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2013 Cali World Games: the finals of inline hockey

2013 Cali World Games: the finals of inline hockey

In beating Italy in the final of the 2013 World Games, the USA win their third inline hockey title in a row. They remain the only nation to have ever won that competition...


The USA as the game master

France - ColombieThe USA got the upper hand on Italy who paid the price for their bad start in the game. Still the Italians made a very good performance throughout the week while nobody was betting on them. The Czech Republic got the bronze at the expense of Canada.

France recovers

The French Team ended their World Games on a positive note in winning 12-2 against Colombia, despite a stuttering start for a dozen of minutes. The offensive lines finally shouldered their responsibilities and led the hosts of the 2014 World Games to their victory. The French finished 7th in front of Colombia who kept their place. They have accumulated misfortunes all week long with many injuries and suspensions.

The Swiss into the Latvian trap

The Swiss had a hard time getting rid of the Latvian trap. They finally managed to break through the opposing defense 5 minutes before the time was up and scored 5 goals. Their 5-0 win enabled them to get the 5th place at the general ranking, getting close to the best nations.

The Bronze at the end of suspense

USA / ItalieCanadians and Czechs offered a real show to Cali's public. Yet the scores remained quite closed. However the numerous actions maintained the crowd on fire. The Europeans kept a 1-0 lead for a long time before their opponents stroke back at the second period. But the word champions were determined not to go back home empty-handed. They took a step ahead. Canada removed their goalkeeper, without success, while the Czechs scored one more last goal.

The USA never miss twice in a row

It is formal statistics, the USA have never left the crown twice in a row! After each failure they knew how to bounce back and finish champions. It was the case during the 2013 World Games and Italy bore the cost of it: they paid the price for being indisciplined, although they are not used to, at the beginning of the game. They were physically short. With a 2-point advantage, the USA did their job. Despite an opposing goal, they imposed themselves 3-2.

A popular enthusiasm

The attending teams gave their best to the public. On top of the show, the Swiss distributed their equipment, just as the USA. The Czechs and the Canadians offered badges and other gadgets. There was a sweet and frenzied atmosphere of jubilation in Cali, with a public who appreciates inline hockey and gets passionate about the discipline. Already leading in Speed Skating, Colombia keeps on improving in inline hockey to catch up with the top level.

The 2013 World Games are over for the hockey players. The next games will take place in 2017 in Poland. The debate is open as for the women's category. The World Games wish to highlight diversity and women's sports. A first call from the international committee was made in that direction with the attendance of a female judge during the competition.

Ultimate results

Results of the consolation final and the final

  • Czech Republic 3 – 1 Canada (co-final)
  • USA 3 – 2 Italy (final)

General ranking of the 2013 World Games

  1. USA
  2. Italy
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Canada
  5. Switzerland
  6. Latvia
  7. France
  8. Colombia

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