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And what about some... All-Terrain Skating?

And what about some... All-Terrain Skating?

With the arrival of performant models of all-terrain skates on the market, perspectives open for skaters in lack of sensations. Why not exploring those unexploited spaces?

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

New practice spaces for you only!

Soft or hard?

There are two main different ways of practicing all-terrain skating:

- The 'Nordic-skating' type endurance way, which should be quite interesting for speed lovers looking for new training spaces. The idea is to find longer courses (a dozen kilometers long is a good start) in order to work on those thighs faster than with a classic training. A towpath will perfectly do.
All-terrain skates having a less efficient rolling, you will have to do more efforts to skate. Moreover you can also use sticks for some upper body workout.

- Freestyling on the slopes of a BMX or a dirt course. That practice is close to skate cross and freeskate. You can jump from one slope to the other doing tricks, or racing with friends...

What advantages?

Practicing all-terrain skating can give you a new breath if you feel weary doing the same thing all the time. Just like any other discipline, ATS has its share of novelty and excitement.
All-Terrain Skating will make you face new technical and physical challenges. It will then develop your motor abilities and this could be useful for other practices... For example for off-piste braking, jumping, sliding...

Where to practice?

Bike paths and towpaths

Nordic SkatingIn 2010, France had already 7000 km of bike paths and over 3500 km can be used with classic skates... which means that the other half remains with a ground that is potentially suitable for all-terrain skating! How many times have you fulminated against a beautiful towpath suddenly turning into a dirt road? Pluck up courage and set off on the adventure!


Forest ways lend themselves to all-terrain skating as long as they are firm enough. Tamped ground is ideal. It may happen that ways are graveled or stabilized. Don't venture too deep into the forest: the high ground clearance of the skates and the width of the tyres considerably reduce possibilities.

BMX Race tracks

If you're up for a little action, you can also have a go at BMX race tracks! There are more than 200 in France. A race track has up to 5 bends and is up to 400 m long.
Warning: They may have regulated access. Get some information beforehand.



BMX tracks in France

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By Alfathor
Photos: Alfathor 
Translation: Chloe Seyres
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