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2013 World Games: medal ranking

2013 World Games: medal ranking

There is nothing like a competition with the scope of the World Games to assess the form of the great nations of skating before the World Championships of Speed Skating in Belgium. Results and medals...


The ranking of the nations

Pos. NationMédaille d'orMédaille d'argentMédaille de bronze Total

Italy, the all-rounder and the most complete skating nation

Despite the home organization, Columbia was stolen the show by Italy who made a great performance in collecting 11 medals including 5 golds.

In inline hockey, the Italians reached the second place. Italy is also one of the key-nations in artistic skating... Last but not least they are also part of the most present nations on track. All in all, the Squadra Azzurra is the most complete skating nation!

Colombia is far from being outdone. They are at the pole position as for the number of medals with 16 units including 3 golds and 10 silvers. They owe their second place at the gold medal ranking to their culture of speed skating on track. Last but not least, even if Colombia finished last in inline hockey, they showed that they will be there in the years to come!

Taiwan gets the third place at the nation ranking. Absent from the competitions of artistic skating and inline hockey, the nation relies on its strong presence in the speed skating competitions with 7 medals including 3 golds.

Chile and Belgium respectively get the fourth and fifth places of the ranking. Their good ranks are due to the good results of their individualities: Paemal Verdugo and Bart Swings in speed skating.

Let's note a step backwards for some great nations of skating such as the USA. In the absence of talented skaters like Joey Mantia, the USA line up skaters evolving in NSC. That closed and ultra-specialized circuit doesn't seem to be the most favorable preparation to face the top of the crop. Anette Heywood achieved the great feat needed on the 15 km elimination race.

South Korea, which has known blazing days on track, remained very discreet during those World Games.

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