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2013 Cali World Games: Italy crashes the party

2013 Cali World Games: Italy crashes the party

Tomorrow the final of the World Games will be unprecedented with the USA against Italy. The best defense facing the best offense. Czechs and Canadians died in battle and will have to make do with bronze. Behind, France experienced a neverending tumble and gave in 3-2 against Switzerland...


The Italian surprise

USA / République Tchèque

France and Switzerland offered us a great match at the opening of the day. The Swiss took advantage against the French team who was unnoticeable this year. 2-0 then 3-1 after the break. The French tried the same kind of comeback as the previous day, without success: they yielded 3-2 and they will play for the 7th place.

L'Italie sort de sa demi-finale en vainqueure

Switzerland will play for the 5th place against Latvia. The lettons managed to get rid of the Colombian team who played with passion but who suffered the consequences of their youthful mistakes, too often penalized. The Colombians will then play against France not to end up last and finish their World Games on a positive note in front of their supporteres.

Italy surprises Canada

The last group was full of surprises. The two finalists of the World Championship were kicked out with panache by victory-thirsty players. Italy taught a real lesson to Canada who might have pictured themselved a bit too fast in final. The Canadians were pushed around by the Italians who were said to be an aging team. They did a perfect game, relying on their goalkeeper Antinori, currently the best in the world. A 4-1 Italian win. The bill could have been even longer if Martin Bradette, the Canadian goalkeeper hadn't performed impressive stops worthy of big days.

The USA are back

The last game of the day opposed two world monsters of inline hockey: the Czech Republic and the USA. The two nations hog the top of the charts without sharing. The USA wanted revenge after having been humiliated by Sweden on their land. The Czechs wanted the last trophy missing to their collection. The latters gave in 3-1. The USA let their stars do the talking.

The upcoming games

Once again, the Americans with then play to keep the title at home. And once again, the Czech Republic will meet Canada, for the 4th time in the year... Yet this time, it will be a fight for bronze.

Two big games will close the day for the greatest pleasure of the Colombian public. The teams already played each other during the group games and the USA had taken advantage on Italy with difficulty. As for the Czechs, they had caught up on Canada at the end of the game to reach a tie.

A long month full of emotions will finish under the colorful flag of Colombia.

La Suisse bouscule la France


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