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Backwards Skating with a Hockey Stick

Backwards Skating with a Hockey Stick

Roller Hockey is a sport with lots of direction changes. Players should be able to shift quickly to any direction and skate backwards in order to follow the moves of their opponents…


Learning how to skate backwards in roller hockey

Le patinage en arrière avec une crosse de roller-hockey

Backwards skating is also a major asset in roller hockey. Thus as a defender, you can face the offense of the opposing team and have a whole view of the game. That technique requires several elements of the basic stance.

The basic stance of backwards skating

  • upper body, knees and ankles bent (imagine that you lean on the tongue of your boot)
  • one hand on the stick
  • head erect to see around

The backward push

  • start your stride from underneath your body towards the outside.
  • you should keep your legs bent and your chest upright but slightly bent forward.
  • keep your pushing foot on its inside edge.
  • alternate the pushes to the sides in 'repelling' the ground, on the right foot then on the left, foot with a rolling phase in-between two pushes.


In order to skate efficiently backwards, you can slightly lean forwards. Putting a bit more weight on your toes may help backwards propulsion.

Proposition of drill


  1. Do half circles (scissors) with one foot: one to the left then one to the right, in order to gain momentum backwards.
  2. Then you can do backwards scissors.
  3. For the most talented ones, start crossing backwards to gain speed.


Mistakes to avoid


  • head and body leaning too much forwards (risks of forwards falling)
  • useless arm moves
  • holding of the stick with both hands
  • twisting of the head and shoulders



With or without puck, the stick always stays in contact with the ground!

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