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Testing the 2013 S255 Roces

Testing the 2013 S255 Roces

Let's finish our Roces skate testing session with the S255. It is a skate dedicated to beginner and intermediate skaters for recreational skating. Let's check what those skates are made of…



Roces S255

A sober design

Roces S255On the design side, there is nothing revolutionary here. The S255 Roces is quite a sober skate with ordinary touches of black and white. Nevertheless, the brand did a good job on the structure which is quite up to date.

A satisfactory support

The support of the S255 is average, not too rigid, not to soft. The cuff goes high enough to support the ankle but is soft enough to avoid the 'ski-boot effect'.

A decent comfort

Let's tackle the vexing point. The first time we put the skate on, a discomfort appeared at the toes, as if the tongue was folded…

After a couple of kilometers, the discomfort disappeared but the boots do not really feel like slippers, our feet have known better sensations!

The airing is satisfactory, the fabric of the liner is quite breathable.

An efficient tightening

On the cuff side, the skate is equipped with the tightening system of the brand, a memory buckle, just like on the Metropolis.

As for the liner, let's note the presence of a fast lacing system. It is quite efficient and covers the whole foot. However, do not forget to put it into the tongue for it not to loosen.

A frame too soft!

Roces S255Let's be honest here, we were very disappointed! Before putting the skates on already, during the photo session, we had noticed that we could make both sides of the frame touch just by squeezing them with the hands!

Nothing very promising for the rest of the test… and we were right! At use, you have the sensation to be stuck to the road. The energy put into the stride is lost in the softness of the frame. A huge negative point.

Average wheels

With a range-entry model, do not expect miracles. The 90 mm 84A wheels are very average, just like on most skates of the range.


On the other hand, the bearings are a good point: the skate is equipped with ABEC 9 bearings and they perform well in time.


The screws are classic. The wheel axles are made of two parts (screw and axles). The standard skate is delivered with a mounted brake but you can take it off. The replacement screw is provided in the box.

On the other hand, the keys in the package are a bit small which does not help for the removing of spare parts… However, you are not going to spend your time putting on and taking off spare parts either. Moreover, the axles being standard, you can get a better key!


The finishing of the S255 Roces is excellent, nothing to say on that point.


We liked the new Roces models that we have previously tested as much as we have been disappointed by the S255: mainly because of a mediocre frame for quite a high price. For the same price we would strongly recommend you the Roces Gymnasium which offers far better performances!

Strong points and point to be improved


+ fast and efficient tightening
+ good finishing


- A frame too soft
- average wheels

Technical facts

Brand: Roces
Model: S255
Liner: Mesh - SuperFit & Cool Breathe construction, Slo-Memory Padding, EES Easy Entry System, Ventilation Intakes, Anatomical ventilated footbed
Closure: Aluminum Memory Buckle, Velcro Power Strap, Fast Lacing System A
Available sizes: 36-49 EU / 3-16 UK
Frame: LiteDesign Extruded Aluminum '2 arch design'
Wheels: Roces 90 mm 82A (Shores)
Bearings: ABEC 9 with metal ring
Price: 209€

Photo gallery

Roces S255



Men's version

Women's version

By Romain
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Roces and Rollerenligne
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