18
  • Mexico vs Brazil: 0 – 2
  • China vs Great-Britain: 0 – 21
  • Colombia vs New-Zealand: 3 – 1
  • Brazil vs USA : 0 - 15


2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey World Championships: 2nd day of competition

Text and photo by Roller Addict
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