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2013 Lugdunum Contest: Results of the races

2013 Lugdunum Contest: Results of the races

Here is the first part of our write-up series on the 10th anniversary of the Lugdunum Contest. OLS brings you back into the atmosphere of the various races which filled Place Bellecour with life on September 21st and 22nd...


Results of the races

Un beau peloton pour le marathon !

More than 600 skaters across all categories took part in the weekend's races. They all had well understood that the 10th anniversary of the Lugdunum would be exceptional... and they answered to the call. This year the summery weather brought a sizeable contribution to the good unfolding of the skating event. For the OLS team, the Lugdunum was the event of the year, a truly superlative event: a breathtaking downhill competition in a stunning setting, thousands of spectators, a good panel of skaters, an event at the heart of the city, an organization smoothly running... All the ingredients were there for an unforgettable weekend!

The hill skate: the Swiss rise!

On Saturday, the organization of the 2013 Lugdunum Contest proposed a soft appetizer to the skaters: a hill race! Around 20 skaters enjoyed the interlude of the downhill competition. On the program: 1.3 kilometer uphill with sections flirting with 20% upslope...

Without surprise, the skaters of the Swiss Skate Team make the difference. Michael Achermann breaks away alone. Severin Widmer catches up in the park at half race. Severin Widmer speeds up and skates away alone towards the finish line. The second place goes to Acherman. Franck Schuffenecker (Générations Roller) completes the podium. Let's note that the winner had set up 90 mm wheels on his EOSkates frame to meet less difficulties and get more frequency, which is quite a change compared to 4x100 mm set-ups!

Watch the video of the hill race here

Michael Achermann seul en tête

Youngster races: things are in safe hands

The morning starts with the youngster races. The local clubs are well represented with the LOU Roller and Générations Roller, but let's not forget the AM Sports (Dijon), Saint-Etienne, the Montpellier Funny Riders and the CPB Belleville. A total of 48 U9 and 66 U13, and the numbers keep on increasing each year.

Watch the video of the youngster races and of the skating hour at the 2013 Lugdunum Contest

Courses jeunes

Semi-marathon: a duel at the top on the finish line

204 skaters take the start of the semi-marathon, including 58 women. As often, the youngsters call the tune. A group of three U14 soon breaks away and finishes 1 minute lead. Doucelin Pedicone (AMSport and European Champion), wins with a wonderful hawk finish in front of Valentin Thiebault (CPB Belleville and European Vice-Champion). Quentin Foret (ASCAP) completes the podium. 6 U14 at the 6 first places! Alexandre Hamet (Eurocopter) finishes 7th, he is the 1st Senior.

In the Women's, the seniors are not triffled with: Cécile Souterene (LOU Roller – Senior) finishes in front of Emelyse Buise (Villetelle – U16) and Elise Dumont (Fous de la roulette – U14).

Watch the video of the final sprint between Doucelin Pédicone and Valentin Thiébault here

Arrivée disputée entre Pedicone et Thiébault

Men's Marathon: Yann Guyader gets his 5th victory in the capital of the Gauls

In the men's, the pack remained compact all through the race. The podium could only be outlined in the last kilometer. With 199 skaters at the start (men and women), that was a lot of people to take relays! Moreover this year, the Swiss Skate Team made the trip, strengthening the rows of the EOSkates rivals. With RPM Poli, Rage Skating and Windress, the race was more balanced than the previous years.

The pack needs three laps to stretch and leave only 50 challengers for gold. Yann Guyader (EOSkates) and Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates) impose a high pace to thin the back of the pack.

The main leader of the race is Guillaume de Mallevoue (Windress) who launches several nice attacks over the laps. The pack is reduced to around 20 skaters. Then it is Aurélien Roumagnac's turn to break away, reducing even more the leading group. The Rage Skating Team is in the lead with skaters such as Clément Chaduc.

Last but not least, Swiss Michael Achermann (Swiss Skate Team) and Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team) prove to be efficient, reboosting the pace when the speed decreases. Let's remind that the two Helvetian skaters won the hill race of the previous day, climbing Fourvière in 8 minutes.

Despite a Swiss attempt at breaking away in the last lap, king Guyader wins his 5th victory (and his 50th marathon) at the sprint on Place Bellecour. He stands up far before the finish line, getting the first place in front of his team mate Nolan Beddiaf and Swiss Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team). A good omen for the Berlin marathon next weekend which Yann never managed to win!

Yann Guyader "se frise" pendant le marathon

Women's Marathon: A double for the Halbout Sisters

In the women's, the pack gets thinner as laps go by. Five skaters are in the lead: Justine Halbout (2 APN Avon), Clémence Halbout (Windress), Jessica Gaudesaboos (EOSkates) and Léna Labat (Pibrac RS, U20), as well as Charlotte Laurent (Boissey RS). The group of 5 will finish almost 3 minutes ahead of the rest. At the sprint, Justine Halbout (APN Avon) leaves the gold to her sister Clémence (1st, Windress) out of courtesy. The podium is completed by Jessica Gaudesaboos (EOSkates). Léna Labat (Pibrac RS) finishes 4th and wins the U20 category. Charlotte Laurent (Boissey RS) finishes 5th, a few seconds behind.


The organization gathered all the elements to make a real celebration of the 10th Lugdunum. The public as the participants came in numbers. The mass media also made the trip: TF1 Channel made a report for the 8PM TV news, as well as local France 3 Rhône Alpes TV Channel. After the report on Alexis Contin during the Speed Skating Worlds, here is another piece of proof that our sport can be in the limelight! We should just find the recipes that work in drawing our inspiration from great events such as the Lugdunum...

Justine Halbout laisse la première place à sa soeur Clémence Halbout

Results of the races


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