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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 4th day of competition

2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 4th day of competition

The pool match between the United States of America and Canada in the 2013 Junior Inline-Hockey World Championships should be impressive. The final could offer the same scenario. However, the fight for 3rd place is far more open ...


France missed the gap

4ème journée du championnat du monde de roller-hockey junior 2013

In narrowly losing 4-3 against the world title holder, France is reassured about its ability to surpass herself. Before the eyes of the senior team, the Bleuets did their best at the end of match to equalize... in vain. 

Efficiency come from the East

The Czech Republic came with its young stars, like Daniel Brabec, the goal which also evolve with the Senior team. The Czech Republic is a well-oiled machine which can score when needed. The Czech team did it 2 times in less than 3 minutes early in the match then 2 times again after seeing France came back into the game. Quick and effective goals, without working too long around the cage, unlike the French clan. Yet this is the same camp that will ring the revolt, as against Switzerland, but too late.No it's time for classification matches with Great-Britain in sight. France will have to push the agile English goalkeeper to commit errors.

4ème journée du championnat du monde de roller-hockey junior 2013

Canada and Colombie in semi-final

Canada had done most of the work by beating Switzerland and France. Canadian players easily got rid of Hong Kong and Australia for a place in the semifinals. Canada will therefore face the USA in a last pool match... a prelude to the final?
On the other hand, Colombia gritted the teeth against the USA, losing 6-1. With a better goal average, the yellow and blue take advantage at the expense of Great-Britain.

Switzerland will play against Brazil. Rhe winner will face the winner of France. At the bottom of the group, Australia ends at the fifth place just ahead of Hong Kong, a team led by two Canadians who have dual nationality. Finally, Germany closes this ranking.
In Group B, behind the qualified nations, one finds New Zealand and Mexico and finally China which has worthily celebrated its two first goals in the competition. 

Ladies: the USA frightened by Colombia

The young American girls had to draw on their reserves in order to defeat Colombian in the last two minutes of the game and win 4-3. Canada did the same with the new Zealand: 1-0.
There is one day to play. The final USA - Canada is already known and the two nations will meet tomorrow in group match before the final on Saturday. The fight is still open for the bronze. Colombia and New Zealand have the advantage, but Mexico could reach the small final with victory against Colombia, as well as Australia.

4ème journée du championnat du monde de roller-hockey junior 2013

Results of the 4th day of competition

Group A

  • Hong-Kong 01 : 09 Canada
  • Germany 04 : 06 Australia
  • Switzerland 02 : 03 Czech Republic
  • Canada 08 : 03 Australia
  • Germany 01 : 11 Switzerland
  • France 03 : 04 Czech Republic

Group B

  • China 02 : 15 Brazil
  • Great-Britain 05 : 03 New-Zealand
  • Colombia 05 : 02 Mexico
  • USA 06 : 01 Colombia
  • Brazil 02 : 06 Great-Britain

General ranking

Group A

1Czech Republic660012.0+374710-100.00%
6Hong Kong60511.0-34943-8.30%

Group B

3Great Britain64119.0+194223-75.00%
5New Zealand62404.0+42622-33.30%


3rd day of competition

2nd day of competition

Text and photos: Roller Addict
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