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Medal Ranking at the World Championships of Artistic Skating

Medal Ranking at the World Championships of Artistic Skating

There is nothing like immersing yourself in statistics to have an objective look at the evolution of medalled nations at the World Championships of Artistic Skating.

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Forza Italia!

Country201120122013Total2013 medal percentage
Chine Taipei11242,7%
TOTAL 727474  

Italy outrageously dominates the discipline of Artistic Skating

Just like Colombia in Speed Skating, Italy ahs progressively established its supremacy through the years in Artistic Skating. The Italians have won 52% of the medals at the World Championships of Artistic Skating at Taipei City (39 out of 74 distributed medals).

It must be noted that the Squadra Azzurra doesn't go in for civilities: Almost a hundred of them had made the trip to the Worlds. The domination is about quantity but also about quality.

Argentina in the stream of Italy

Let's note the rise in power of Argentina for the last three years. From 10 in 2011, the Argentines collected 13 medals in 2012 and 16 in 2013, that is to say 22%.

The USA and Spain remain stable

At the 3rd place of the medal world ranking are the United States who bring back home 5 to 6 medals for the 3rd year in a row. At the 4th position, Spain invariably gets 4 medals per championship.

Répartition des médailles au mondial d'artistique 2013

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