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Testing the AMP Juice Wheel (62*38 mm, 91A)

Testing the AMP Juice Wheel (62*38 mm, 91A)

In 2013, Powerslide launched a new range of 'Juice' wheels dedicated to roller derby. We have put a set in the care of a player in order to collect his feelings…


Test Bench

Roue Juice AMP 62 mm / 91A

Design and Structure

Coupe roue Juice AMP 62 mm 91AThe AMP Juice wheels distributed by Powerslide is made of three distinct parts due to its double-density on-core:

  • At the core, a very rigid grey hub made of polymer and composite.
  • The polyurethane on-core is divided into two parts:
    • a blue layer made of soft polyurethane wraps the outside part of the hub,
    • a white part, more rigid (91A), covers the whole surface of the wheel.

The on-core has very thin grooves for a better grip. The logo in the shape of a martini glass with an olive serves as a wear indicator.
Except for that detail, the design remains sober with a discrete blue printing and the wheel characteristics in black.
The structure of the wheel was specially designed for the flexing of the outside of the wheel in bends.
Another nice detail: the brand has made an effort on the packaging, the wheels are packed by four in a decorated green paper tube… Quite a change from traditional blister pack.

Testing protocole

We have tested those wheels on a 4-5 week period, both at training and during competition, on slippery as well as grippy grounds, in different skating practices: roller derby, urban skating, roller dance and jumps.


The AMP Juice Wheels are 38 mm wide and have a 91A hardness. They are available in diameters 59 or 62 mm. With a weight of 85 g, it is part of the lightest wheels on the market.


Nothing to declare as for the putting in and taking off of the bearings into the hub.
The bearings used for the test are the 608 ABEC 7 Red Bones.


The AMP Juice Wheels by Powerslide have a good inertia on the whole, as long as they are used on a suitable surface (skating surface, waxed concrete).


Let's distinguish the grip according to different factors, such as the ground you skate on and indoors vs. outdoors skating.
That wheel is not appropriate at all for outdoors skating on common asphalt. On the other hand on smooth concrete, it offers a very good grip that will prevent you from skidding, so that you can brake fast. However, on wet smooth concrete, they totally lose grip.
Roue Juice AMP 59 mm / 91AIndoors, the wheel performs very well on rigid linoleum. The wheel delightfully flexes, slides and grips when needed. On a Stilmat surface (PVC slabs) as well as on wooden grounds, the wheel perfectly reacts according to the situations (braking, speeding up, tight bends, jumps…)


Believe it or not, that wheel smells good!
Let's get back to more serious matters, the finishing is clean, no urethane drip to declare.


The AMP Juice Wheel wears out a bit quickly according to us, but let's not forget that we used it indoors and outdoors just as much. Positive fact: it wears out without losing shape much despite our numerous power slide-type brakes. The polyurethane is of good quality.

Skating sensations

The AMP Juice Wheels are very interesting at use, especially indoors. They have a flexing lip-profile due to the smooth part linking the white on-core and the grey hub. On very sharp brakes you can stop abruptly, which offers great handiness and precision for a practice such as roller derby.

Quality/price ratio

49,90€ for a 4-wheel pack is a bit expensive! The double-density structure is probably the cause of the additional cost, as it involves several extra manufacturing steps.
As a comparison, for the same diameter and hardness, the AMP Juice is twice as expensive as the Snap Wheel by Atom. On the other hand, the Snap does not have a double-density on-core.
On the market, the average price for roller derby wheels is around 30€ for a pack of 4.


The AMP Juice Wheels suit most types of surfaces. Nevertheless they slip a lot on wet surfaces (like at Battle of the Beast in Eindhoven on Oct.5-6, 2013) contrary to other wheels which grip better. They perfectly suit the practice of roller derby. They can take fast changes of direction, as well as sharp brakes and bends without problem.

Strong Points and Points to be Improved


+ Handiness
+ Precision
+ Grip
+ Finishing


- Rapid wear
- A bit expensive

La gamme des roues Juice

Photo gallery

Technical facts

Marque : Juice
Modèle : AMP
Year: 2013 / 2014
Distributed by: Powerslide
Available diameters: 59 and 62 mm
Width: 38 mm
Hadrness: 91A (double density)
Price: 49,90€ the 4 wheels
Weight: 85 g
Recommended Use: Indoor roller derby


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Texte : Emilien Martinoty
Photos: Powerslide and Emilien Martinoty
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