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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 5th day of competition

2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 5th day of competition

The favorites have not wavered in the semifinals of the Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships. The long-awaited confrontation for the title will oppose Czech Republic and U.S.A. France will have the opportunity to take its revenge against Switzerland in the match for 5th place ...


The USA will meet Czech Republic in final

Mondial roller-hockey junior 2013 - 5ème journée

France came back

Mondial roller-hockey junior 2013 - 5ème journée

After a difficult and sluggish first half-time, France managed to beat Great-Britain 7-1 in the qualifying match for 5th place. This score of 6-0 in the second period shows that the physical preparation pays against tired opponents. The revenge against Switzerland should be more open. France will have not to miss the first minutes of the match and also to use power play sequences wisely. Finally, France will have to lock the defensive sector. When one watch the results against the three great nations met, France conceded 16 goals. Too much to hope to win a match! 

The shock between USA and Canada

The match of the day was undoubtedly the one between USA and Canada in the Junior Men category. These games have a special taste, high intensity, outstanding atmosphere... 600 people were present to attend the encounter, the bleachers were crowed, as well as around the perimeter of the rink. And this game has given great satisfaction to the public. Even if the U.S.A. were above the lot, Canada has maintained the pressure with only a 2-1 score at halftime.
Canadian players have gave away during the second half-time against the USA and their superstar captain Scott Savage. The U.S.A. took the ascendancy once again. Final score: 3-1.
Coincidentally, these two teams will meet in the junior women's category for the last group match. 

In the other encounters...

In the other semi-final, Czech Republic has left no chance to the British by winning 6-0.
The Swiss have made a difference against Brazil late in the game. Switzerland will face Great-Britain for the 7th place. Hong Kong's efforts were rewarded with a 4-2 victory against New Zealand. Hong-Kong will play for 9th place against the Australians. 

Junior women's competition

In the women's competition, Colombia will meet Australia for Bronze. Colombia won the match against Mexico 2-0 while Australian won with the smallest scores (1-0) against New-Zealand.
This first Junior Women World Championship is already a success. It could develop quickly if the European teams play the game. The upcoming days will tell us who will be the first World Champion between the American and Canadian players! 

Mondial roller-hockey junior 2013 - 5ème journée

Main results

Men's ranking

1Czech Republic660012.0+374710-100.00%
6Hong Kong60511.0-34943-8.30%
3Great Britain64119.0+194223-75.00%
5New Zealand62404.0+42622-33.30%

Women's ranking

5New Zealand51313.0-156-30.00%

Mondial roller-hockey junior 2013 - 5ème journée


4th day of competition

3rd day of competition

2nd day of competition


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Translation: Alfathor 
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