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2014 Updated speed-skating World and European records

2014 Updated speed-skating World and European records

The Federation International of Roller Sports (FIRS) and CEC released an updated table of the speed-skating World and European records. A lot of records were broken during the last World Championships in Oostende (Belgium) and in Geisingen (Germany)...


World and European records - last update: August 2014, 10th

Road Men


Ioseba Fernandez

ESP200 mWR/ER15.87912 September 2012San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Andres Felipe Muños

COL500 mWR37.8434 August 2013Cali, Colombia (World Games)
Andrea AngelettiITA500 mER38.0494 August 2013Cali, Colombia (World Games)

Arnaud Gicquel

FRA5.000 mWR/ER6.43.9030 July 2003Padova, Italy

Joey Mantia

USA10.000 mWR13.46.8016 September 2006Anyang, South Korea
Fabio FrancoliniITA10.000 mER13:09.1792 August 2014Geisingen, Germany

Bart Swings

BEL20.000 mWR/ER28:15.38312 September 2012San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Roger Schneider

SUI42.195 mWR/ER58.1742 August 2003Abano Terme, Italy

Road Ladies


Victoria Rodriguez Lopez

ARG200 mWR17.59412 September 2012San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Erika ZanettiITA200 mER17.7744 August 2010San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Pamela Verdugo

CHL500 mWR43.4787 September 2006Anyang, South Korea
Valentina BelloniITA500 mER42.2101998Coulaines, France

Simona Di Eugenio

ITA5.000 mWR/ER7.40.53030 July 2003Padoue, Italy

Hochen Yang

TPE10.000 mWR15:02.7936 September 2006Anyang, South Korea
Mareike ThumGER10.000 mER15:04.6672 August 2014Geisingen, Germany

Lee, Seul (junior)

KOR20.000 mWR31.58.0079 September 2008Gijon, Spain
Francesca LollobrigidaITA20.000 mER31:58.6901er August 2014Geisingen, Germany

A. Susmeli

ITA42.195 mWR/ER1.10.4312 August 2003Abano Terme, Italy

Track Men


Andres Felipe Muños

COL300 mWR23.89623 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Simon Albrecht (junior)GER300 mER23.00328 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Weilin Lo

TPE500 mWR40.11424 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Simon Albrecht (junior)GER500 mER38.60129 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Bart Swings

BEL1.000 mWR1:20.92325 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Bart SwingsBEL1.000 mER1:17.43130 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Fabio Francolini

ITA10.000 mWR14.23.54623 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Alexis ContinFRA10.000 mER13:46.48828 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Peter Michael

NZL15.000 mWR22.02.45823 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Alexis ContinFRA15.000 mER21:22.50829 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Track ladies


Puello Ortiz Yersy

COL300 mWR25.99323 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Erika ZanettiITA300 mER25.83928 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Segura Ordonez Paola Andrea

COL500 mWR43.58624 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Laethisia SchimekGER500 mER42.17529 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Barbara Fischer

GER1.000 mWR1,27.06027 August 1988Inzell, Germany
Erika ZanettiITA1.000 mER1:25.27730 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Hochen Yang

TPE10.000 mWR15.26.97024 August 2013Oostende, Belgium
Sabine BergGER10.000 mER15:05.58728 July 2014Geisingen, Germany

Laura Lardani

ITA15.000 mWR23.47.54919 September 2009Haining, China
Sandrine Tas (junior)BEL15.000 mER23:39.99029 July 2014Geisingen, Germany


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Data: FIRS / CEC
Photos : rollerenligne.com
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