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Learning How to Pivot in Roller Hockey

Learning How to Pivot in Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a sport where you are constantly shifting directions in order to follow the game. Pivoting is an essential component of any good player's technique…


What is the use of pivoting in skating?

What is a pivot?

Apprendre le pivot en roller-hockeyPivoting means shifting from forwards to backwards or conversely while you're in motion.

The use of pivoting

That move enables you to shift from one direction of motion to the other without losing speed. This technique is regularly used in roller hockey in order to keep a good eye on the game, to counter-attack, to defend… To make it short, pivots are everywhere in the game!

How to pivot in skating?

  • the player leans forwards or backwards on both their feet
  • one foot in front of the other
  • the upper body leaning forwards
  • legs bent
  • shoulders turn in order to engage the move: the twisting of the shoulders and hips will enable the rotation with an opening of the skates.

Mistakes to avoid


  • upper body and head leaning too much forwards
  • too little twisting of shoulders
  • bad rotation of the hips
  • the player should not stop and must keep their speed


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