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2013 World championships: first day on the road of Oostende (Belgium)

2013 World championships:  first day on the road of Oostende (Belgium)

First day on the road circuit of Oostende. Colombians are undoubtedly sprint champions in the World, taking most of medals in the 200m. They are also really strong in the points race, but the European has had more opportunities to grab a medal...


200m...and the Colombians remain unbeatable

Pedro 'El Rayo' CausilAs they did on the track, the Colombians won again the four possible titles in tonight’s’ finals on the 200m-sprint. Considering Simon Albrecht (GER – Junior man), Erika Zanetti (ITA – Senior lady) and Ioseba Fernandez (SPA – Senior man)‘s best times during the heats, it was not completely crazy to think that Europeans may be able to beat Colombians sprinters in the finals. But Colombians won, improving their times and rankings of the preliminary heats.

There is no doubts : the best sprinters in the World are Colombians!

Junior ladies: two more medals for Colombia

Thus, in the Junior ladies, not only did Yesenia Escobar win the 200m-sprint in 18”035, but her compatriot Yuliana Garces also managed to grab the silver medal with a very close time of 18”038. The third one in the race was Italian Daria Tiberto who, with a time of 18”291, was just before another Italian, Linda Rossi, thanks to 22 thousandths of a second.

Junior men: Simon Albrecht missed the title

While Simon Albrecht had probably dreamed of becoming World Champion during the whole afternoon after having made the best time in the qualification heats, Colombian skater Juan Camilo Perez did not let him any chances, winning the 200M-sprint final with an incredible time of 16”450 (which would have made him get the bronze medal in the Senior category). Simon Albrecht almost fell and came second in a time of 16”573 and a Venezuelan, Luis Delgado grabbed the bronze medal (16”698).

Senior ladies: one more gold medal for Yersy Puello (COL)

Yersi Puello won again! Her collection of Gold medals starts to be quite large now. With a time of 17”775, she was one tenth quicker than former World Champion Italian Erika Zanetti (17”775) who was herself just 3 thousandths of a second before Chilean Maria Jose Moya (17”778).

Senior men: Pedro 'El rayo' Causil stroke again

Pedro Causil (COL), with a knife at his throat, was probably more determined than ever to win that title since he had got no titles in Oostende so far. Ioseba Fernandez was also probably resolute to defend the Gold he had won last year in San Benedetto del Tronto (ITA). But, after a short period of suspense, Pedro Causil took advantage over Ioseba Fernandez, and removed the Spanish thanks to a great time of 16”293. Ioseba Fernandez became Vice-World-Champion (16”348) just before impressive Chilean Emanuelle Silva (16”552). Ronal Mulder (NED) missed the podium for 4 thousandths of a second while Darren De Souza (FRA) was just a few hundredths behind (whereas just being in his first Senior year).

10K point races: more opportunities for European nations

Senior ladies10K- points race: Colombia remains unbeatable… but only in the junior categories. Seniors Lollobrigida and Swings were impressive! Not only did the Colombians win all Gold medals on the 200m-sprint, but they also won all Gold medals of the day in the Junior categories.

Junior ladies: Colombia, again and again

Thus, Junior ladies Johana Viveros won the race with 17 points before Darian O’Neil (11 points), who brought to the USA its second medal of the Championships after Erin Jackson’s. The bronze was taken by local Sandrine Tas (BEL) who had as many points (7) as the fourth one, Liu Yihsuan (China Taipei).

Junior men: Gold and Silver for... Colombia

It seemed even easier for the Colombians who – and they are getting used to it – grabbed the two first places of the race with Juan Sebastian Sanz (15 points) and Boris Pena (10 points). Taiwanese Chen Yenpo took the bronze with 9 points.

Colombians (and more generally South Americans) were kicked out of the podium in the Senior categories by European and Asian skaters.

Senior ladies: Italia took its revenge

Bart Swings, Felix Rijhnen & Ewen Fernandez

Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA) definitely proved that she was one of the major skaters of this 2013 edition. She was in most of the sprints of the race and crossed the line in first position taking the three last points of the arrival. She accumulated a total amount of 13 points, exactly the same as Chinese Guo Dan who, for the third time of the Championships became Vice-World Champion. The third one of the race was Taiwanese Yang Hochen who took 8 points.

Senior men: a 100% European podium

Finally, in the last race of the day, the podium was 100% European. Indeed, almost with no surprises, SUPERBART won again after having collected 16 points. For the Belgium star, the race seemed as easy as the 10K-Points/Elimination race and as the 1000m on the track. It was a lot tighter for his followers. German Felix Rijnen had the opportunity to escape from the pack a bit after mid-race, which allowed him to take precious points and to make the difference. Thanks to his 8 points, he grabbed the Silver medal, just before Fabio Francolini (ITA) who made took another opportunity : this of getting the 3 last points of the arrival, allowing him to pass not only Alexis Contin (FRA) but also Peter Michael (NZ).

Junior men

Main results

10km points on the road for senior men
10km points finals on the road for senior women
10km points on the road for junior men
10km points on the road for junior ladies
200m road for senior men
200m road for senior ladies
200m road for junior men
200m road for junior ladies

List of senior men skaters qualified for the final of the 10km points on the road
List of junior men skaters qualified for the final of the 10km points on the road
List of senior men skaters qualified for the final of the 200m road
List of senior women skaters qualified for the final of the 200m road
List of junior men skaters qualified for the final of the 200m road
List of skaters qualified for the final of the 200m road - junior women

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