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2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey: The leaders having a rough time

2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey: The leaders having a rough time

The Czech Republic came close to disaster facing Canada with a tie score of 5 to 5. As for the USA, they have the utmost difficulty to get out the the Italian trap. The eighth finals will take place tomorrow, an opportunity for some nations to change groups next year...


To the end of suspense

Mondial roller-hockey senior 2013 : les leaders malmenés

The must-see game of the beginning of the Worlds: The meeting between the Czech Republic and Canada was the key-moment of those group games. The two teams gave a real battle, with multiple changes of lead, to seize the 1st place of the group. All the ingredients of a great game were gathered. The atmosphere was tensed as the two teams don't like each other. The end of the game was breathtaking with the Canada getting the advantage in the last minutes.

Mondial roller-hockey senior 2013 : les leaders malmenésThe Czechs bet on the replacement of their goalkeeper by one extra field player to equalize... which is a success as they score one minute before the end. So that Canada did the same. The Maple Leaf players needed the victory to finish 1st of the group. However, the scores won't change anymore: 5 all.


As for the USA, they had a hard time defeating the Italian goalkeeper, Antinori. The Americans finally won 3 to 0, the last goal was scored in an empty goal. France gave the run-around to Latvia, 8 to 0, ending 3rd of their group.

Switzerland supplanted Columbia, both teams will take part in the eighths finals. The last three places went to Brazil, Germany and Australia. All those teams finished second of the bottom groups.

New Zealand and Japan took over the bottom of the chart. The two nations will play for their place in the World Cup tomorrow.

Canada and the USA waiting

In the women's category, Mexico did the best deal of the day. Despite a tie with Germany, the Mexican players made the most of the Argentinian loss to take the lead of the group.

Canada and the USA kept on hanging around for want of rivals on their own level.

Give way to the eighths finals

The next day will be reserved for the men's eighths finals and the women's quarter finals. Let's not forget to have a close look at Sweden to check their capacity at improving their gameplay level.

The surprise of the day happened during the evening when the organizers announced a change in the schedule. The Honda Center won't be available on Saturday anymore! All the finals will finally take place at Huntington Beach, on the same area as the Juniors. Indeed, the main partner of the worlds had the opportunity to re-rent the Arena to a famous professional basketball player for the shooting of a commercial spot. Skating is no match... at least not yet.

Mondial roller-hockey senior 2013 : les leaders malmenés


3rd day

Senior men

Sweden4 - 1New Zealand
China2 - 12Venezuela
Japan17 - 0India
Latvia0 - 8France
Namibia1 - 7Great Britain
Colombia2 - 8Switzerland
Argentina4 - 3Australia
Czech Republic5 - 5Canada
Mexico0 - 3Brazil
New Zealand13 - 2China
Italy0 - 3USA
Venezuela1 - 7Germany

Senior Women

India2 - 14China
Brazil0 - 12Canada
Germany2 - 2Mexico
Great Britain4 - 1Argentina
Australia0 - 6New Zealand
Canada10 - 1Namibia
Colombia0 - 9USA



Text and photos : Roller Addict
Translation: Chloé Seyres
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