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Day 5 in Oostende: Colombia confirms its supremacy

Day 5 in Oostende: Colombia confirms its supremacy

In the Junior category and in sprint! France and Italy win long-distance-races in Senior categories. The program of the day was made of 500m-sprints for the Seniors, and 20K-eliminations races for all categories...


500m sprint and 20km elimination races

500m sprintColombians let no chances to their challengers in the 500m sprint: once again, Colombia took 100% of the gold medals in the sprint races.

In the Senior ladies

 Although only one of the two engaged Colombians had managed to reach the final, Yersi Puello confirmed the title that she won on the track with a time of 44”319. The Vice-World Champion was Manon Kamminga (NED) who brought, at last, its very first medal of the Championships to the Netherlands (nation which had however dominated the European Championship in Almere at the beginning of the summer). Italian Erika Zanetti took the bronze on the road and did better than her 4th place on the track last Sunday.

In the Senior men

 Colombians were even stronger than on the track, and than the ladies. Indeed, Sebastian David Arce and Andres Munoz respectively took the Gold and the Silver medals after having raced perfectly their 500M. Arces won in a time of 39”964. Gwendal Le Pivert (FRA) after a quite disappointed start, managed to pass Michel Mulder (NED) at mid-race, and brought a new bronze medal to France.

500m senior men

  1. Arce Duran Sebastian David (COL) - 39,954
  2. Munoz Andres Felipe (COL) - 40,047
  3. Lepivert Gwendal (FRA) - 40,212
  4. Mulder Michel (NED) - 40,634

500m senior women

  1. Puello Ortiz Yersy (COL) - 44,319
  2. Kamminga Manon 364 (NED) - 44,468
  3. Zanetti Erika (ITA) - 44,500
  4. Factos Ingrid (ECU) - 44,666 

Long-distance-races: similar podiums for the two first days on the road (with a few exceptions)

In the Junior ladies

Colombians could have done the same as what they had become used to. But the disqualification of one of them, Johana Viveros (who won the the 10K-points/eliminations-race on the track and on the road, and the 10K-eliminations-race on the track), allowed the fourth one crossing the line, Darian O’Neil (who trains in Colombia!), to win its second medal of the Championship. The champion of the race was Fabriana Arias (33’25”334) and local Sandrine Tas became Vice World Champion after her bronze medal obtained the night before on the 10K-points/eliminations-race. Johana Viveros was disqualified for keeping changing lines in the last 300 meters, not only in order to prevent her opponents to pass her, but also to let her compatriot escape from the four other girls present in the final sprint.

In the Junior men

It seemed so easy for the Colombians! Boris Pena and Alfonso Cujavantes won again the eliminations race, as on the track, but switched their places. While Alfonso had won on the track, it was Boris Pena’s turn to win on the road. There are no doubts, Junior Colombians are really strong. Italian Daniel Niero managed to snare the bronze. We must not forget New-Zealander Ollie Jones who finished 10th after a real bad crash on his belly right after the arrival line.

In the Senior ladies

Senior ladies: Italy vs ChinaFrancesca Lollobrigida (ITA) took her third title of the Championship after an amazing sprint against Guo Dan (CHI) who, for the fourth time within a week, missed the gold for nothing. The third one was Cindy Cortez (VEN).

In the Senior men

Bart Swings was not on the starting line. Many skaters were willing to reach the Holy Grail. That 20K eliminations-race was one of the last chances to win a gold medal for those who had not got the opportunity to win so far. Ewen Fernandez (FRA) made an absolutely tremendous race. He almost led all of it and never stopped protecting his leader, Alexis Contin (FRA). One lap from the arrival line, fabulous Ewen Fernandez launched the final sprint for his compatriot who, after a bit of confusions in the last 300 meters, crossed the line in first position, shouting out his joy. But just a few seconds later, while the new winner was being interviewed by French national TV (which had made the trip to Oostende and which is rare enough to be mentioned), the referees started saying “unofficial result- unofficial result”. And indeed, Italians decided to contest the result considering that Alexis Contin had hampered Francolini’s sprint. After a very long wait, while the public had already left, Contin was officially declared to be the new World Champion. Lorenzo Cassioli took the Silver medal, just before Fabio Francolini.

Main results of the 20K-elimination-races

Senior men

1Contin AlexisFRA00:29:29,829
2Cassioli LorenzoITA00:29:29,894
3Francolini FabioITA00:29:29,905
4Michael PeterNZL00:29:29,959
5Peula PatxiESP00:29:30,597
6Rijhnen FelixGER00:29:40,632

Senior women

1Lollobrigida FrancescaITA00:32:47,154
2Dan GuoCHN00:32:47,233
3Cortez SindyVEN00:32:47,554
4Agudelo Jaramillo Luisa MariaCOL00:32:47,585
5Arias MairaARG00:32:49,626
6Halbout JustineFRA 

Junior men

1Pena BorisCOL00:30:24,576
2Cujavante Luna Alex AlfonsoCOL00:30:24,734
3Niero DanielITA00:30:24,803
4Tsucheng ChaoTPE00:30:24,943
5Paez MikeMEX00:30:27,985
6Planelles RaphaelFRA 

Junior women

1Arias Perez FabrianaCOL00:33:25,334
2Tas SandrineBEL00:33:26,930
3O'neil DarianUSA00:33:27,459
4Lollobrigida GiuliaITA00:33:29,088
5Vargas GabrielaECU 
6Piazza AriannaITA 

Alexis Contin winning the elimination race


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