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World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

Turning the situation to its advantage late in the game, the Czech Republic won a fifth title against the USA in the Junior Men's category. Canada finished third. In the women's competition, the U.S.A. get their first world title, followed by Canada and Australia ...


And 5! 

World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

France takes its revenge

The final was held in a crowded room. The sixth day was quite busy on the field of Anaheim. The public saw the German nuke China 25-0. Mexico filled a gap of 4 goals to finally win in extra time. Australia took the best ahead of Hong Kong (5-2) for the 9th place.
On their side the English players were in a better shape. They crushed Brazil 10-0.
In the match for the third place, no suspense! Canada easily beats Colombia 6-1 and takes the bronze medal. 

Suspense till the end

La finale dans une salle comble s'est préparée au terme d’une 6ème journée bien chargée sur le terrain d’Anaheim, qui a vu les allemands atomiser la Chine 25-0. Le Mexique a refait un retard de 4 buts pour finalement s’imposer lors des prolongations. L’Australie s’impose 5-2 sur Hong-Kong pour la 9ème place. De leur côté, les anglais, bien plus frais que lors de leur défaite contre la France la veille, écrasent un Brésil en bout de course 10-0.
Dans la petite finale c’est sans suspens que le canada s’impose 6-1 sur la Colombie, et prend la médaille de Bronze.

World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

The final: USA vs Czech Republic

The room and the perimeter of the field are crowed, at the edge of the explosion with more than 1,000 people, for the final between the USA vs Czech Republic!
The Czech Republic opens the score after 15 minutes. The pressure rises on American shoulders.
Now it all comes down to the second period. The U.S.A. takes the advantage 2-1... But in the final minutes, the Czech players equalize and take the lead.
The last few minutes are amazing: The hall and the crowd push the U.S.A. The plexiglass echoes the fervour of fans who push their team ... without success. The Czech Republic finally wins 3-2 and gets its fifth title in seven world championships in the Junior category. 

World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

The U.S.A. hold their first female World title

The women's final does not start in the best way for the American players. Canada leads 2-0 in the last 5 minutes of the first half. The U.S.A. come back one point behind just before the break. The U.S. girls manage to regain the upper hand and to lead 3-2.
Canada gets its goalkeeper out to get an additional outfield player. Canadian hit the woodwork twice. Nothing happens. The young American can enjoy their first World title!
Australia completes the podium by winning 6-4 against Colombia. This is the first inline-hockey medal for this nation, across all categories. Finally, New Zealand win ahead of Mexico 3-0 and finishes fifth. 

Show will go on with senior men and women

The Junior World Championships are over. After a day off, the senior men and women will come on stage. Most of matches will be held in the famous Honda Center, the mythical lair of the "Anaheim Ducks" NHL team... with 18,000 seats! The first pool is composed with France, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Canada. The second one consists of the USA, Italy and Colombia. We can bet that the spectators will be numerous to attend the event and (maybe) assist to a new victory of the American team at home!

World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

Main results

1Czech Republic660012.0+374710-100.00%

3Great Britain64119.0+194223-75.00%
5New Zealand62404.0+42622-33.30%

World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors


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