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Back on the 8th Stage of the World Skate Cross Series in Lyon (France)

Back on the 8th Stage of the World Skate Cross Series in Lyon (France)

The whole weekend long (Sept. 21-22), Place Bellecour vibrated to the rhythm of the Lugdunum Contest. Amongst the scheduled competitions, there was the 8th stage of the WSX Series. Flashback on a lively competition...


A stage animated by the downhill skaters

World Skate Cross Series à Lyon

Plan de l'air de skatecross à LyonMore than 50 skaters took part in that stage of the World SkateCross Series on Place Bellecour. The Lugdunum has the advantage of gathering a great number of skaters from various disciplines. Thus, on the starting line of the skatecross competition, there were experts at aggressive, bowl, freestyle and even downhill skating. Several contestants of the Downhill Worlds made the trip to fight for the title, and at the same time, try their luck on the WSX circuit.

What is Skate Cross?

Skate Cross is a steeplechase unfolding in two parts: a qualification phase (the time trials) during which the competitors should achieve their best time, and a final phase organized in groups of 4 during which the qualified skaters should arrive first or second of their groups in order to go through the next round until the final.

The course: winding and technical

The 8th stage of the WSX Series took place on a winding and technical course. First of all, it relied on huge BMX modules. The start launcher was almost 3 meters high, then you were directed toward a step followed by a sharp hairpin turn to the left, then came a chicane, a springboard, another sharp bend, a series of good-sized table tops and last but not least a quarter pipe topped with a wall in a hairpin turn, leading to the finish line.

Men's results: the revenge of Harry Perna

The French perfectly managed to play their cards right and seized the whole podiums in both the men's and women's categories; local skater and multiple downhill world champion Harry Perna (FRA) won that 8th stage of the WSXS. After having been penalized for a foul on the downhill competition, depriving him from the world title, Harry Perna took his revenge!

He finished in front of current world #2 Flavien Du Peloux (FRA). A newcomer on the Series, Jérémy Mélique (FRA) managed to rise to the final for his first participation. He ranked in front of Austrian Daniel Ladurner, a downhill expert.

Women's results: dices are not cast!

In the Women's, current world #2 Jessica Billard (FRA) managed to create a stir in beating the two favorites of the race, 2011 and 2012 world champion Marjorie Phlippoteau (FRA), and world #1 Mathilde Monneron (FRA). The skaters were victims of a collective fall in the first bend.

World Skate Cross Series à Lyon

General ranking of the World SkateCross Series

Anthony Avella (FRA), 5th in Lyon, takes the provisory first place of the WSX. The 2013 world title will be awarded for the final of the World SkateCross Series in Shanghai, on October 5 and 6.

World Skate Cross Series à Lyon



  1. Perna Harry (FRA)
  2. Du Peloux Flavien (FRA)
  3. Mélique Jeremy (FRA)
  4. Ladurner Daniel (AUT)
  5. Avella Anthony (FRA)
  6. Montavon Christian (SUI)
  7. Cossaro Giorgio (ITA)
  8. Guichard Vincèn (FRA)
  9. Demuru Lorenzo (ITA)
  10. De Paoli Jim (SUI)
  11. Mage Léandre (FRA)
  12. Santos Jonatan (ESP)
  13. Couitty Dylan (FRA)
  14. Veduda Victor (FRA)
  15. Clusaz Maxence (FRA)
  16. Santos Bruno (POR)
  17. Senelier Cédric (FRA)
  18. Pechuzal Kevin (FRA)
  19. Nörl Moritz (GER)
  20. Lieurey Thomas (FRA)
  21. Saez David (ESP)
  22. Couitti Tanguy (FRA)
  23. Rahali Alejandro (ESP)
  24. Mengherle Alessandro (ITA)
  25. Moller Patrice (FRA)
  26. Clair Quentin (FRA)
  27. Delescluse Jerome (FRA)
  28. Caron Fabien (FRA)
  29. Ferrucci Andrea (ITA)
  30. Bernyak Carlo (ITA)
  31. Oguey Damien (FRA)
  32. Chiaponni Gabriele (ITA)
  33. Pastomerlo Andrea (ITA)
  34. Duclos Jonathan (FRA)
  35. Lorenzo Ramon (ESP)
  36. Lafranceschina Thomas (FRA)
  37. Benessiano Nicolas (FRA)
  38. Lambolez Nicolas (FRA)
  39. Andrieu Aymeric (FRA)
  40. Thevenin Jonathan (FRA)

World Skate Cross Series à LyonFull results here.


  1. Billard Jessica (FRA)
  2. Phlippoteau Marjorie (FRA)
  3. Monneron Mathilde (FRA)
  4. Condroyer Amandine (FRA)
  5. Conzi Francesca (ITA)
  6. Corcinos Elodie (FRA)
  7. Massara Claudia (ITA)
  8. Tan Coralie (FRA)
  9. Anquetin Roxanne (FRA)
  10. Stangalino Federica (ITA)

Full results here.

Men's General ranking

  1. Avella Anthony (FRA) - 691 points
  2. Quintin Kevin (FRA) 676 points
  3. Du Peloux Flavien (FRA) 668 points

Women's General ranking

  1. Monneron Mathilde (FRA) 800 points
  2. Billard Jessica (FRA) 719 points
  3. Amand Lucie (FRA) 470 points


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Photos : Colin Morin
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