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Spotland.fr: A database of over 5.000 skating spots in France and around the world!

Spotland.fr: A database of over 5.000 skating spots in France and around the world!

In December 2013, the OLS Team launched a brand-new portal dedicated to skating spots: Spotland.fr. The website lists over 5.000 spots, locates over 1.000 clubs of skating and roller skiing, and counts up more than 1.000 daily views! Make your input and make it grow into the most complete tool ever created…


A large-scale project for a two-digit anniversary

In order to proudly celebrate the 10th anniversary of the website, the OLS team has decided to create a new community website to list spots for skating, skateboarding, bmx and freestyle scooting, as well as roller skiing. Almost 10.000 Euros have been invested into that tool. Unfortunately, the Internet isn't free for everybody… The website goes even further in listing clubs near the spots as well as partner stores. Since its launching, spotland.fr has met quite a frank success and more and more users are providing input to the existing database.

Why creating Spotland.fr?

Exemple de recherche de piste de BMXThroughout the years, the OLS team has improved the website in adding new modules: skate catalog, press releases, product testing… One of the biggest projects undertaken in 2005 was the listing of practice spots.

Year after year, information has been collected on skateparks, green lanes, cycle lanes, hockey courts… So that the OLS database reached the number of 4.700 spots! That base was nothing less than a website into a website, a wealth of information unequaled in France.

Drawback: The info on such a quantity of spots couldn't be made easily reachable within OLS.

Solution: We have decided to create spotland.fr, a website fully dedicated to that mission. We have made the most of in in opening it to disciplines close to skating, such as skateboarding, scooting, roller skiing and bmx.

The advantages of spotland.fr compared to the former OLS spot database

Spotland.fr offers a search engine far more powerful with new sorting functions.

  • Sorting by spot type
  • Sorting by discipline
  • Sorting by spot rating
  • Sorting by alphabetical order
  • Spot search according to cities
  • Regional and country sorting
  • Direct checking on google map

Moreover, the design of Spotland is responsive, and adapts to your device: PC, tablet, mobile…

Specialized shops on the spot map

Exemple de page de shop avec MoanaWhen you're sessionning, it's always useful to know that you have a specialized shop nearby in case of equipment failure. Spotland.fr shows the shops within a 50 km radius around the spot of your choice.

e.g. If you make a skating search, Spotland.fr will make suggestions on the closest skate shops, specifying which types of products are available.

The integration of clubs on the spot map

In order to highlight the action of clubs, a module suggest the nearest clubs to the spot you're searching. You may discover that there are other enthusiasts close to you!

e.g. If you make a search on a speed skating track, the website will suggest the speed skating clubs around within a 20 km radius.

A refined design

To start with, the main concern was to launch a functional version of Spotland.fr. You should easily find all the spots you're interested in. Over the time, the design of the website is going to be reworked to make it more attractive.

Make your contribution!

Send us info on your practice places!

Today two OLS team members dedicate themselves daily to the update of the records currently available within the Spotland.fr database.

However, they are not on site everyday and this is where you step in…

Update club records…

Le complexe sportif de SérignanSpotland.fr lists about 1.000 clubs but their files are incomplete. Feel free to provide us with any useful info:

  • A few lines of presentation of the club
  • Contact details and address
  • Logo
  • Disciplines
  • Places of training

… And their venues

We've set ourselves the goal of listing all the venues in France where skating is practiced. On the one hand for people to meet with clubs more easily, and on the other hand to show the local elected officials that skating doesn't damage floors!

We're counting on you to share us descriptions of the venues you train in (with a couple of photo, it would be perfect)!

Spotland.fr is above all a tool at the service of the skating, skateboarding, bmx and scooting communities and we rely on the involvement of you all. If you feel like taking part in the development of Spotland, send us an email!

Spread the word around you

An easy way to help: Show Spotland.fr to your friends, make a news about it on your club's website, share it on social networks… We can even send you stickers if you want!

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By Alfathor
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Translation: Chloe Seyres
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