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Testing the Luigino Atom Trolley

Testing the Luigino Atom Trolley

It's a first on OLS, testing a trolley! Such a companion has become a key-accessory for traveling skaters. We had the opportunity to test the Luigino Atom model...


Test bench

Testing protocole

Trolley LuiginoThe Luigino Atom Trolley was tested on a dozen return trips by train, without being spared any bad treatment due to train stations, cobblestones, buses, tramways, overload and rain. It was pulled over a distance of more than 20 km, an ideal treatment to put the wheels to the wear test. The least to say is that things were not done by half. By the way the illustration pictures were deliberately shot at the end of the testing.


The Luigino Atom Trolley carries the livery of the brand, black with touches of green and silver-white embroideries. The name of the brand doesn't go unnoticed, written on the side of the Trolley in embroidered capital letters. It states loud and clear that you are a skater. The lines are modern.

The trolley is made of two separable parts: the trolley so-to-speak, as well as a backpack that can be zipped on the upper part of the trolley.

The main compartment

The 'trolley' part has a low and rigid frame in which slides a retractable handle. It is strengthened in its lower third with a plastic part in order to minimize wear and limit shocks. A wedge prevents the bottom part from touching the ground so that it never rubs on the floor and is protected from damp. It can also be used as a handle if you need to carry your luggage with both hands when getting on the train.

The main compartment is equipped with a padded double-bottom which separates your belongings from the frame so-to-speak. You can strap your belongings if needed. With a capacity of more than 30 L, there was enough room for four wheel sets, two pairs of speed boots, bearing sets, a big empty backpack and a few other stuff. You can put the things you need within reach in a compartment made of mesh which covers the whole surface of the trolley. Here again there is room enough!

A detail to be notified: On the upper part, Luigino provided a small space covered with plastic to put a label with your name and address, which is compulsory in trains and planes.

The wheels: Why not skate wheels?

At first sight, the wheels seem to be made of plastic. In fact, they are made of rubber. Their diameter is around 84 mm. They are fixed on both sides of the trolley, protected in a plastic shell, which is curved in order to take shocks due to pavements and steps.

The wheels' diameter and composition enable to reduce the vibration effects of uneven grounds (cobblestones). Still, Luigino could have made the effort of mounting real skate wheels on the trolley, which would have made the task easier to change them, and offered a smooth and silent rolling. However the current wheels are replaceable and available as spare parts.

The backpack: more capacious than it seems

You may think that that add-on is small but it's not! With a capacity of almost 14 L, you can fit in a 17'' laptop with the power supply, your lunch in a tupperware box and a good bunch of other smaller stuff. If ever you lack room, you can put your water bottle into the side net.

On top of the backpack, there is another pocket with allocated spaces for your mobile, a pen, keys, and two more little pockets. As a conclusion, there's plenty of room.

Trolley Luigino


Apart from a few scratches on the bottom part, the trolley handled the three weeks of testing pretty well. The wheels are still in place, hardly worn, the zippers held on. Not a single seam gave away. It's off to a good start.

Quality-price ratio

With a public price of 99€, the Luigino Atom Trolley is quite well-placed. For that price, many models on the market only offer the trolley. Whereas here, you can also enjoy a detachable backpack of good capacity.


The Luigino Atom Trolly is a very interesting product. It has storage spaces that are spacious and adjustable, with lots of pockets. Let's just regret that the manufacturer didn't think about adding a rain cover and skate wheels.

Trolley Luigino

Strong points and points to be improved


+ the capacity
+ the practicality
+ the wheel diameter
+ the finishing
+ the replaceable wheels (but skate wheels don't fit)


- no rain cover

Technical facts

Brand: Luigino Atom
Weight: 3 kg
Capacity of the main compartment: 30 liters
Capacity of the detachable backpack: 14 liters
Public price: 99€

Photo gallery

Trolley Luigino
Trolley Luigino


The Luigino Atom Trolley on the EOSkates Website

Text and photos : Alfathor
Translation: Chloé Seyres
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