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2013 World Games: Colombia surprizes Switzerland in inline hockey

2013 World Games: Colombia surprizes Switzerland in inline hockey

Colombia climbed the Alps mountains! The Colombian team surprised the world of inline hockey in imposing themselved on Switzerland 4 to 3 in a group game. In front of 2.500 unbridled people, the young Colombians showed how much your public can give you wings...


Second day

Jeux Mondiaux 2013 : la Colombie surprend l’Italie en roller-hockey

A start with a flourish

CanadaThe day started in the best of ways: Cali's hockey area hosted an exceptional USA – Switzerland game. The Americans finally won 7 to 6 after having been led all the way. Colombia followed, backing Italy into a corner. Despite the situation, the latter's experience prevailed. The Italians made the most of one single mistake of the opposing team to impose themselves 1 to 0.

The Latvian awakening

The French and the Latvians met again for the last game of the morning. The previous week the French team had comfortably took over their opponents. One would have thought that the games was going to follow the same rhythm with a score opening by the French. It wasn't the case. Let's note the opposing rebellion which showed that Latvia deserves its place at the top level. The Latvians even took the advantage 3 to 2 before France caught up the scores and reverse the lead. One final penalty sentenced the teams to a tie.

Astounding World Games

Since the beginning of the World Games, lots of games have ended in ties, proof of the level homogeneity of the competing teams. The shock between the Canadians and the Czechs, a remake of the previous week's final, gave the same result. As soon as the start, the game shot off and opened for the greatest pleasure of the public.

Canada progressively took over to bring the scores to 3-0. However the Czech are not the surrending kind. They caught up little by little until removing their goalkeeper to reach a 3-3 tie at the end of the game.

The USA got out of the Italian trap with difficulty and ended first of their group. The surprise of the day was from Colombia who won 4-3 against Switzerland. The Helvetians finished last of their group.

Let's make way to the quarter finals

The last place of the Swiss will offer a very nice confrontation between Switzerland and Canada as soon as the quarter finals. France will play against Italy while the USA will face Latvia. Last but not least, to the greatest pleasure of their fans, the Colombians will meet the Czech world champions.

Jeux Mondiaux 2013 : la Colombie surprend l’Italie en roller-hockey

Main results

Games of Group A



played wontie lost for against Diff.
1 USA33


2 ITA311133032:3 
3 COL310247-320:30:1  4:3
4 SUI3012911-216:70:03:4 

Games of Group B





played wontie lost for against Diff.
1CAN3210185135 3:33:112:1
2CZE31201541143:3  1:1
3 FRA302168-22 1:3
1:1 4:4

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Results of the first day of inline hockey at the 2013 World Games

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